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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2016

Whose wedding was it: my cousin’s

What were some things you liked: their church was really nice, the whole day was relatively relaxed and just so happy. Their reception venue was gorgeous, too. Drinks were pretty good. The speeches were short and sweet.

What were some things you didn’t like: the ceremony took place outside of the city, about an hour’s drive. There was a 3 hour gap before cocktail hour, so we had to drive all the way home and wait around for a while. The reception venue was also outside of the city, about a 20-minute drive. The weather was nice so it wasn’t a huge deal, it was just a LOT of highway traveling and waiting around (especially for my grandparents). The servers seemed uncoordinated or maybe just understaffed; we were at the back of the room and we got our food like 20-25 minutes later than everyone else (and it was cold!).

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: no theme. Maid/Matron of Honor wore black and had an orange/red/yellow bouquet; linens were brown with red/yellow/orange centerpieces and accents. Fall colours in July, I guess?

Favors: those foam things that you hold your beer with.

Menu: Stuffed pork loin, herbed mashed potatoes, asparagus, and some strange thick chocolate dessert… I didn’t care for any of it 🙁

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: February 2013

Whose wedding was it? : One of my best friends since HS (groom)

What were some things you liked? : Definitely the location! It was at a hotel ballroom and the couple had rooms reserved at a discount, which we took advantage of. The ceremony was short and sweet. Open bar, good music, good atmosphere in general (I hate snooty, super formal weddings where you have to pretend to be something you’re not). Both families were so down to earth. The maid of honor and best man’s speeches were both really funny, not sappy. The ice cream bar was particularly nice because i’m not a big fan of wedding cake.

What were some things you didn’t like? : The food left a lot to be desired. Main courses can be tricky since you can’t please everyone with only a limited amount of options, that’s  to be expected at any wedding, but the cocktail hour was limited as well and I usually rely on cocktail hour to fill up. 

Did they have a theme/color scheme? : The bridesmaids had purple dresses but I don’t think there was really a specific theme going on. The neutral colored silk floral centerpieces were provided by the venue and looked beautiful. I don’t recall any color other than the purple dresses. 

Favors: I don’t remember. They might not have had any.

Menu: A few tidbits for cocktail hour, salad, rolls, salty chicken (I only ate the vegetables that came with it) and everyone at my table who ordered the steak agreed it was overcooked. Cake and an ice cream bar for dessert.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

Whose wedding was it: my dad’s

What were some things you liked: food was delicious. live music. lots of alcohol. good weather. reception was held at their home. very laid back and fun 🙂 I feel that what makes for a good time is the company you have.

What were some things you didn’t like: Well if I am forced to complain about something then all I can mention is the fact it was a Catholic ceremony. I was bored (I’m not religious). Also random locals just showed up at the chapel too. I guess that is to be expected in that setting though.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: no.

Favors: none.

Menu: Bison, finger foods, lots of fruit, fruity desserts, cheeses, some kind of puff thing with dip, some stuff I wasn’t familiar with so I can’t remember them now. I have a pretty bad memory for details, even though it was only last December. I just remember everything tasted good. They had SO much beer too. It was unreal

btw, their wedding was not in the US (both dad & step mom are from South America).. I think the whole idea of having a “theme/color scheme” is pretty American. same with wedding favors.. only the couple getting married gets gifts 😛 & the gifts the guests receive are the free food and drinks

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  • Wedding: February 2021

Whose wedding: My cousin

What I liked: It was just nice to have some positivity going on (I had a lot of death in my family around that time), so I happily accepted a wedding. I also liked that she didn’t allow kids in her wedding nor reception. No one wants to run behind children all night.

What I didn’t like: Her venue. She decided to have her reception at a local bar and grill which means…there’s not much space. Everyone was pretty much playing musical chairs trying to get a seat and I made the horrible decision of wearing stilettos that night . The DJ wasn’t very professional to me. He had uncensored music blasting which I have no problem with, but you should have seen the look on all the older people’s faces.

Color scheme: She got married in October, so her colors were pink and white. She asked everyone to wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness and I thought it was so sweet that her husband matched her color scheme.

