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Whose wedding was it: my aunt’s

What were some things you liked: they had a mariachi band! How fun is that?! And the food was yummy 🙂

What were some things you didn’t like: the cocktails were weak and the hall was dated 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: no theme, color scheme was shades of purple 

Favors: no, but she was on a tight budget 

Menu: Traditional Puerto Rican foods (arroz con gandules, pernil, etc)

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Whose wedding was it: BF’s Brother

What were some things you liked: the venue was beautiful- an old bank complete with a vault which held the bar.  Live music!  

What were some things you didn’t like: Friday night.  Ugh.  

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: soft purples and romantic lighting.  It was overall, very well done.  I love a mixture of different shades of purple- a great idea!

Favors: No, but I sure didn’t miss them!

Menu: Roast beef and chicken.  Both terribly awful, even though the bride had commented that it was a catering service often hired by celebrities and very pricey.  


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Sugar bee

Whose wedding: FBIL/FSIL

Likes: The ceremony windows overlooked the ocean and a couple of islands. 

Dislikes: Destination wedding & I was stressed because I had jobs to do on the day & the days leading up to it were really hectic for me – wasn’t even in the bridal party!

Theme/Colours: Beachy theme with sand, navy & light teal

Favours: none

Menu: Lamb, vietnamese noodle salad… That’s all I can remember. Wasn’t GREAT. Nothing was hot. 

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  • Wedding: November 2015

Whose wedding was it: friend from high school

What were some things you liked: I’m trying to remember. The venue itself was beautiful, but not appropriate for the weather. Good music, i remember dancing A LOT. I caught the bouquet even!

What were some things you didn’t like: Outside wedding in late September in Minnesota. We froze to death. The assigned seating. We had a large group of friends. Instead of putting us all together, she split us in two, and sat us with her older relatives. (We had liquor, not the calmest bunch) The three hour wait from the end of the wedding to dinner. And her very bossy photographer. It was a small wedding, maybe 100 tops and they wanted to do a human heart picture. 25 minutes of standing around, and getting screamed at while she got us into position.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Uber vintage. Everything was resused, I actually liked her decor alot. She even had candy on the tables from when we were kids. It was soft pinks and peach colors.

Favors: Antique looking keys that were bottle openers. I had mine for a while on my keys.

Menu: Gosh, I’m trying to remember. I do know it was chicken or beef. Instead of escort cards with it already lableled, you had to choose your meal from the table centerpiece. Only so much of each, if you didn’t act fast you didn’t get what you wanted.


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  • Wedding: April 2016

Whose Wedding: Mutual friend of Fiance and I 

Likes: Loved the churro/ice cream sandwich desserts, DJ (the guy played some great tunes), and the overall fun/laid back atmosphere that the bride and groom created (they were so in love and happy) 

Dislikes: The dinner was served family-style.  There was a lot of food but Fiance and I felt uncomfortable getting as much as we wanted as we didn’t want to look selfish or inconsiderate to the other guests.  

Favors: Succulents (I was not a fan but I don’t like plants…. Fiance loved it though).   

Menu: flank steak and scottish salmon with roasted vegetables and sauteed farro (which was SO GOOD).  

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  • Wedding: October 2015

Whose wedding was it: My best friend’s wedding!

What were some things you liked: The reception venue was so cool! It was in the top of the tallest building downtown in my city and had HUGE windows, so we had a great view for sunset. The DJ was great too, and since she’s Cuban, they had some cute Cuban inspired appetizers, including little “Cuban cigars” that were some sort of meat rolled up in a grape leaf. I also loved their signature drink – it was called “The Vice” and was like fruity, banana-y, and pink.

What were some things you didn’t like: The wedding planner was suuuuuch a snobby dude. I was a bridesmaid, and we ran a few minutes late getting some photos, and he tried to refuse the bride going to the bathroom before the reception. Not impressed. That company was the first one I cross off my list when looking at wedding planners for my own wedding. I also didn’t like that the photos were outside in the most humid day of the year, but what can you do. It’s Indiana in July.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Not a real theme, but they told the planner to bring Miami to Indianapolis. So a clubby feel, but elegant. Totally them. Colors were emerald green, silver, and ivory

Favors: They had boxes filled with mints. I didn’t take any.

