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Sugar bee
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It’s ok if you think it’s horse sh*t.  I did.  The whole thing sucked. And it’s totally ok if you don’t love it.  

Don’t suffer through morning sickness.  Get help. It isn’t always medication. There are so many things you can try. And some days, nothing will work.  Eventually it goes away. It might take until birth,  but it will go away.



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Busy bee
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What a great post! This is really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to share a couple of things now that I’m finally done with vomiting and nausea (hopefully for good!)

I agree with sostobe. I hated the first trimester. So much so that I avoided thinking about pregnancy and baby related things. I felt so sick 24 hours a day that I just couldn’t enjoy a thing. I felt guilty for feeling this because there are so many women out there who would love to feel what I felt for once and they never get this chance. I was permanently whining. I also felt guilty because I thought I didn’t love my baby enough because I was always sick and thinking about myself. It’s silly, but it’s normal. Don’t worry if this happens to you. You have 2 more trimesters and a lifetime of loving and supporting your child. If you’re sick, it’s alright to feel bad for yourself and whine.

Also, I was given medication and I quit taking it at 15 weeks. If you are very sick don’t torture yourself and get help. It’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚

And finally, just hang in there. It gets better, I promise!

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HeyJude72:  What a wonderful post idea! I am currently 8 weeks, and the last two weeks especially has been such a roller coaster ride. I told Darling Husband last night that I find hard to be excited when I have to hide how crap I feel . At the moment I am really struggling with my body.I feel like it has betrayed me and I have no control over it . I have gone up two cup sizes already, I don’t like coffee anymore (like wth!!!!give me my 200mgs),I cooked some salmon the other night (yum!) and before it was done ,I threw up and had to eat crackers for dinner . I love food and cooking! So not being able to eat and cook due to nausea is rough for me .And through it all,I can’t share this with most of my friends till we hear the heartbeat .Which will be at 12 weeks (sigh)

Thanks for the safe venting space! 

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I love this. Thanks for starting this thread. I’m about to complete my 5th week tomorrow and had on and off cramping this week. One night, it got a bit more intense (pressure in my uterus) and I really panicked, because it was the exact same point in my cycle when I had a chemical the first time I got pregnant. I’m happy to be over that hump and entering another week, but I know there will be other challenges and scares in the weeks to come!

Googling can be great and give so much info and reassurance, but in many cases it can be terrifying. Just because I’m past the point of a chemical happening in no way means I’m in the clear – from blighted ovum to missed miscarriage, there are so many things that can happen…. On TOP of being sick. 

I might kick myself for saying this but I’m almost anxious for morning sickness to start so I know things are progressing! My good friend just had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and she never had any symptoms at all. Scary. Anyway, thanks for the support! ๐Ÿ™‚



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Helper bee
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I am the first to admit that I was MISERABLE throughout the first trimester. Nausea was constant, the fatigue was like nothing I had ever experienced (an acute mono infection didnt help), and the very severe depression from the hormone imbalances was no joke.

On top of that I had no idea the actual process of finding out you are pregnant and then hoping it “sticks” would be as stressful and grey as it was. I always thought you were either pregnant or not and had no idea that there were so many variations of not ideal pregnancy situations (blighted ovum, delayed miscarriage, etc etc)…thanks google!

I cried almost every day and remember saying to my husband and my doctor that I felt like I would feel like this forever regardless of whether this pregnancy was progressing or not.

It was quite possibly the worst (and longest) few months of my adult lift to-date.

I’m very happy to say that by about 11 weeks the clouds started to part for me and now at 19 weeks I feel completely normal. While the first trimester felt like the longest 3 months while I was going through with it it quickly became a distant memory as soon as I started to feel more normal again. 

For those struggling during the first trimester woes, take comfort in the fact that it DOES get better. You WILL feel normal again! Yes, timing will be different for each individual but you WILL feel better at some point.

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Helper bee

I was definitely sick throughout the first trimester (12w2d now!), but I tried really hard not to complain because we went through a loss, a year of trying and IVF and I promised myself that I’d try to focus on the positive. I managed to avoid meds, but found that it really helped me to eat constantly. It’s the only thing that kept the vomiting away.

Also, I just want to share this because it’s AWESOME. It’s okay if you feel like shit and don’t want to move from the couch, because your body is working HARD those first few months. The top portion of this picture is from my first ultrasound at 5w5d, and the bottom is from my ultrasound this week at 12w0d. Look at what our bodies have managed to do in just 6 weeks.


Hang in there, mamas. You’re doing awesome.

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BeeOi:  Yess!!  I agree with you that one of the hardest parts of feeling sick, is having to hide it in front of others and essentially suffering alone.  We haven’t told our families yet and sometimes when I’m so nauseous and feeling mopey, all I want to do is call my Mom and tell her what I’m going through.  And hiding it at work is pretty tough.  I’m only 7 weeks, so the light at the end of the first tri tunnel feels so far away.

HeyJude72:  Love the idea for this thread.  It’s so nice to hear stories of other women who have made it to the end of the first tri and their tips for getting through it.  And now that you mention it, sour candies sound amazing right now.  I’ve been popping mints whenever I think I might throw up….might need to start buying those in bulk.

And seeing alove2:‘s ultrasound pic, just about brought me to tears!  So beautiful and definitely reminds me of what this is all for.  

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I’m 11 weeks on Saturday. While I was very lucky to experience no morning sickness, the extreme tiredness threw me for a major loop. I could not keep my eyes open. The tiredness seemed to ease up this week. The hardest part for me what keep it a secret. I’ve had so many social events where I’ve had to “hide” my pregnancy and drink “mocktails”. Also, I agree w/ others, google was my worst enemy. We will be telling people on mother’s day and I cant wait!!

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Bumble bee

Loving the timing of this thread – I hit 14 weeks yesterday so I’m literally a newbie to the second trimester.

Things I would share:

1) If you have weird symptoms of any sort, call your doc. DO NOT google. DO NOT WebMD. I had nosebleeds pretty often having never gotten them before and found out from my OBGYN that unless they’re severe, it’s perfectly normal.

2) Eating something the second you get out of bed helped me even on my worst days of MS. Also, candied singer and sour oranges – try a bucnh fo different things and find what works for you. Everyone is different and some people react better than others to this stuff.

2) Find someone to confide in or you’ll go crazy with feelings overload – between the hormones, worry, excitement, nervousness..you’ll need a sounding board. Husbands are not always the best (I love mine but he doesn’t get it sometimes) – good friends who have had kids or are currently pregnant are amazing for this.

3) No question is a stupid question – write them down before you go to the OB or you will likely forget everything you wanted to ask the second after you see the ultrasound and are mezmerized by it.

4) Club soda helped me so much everytime I felt bloated and uncomfortable. It’s gross and Too Much Information but it helped me burp a lot and I felt a ton better afterward haha. Oh, and if you decide to mix it with some lemonade or juice, you can tuen it into a mocktail!

Good luck to all the mamas out there!

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