(Closed) Let's share our fears/concerns about being pregnant

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Busy bee
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– Getting fatter than I am already am.

– Losing my identity, big time.  I lost most of it when I got married and am clinging on to the last shreds of it.  I’m terrified a baby would cause me to lose myself completely.

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Honey bee
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– Losing my pregnancy

– Having a serious problem with the baby (or babies)

– Dealing with unlivable morning sickness (please don’t happen, please don’t happen!)

– Never wearing a 2 piece baithingsuit again, or constantly making sure my shirt isn’t lifting to reveal what I’m sure will be a disaster zone of a stomach.

– Not finding a good routine with Darling Husband and ending up frustrated with eachother.

– Boobs being uber giant, they aren’t small to begin with.

– Not being able to tolerate birth pains, mostly worried about tearing/epi and stiches.

ETA- I haven’t even heard my little peanut’s heartbeat yet, but I know all this will be worth it 🙂

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Honey bee
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Getting fat.


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Buzzing bee
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Now that I am pregnant I have a few concerns I didn’t have before. 

-discomfort. It’s only just begun and I’m already uncomfortable. 🙁 

-fear of miscarrying for a second time- totally on my mind

-fear of DH’s abusive family forcing their way back into our lives (probably not gonna happen but I really do dread it once they find out through the grapevine I’m pregnant) 

-fears of labor and delivery! Now that there’s a baby in there I feel like freaking out when I think of HOW it’s getting out. Silly I know, but if not through my vagina- C-section and the prospect of a c-section terrifies me. D: I think my biggest fear is to have an emergency C-section. 


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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’m really excited, only a couple of fears.

-vomiting (I have a life-long fear of this)
-losing the baby
-pain during labour, but fully on board for an epidural

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Buzzing bee
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@MrsSawyer:  I second this. Now that I’m pregnant I am much more excited than nervous about all these fears. Getting fat and going through morning sickness and bloodwork pale in comparison to the love I have for the little life inside me. (just to encourage those with fears during the TTC process). It really will pale in comparison when you hold that baby and hear the heartbeat, or so I am told. 😉 

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Busy bee
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I’m still waiting for that BFP but…

-Losing my pregnancy, since I have miscarried before. It’s on my mind constantly.

-Getting huge stretch marks. I probably wouldn’t mind so much, but I know I will get them because I have stretch marks on my back arms and legs and I’m quite thin, around 120lbs and 5’3”. I’m not afraid of not wearing a two piece again, I want to be able to wear a one piece. Is that strange…?

-Having complications during the pregnancy.


Everything else I welcome. As long as I get pregnant!

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Helper bee
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Getting fat

Not being able to walk to work everyday (not sure how else I’d get to work!)

My stomach always being saggy and gross, never being able to wear a 2 piece again.

Darling Husband not being attracted to pregnant me.

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Honey bee
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Oh Em Gee i’m bookmarking this thread! Though I don’t plan to TTC until either end of next year or Spring 2014…

I have so much anxiety about being pregnant but I want to be pregnant so bad! Does that make sense?

I’m scared of complications that can happen during child birth…

Why do they put oxygen masks on some women during labor??? (I think too much)

The having something growing inside of me thing doesn’t bother me…but i’ve heard it’s harder to breathe sometimes, and I feel like if at any point it is, that I’m going to go into a panic attack!


Postpartum Cardiomyopathy!


WHY do I have to think about this stuff?  We’re all mammals and born to reproduce…yet i’m scared shitless!

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Bee Keeper
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morning sickness…this one freaks me out the most!!! I dont know how I could last 9 months feeling like crap!!

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Blushing bee
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Still waiting for BFP, but these thoughts do cross my mind often:

1) Having severe complications with pregnancy, birth, or baby. Raising a child changes things forever, and raising a child with special needs would certainly most definitely change things in a dramatic way.

2) Having a child changing Darling Husband and my relationship dynamic. I feel that it took a while after moving in together/marriage for us to find that happy balance where I don’t feel trapped in 1950’s with the domestic duties. Balancing a baby with two careers won’t be easy either. I’m afraid due to my Type A nature, I’ll take on too much at the beginning and end up resenting this (and perhaps hubby) later.

3) Body changes. I’ve been blessed with being fairly naturally skinny (though I do tend to pack on weight in the mid-section when I don’t work out regularly). Not being able to lose the babyweight in a reasonable amount of time or permanent body changes may affect self-esteem.

4) Miscarriage. Had one very early one already. Would not like to revisit.


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Bumble bee
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Well I’m currently pregnant with my first, and am having great concerns over having a second pregnancy right now, as this one has been so tough with nausea and vomiting and exhaustion. Funnily enough I always looked forward to pregnancy never worrying about any of this stuff, and I’ve had a big shock..I’d definitely say I dislike the physical effects of pregnancy.

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Buzzing bee
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Only 2 major things:

-losing the baby.. Whether it’s miscarriage or something happening during the birth.

-pain during labor. I have a really small tolerance for pain. I know I’m going to need an epidural!

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Busy bee

Not TTC yet, but needles and delivery. Needles, I don’t get because I have tons of tattoos/piercings but delivery, I’m terrified. TERRIFIED. That obviously won’t stop me from TTC but eeeeek.

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