Menu: Chicken and steak, asparagus, roasted potatoes. The beef was great, but it was tiny food.

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Whose wedding was it: Dh’s best friend- Darling Husband was in the wedding

What were some things you liked: Nice venue- we spent the night out there so it was fun to have a little getaway with all our friends. Their ceremony was the right blend of touching and funny. 

What were some things you didn’t like: The food was sit down and it was cold, and not that good. The venue was a high end venue- I expected more. We all headed to Wendy’s after the reception was over.

Music- they only played fast techo dance stuff- I think Darling Husband and I danced to 1 slow song, you need to mix up the music.

The cake looked lovely, but it was very dry. Also I don’t understand having a huge cake with all different flavors on different layers and then giving everyone a tiny sliver. A 4 tier cake for 100 people- give people a decent sized slice!

Did they have a theme/Color scheme:Wedding was in december, so a little holiday festive- golds and silvers and creams- very pretty.

Favors: I don’t think they had favors. I don’t even remember.

Menu: Sit down dinner- I chose the chicken- it was ok- kinda rubbery and bland. Also the soup was cold. Food should have been better- this was not a inexpensive place to have a wedding. Darling Husband had the short ribs he said they were ok- nothing special.



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Honey bee

Whose wedding was it: The son of good friends of my husband’s.

What were some things you liked: Delicious vegetable Wellington.  

What were some things you didn’t like: 1.Center city hotel should have taken a half hour to get to, took 1.5 hours, because of traffic. Drained when we got there. 2. A very hot and humid day. The central air could in no way keep up with it. 3. Great 10-piece band, but it was a fairly small room and they were 5 times louder, than they should have been. 4. Other friends used a relatively inepensive parking garage, around the corner. My husband is disabled, so we had to use valet parking – $27 plus $5 tip. 5. 1.5 hour cocktail hour is way too long. 6. Sat 10 adults at a 5-foot table. We were squashed like sardines.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Don’t see a lot of themes, in weddings in my social circle. Bridesmaids wore iced lilac – MOB wore eggplant. Lots of old world charm and ambiance, at the hotel. Huge centerpieces.

Favors: Playing cards with personalized stickers. I would have taken them, to give to my kids, but I forgot them on the table.

Menu: Loads of passed hors d’., at the cocktail hour. 3-course, plated meal, plus dessert table. I would have preferred soup to a salad, which is too filling/ The man next to me had a huge chunk of filet, my hubby had salmon – I think the other entree choice was chicken. Fairly close to being a black-tie affair. The rolls were impossible to pull-apart and chew.

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  • Wedding: November 2016

The last wedding I went to was really different so I’m going to reply to this properly when I am on the laptop tomorrow!

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  • Wedding: July 2016

Whose wedding was it: Family friend of FH

What were some things you liked: The reception was in an aquarium! We got to go around at look at the different exhibits, and our table was right next to the shark tank!

What were some things you didn’t like: Brace yourselves because this is long.

1. They had a “welcome dinner” the night before, which actually ended up being a “come eat whatever is leftover from our rehearsal dinner” dinner. FH’s parents were in the wedding party who ate earlier. When FH and I arrived, Future Father-In-Law went to get us all beers since FH and I had just gotten off of a cross country flight. The open bar for the bridal party had turned into a cash bar and Future Father-In-Law got angry. On top of that, the little food that was left was cold. We arrived on time for the “welcome dinner”. 

2. They had a lovely ceremony in a gorgeous church. But towards the end of the ceremony members of the congregation started filling the pews waiting for confession to start. They were all giving the couple and guests dirty looks. On top of that, as soon as the ceremony ended everyone was basically kicked out so that confession could start. The couple barely got any post ceremony pictures there. It was not the couple’s fault but it was really uncomfortable for everyone.

3. There was an unnanounced gap. We all got drunk in a hotel room but gaps really are considered rude in that area and I (and many others attending) didn’t like it. This one was especially odd to me because the ceremony ended at 4:30 pm. It still would have been an evening reception with no gap. I think they just wanted more pictures.

4. At the reception, we couldn’t see the sweetheart table from our table, and the dance floor was in a completely different room, so to hear anything you had to go and stand. On top of that, the evening was broken up oddly, where we all went into to sit at our tables, ordered dinner, and then dinner took 2 hours to come out. There was dancing before dinner, then we went back to dinner, then more dancing, then coffee, then cake cutting, then cake. I didn’t get halfway through my piece of cake when the DJ announced that the reception was over. I know that’s a FWP, but it was kind of annoying having the cake taken away from me while I was still eating it (literally a server came over grabbed my plate and basically told us to GTFO). 

5. A friend and I got lost trying to find the bathrooms. When we finally found one, we were yelled at by staff because we went to the “wrong” bathroom. The “correct” bathroom was down a narrow hallway behind the shark tank and there were no signs pointing to it. 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Orange was really the only color I remember. They had touches of Chinese and Filipino heritage in there too. And red ornaments for people to sign in addition to a picture frame. 

Favors: Not that I remember

Menu: Mostly Seafood Dishes (it was at an aquarium after all). I think I had a Salmon. 

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Whose wedding was it: A friend I’ve been close to for many many years…her little brother’s wedding.

What were some things you liked: I really liked the venue…it was a beautiful location at a house out of town and up a canyon with gorgeous views and nice and private. The decorations in the barn where they had the reception were so pretty and the bride looked absolutely beautiful!

What were some things you didn’t like: There were a few things that I noticed. First, their Pastor was about 30 minutes late! Can’t do anything about that but it was a little surprising. The bride wanted a summer wedding and outside…but the wedding was on April 1st so it was cold. The barn they had the reception in, I don’t think they took into consideration the size and how many people they had…it was crazy packed.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: No real “theme.” But their colors were teal black and gold.

Favors: They had little mint tins that said their names and date and “mint to be” on it.

Menu: They did home made food. You walked down a line of items starting with lettuce and chips (you could either make a taco salad or nachos) and then made your way down the line to get all your toppings: cheese, tomatoes, olives, salsas, sour cream…etc. It was a great idea and for a great price!


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Who’s wedding was it: a friend of FI’s and mine. 

What were some things you liked?: the ceremony was held outside in this covered breezeway and it was so nice. The weather was a little windy, but perfect lighting and breeze. Parking was easy, two second walk. It was at 6:00 on a Saturday, so convenient. 

What were some things you didn’t like?: it was held at a dinner hour with only appetizers, not enough chairs for guests so we stood the entire time, the cake was horrid, it was leaning. I felt so bad for the bride because the cake came from a very expensive bakery and they completely botched the cake. Also, I am one of those people who use the invitation as an indicator for the type of event. I dressed pretty nice because the invitation was VERY formal… And the wedding was not. 

Did they have a theme/color scheme?: all shades of purple, and lace. 

Favors: no

Menu: hot wings and pigs in a blanket and there wasn’t enough for everyone- not lying. I was so hungry I could have eaten my own arm. 


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Whose wedding was it: a former student’s

What were some things you liked: the vows were lovely; the bride and groom had lots of fun and mingled with everyone; guests were happy to be there and kept things going until the venue staff were shooing us out; the best man’s speech was by far the best one I’ve ever heard–genuinely enjoyable; I had been keeping up with many of the bride’s sorority sisters on social media, but hadn’t seen some of them in a couple of years, so it was nice to catch up

What were some things you didn’t like: partial cash bar

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: purple and silver for colors, no theme

Favors: edible

Menu: BBQ, smoked salmon, what I would describe as Southern-inspired vegetables and side dishes…it was honestly pretty good

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Whose wedding: My oldest cousin’s

What I liked: It was very casual, reception in her parents backyard, there was a beer canoe instead of a bar! My uncle is a landscaper and made their yard look gorgeous and there was a pretty tent with lights

Didn’t like: her guests were ROWDY (a bag of cocaine was found the next am, yelling at the DJ, throwing guests into the pool, etc) it felt kind of dangerous because everyone was so drunk lol

Theme/color scheme: her bridesmaids wore a sea blue color, other than that there was no theme. They live in a beach town, so the overall “feel” was beachy, I guess

Favors: Nope!

Menu: Cake, lobster boil, crab cakes, cookout food

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