Menu: She loves Caribbean food so she had jerk chicken and curry seasoned vegetables over white rice. Sadly, I didn’t get to try her wedding cake.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

Who: close friends of our family

Where: firehouse next to a small lake

Likes: the food was tasty, pulled pork, avocado salad, black beans and rice

Dislikes: the venue was unkempt, hated plastic dishes,  cutlery,  even wine glasses.  The dj was playing cheesy music and was wearing cheap carnival – style glasses, hats, beards,plastic guitars and other cheap un-wedding like props. everything felt sloppily put together for some reason.  The food was very tasty, however, for a buffet style there was not enough of it,  We had to eat late at home again. 

Cake; none only cupcakes

Favors – coffee baggies.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

Whose wedding was it: my cousin’s wedding

What were some things you liked: very pretty location at a beach club in LA, very pretty views and cute decorations and look, bride looked absolutely amazing! the food tasted good and they did have an open bar both before and after the ceremony (so you could get a drink as soon as you got there instead of waiting on the ceremony), short sweet ceremony

What were some things you didn’t like: DJ was a little scattered and never really got the dance floor going/sort of botched the intros, while the location was really nice I wonder if they normally hold weddings and events there since they seemed a little like they didn’t know what to do, we could see the beach but weren’t allowed on it, parking was far away so we had to take a car service

Did they have a theme/Color scheme:a beach theme w seagreen/blue type colors – it was a little bit of that vintage/ “pinterst” style with lots of hand lettered signs and things like that but not really over the top

Favors: coozies….. not my favorite since I feel bad about throwing them out but don’t really use them either

Menu: tri tip steak and some salads and a fish… I don’t totally remember exactly what it was but the buffet servers were a little stingy with their servings but I was allowed to go back in line after everyone else was served for seconds. They could have used some more appetizers in the beginning of the night as I only remember a small cheese plate and some fruit

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

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Whose wedding was it: My best friend’s!

What were some things you liked: Everything!  It was the most fun wedding I’d ever been to (and I was in four last year + a guest at many cousins’ weddings).  Everyone was dancing through the reception (I was only off the dance floor for one song to force the bride to have some water – she was too busy dancing to stay hydrated!).  The food was amazing, the company was superb, venue was gorgeous, and we stayed on property in gorgeous, comfy rooms.  She and her new husband were glowing the entire time, it was so adorable.  This girl can throw a party!

What were some things you didn’t like: I was her Maid/Matron of Honor so I didn’t get to experience the cocktail hour, but they brought back some food for us.  I wasn’t big on it, but I was also not very hungry since her parents were awesome and fed us all day as we were getting ready.  There also was no champagne (my favorite) but that was not the end of the world by any means.  I wish I could’ve changed out of my Bridesmaid or Best Man dress because it was a long satin dress in May and I was sweating like crazy while getting my dance on.   

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Her theme was rustic, as she had it in a beautiful wooden farmhouse (it was way more glamourous than it sounds) and her colors were a medium purple and sage.  All of the decorations meshed well with the venue and season + our bouquets were gorgeous. 

Favors: The bride and groom learned how to make preserves from family friend and had two differnt flavors in cute little jars.  Usually I think favors are a waste, but this was especially cute since they had done it themselves (and the preserves were delish!). 

Menu: I had the vegetarian option at the Rehearsal Dinner and it was soooo good.  Mushroom and cheesiness, the seasoned grilled veggie side was so good that a lot of her meat eating family ate it before I could get to it.  At the wedding, I had the swordfish (I think? It was a fish I hadn’t tried before) with mango salsa and it was incredible.  My parents had the steak with some sort of blue cheese topping and it was apparently amazing.  There was also a legit veggie option and a chicken option that I did not try.  Everyone was dead quiet when they were eating, which is unheard of with her family.  I did not get to try the cake during the wedding since I was too busy dancing and having fun, but I tried it the next day at brunch and it was delish.

I pretty much have nothing bad to say, her wedding was by far the best!

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Blushing bee

Whose wedding was it: Friends

What were some things you liked: The venue was beautiful and I liked her flowers.  Also, the ceremony was lovely, done by someone who had known the bride’s family for a long time.  And they had a live band, which was fun, and an open bar.

What were some things you didn’t like: The food was very disappointing.  Cold apps only (dips, veggies, etc, and then choice of salmon or mushrooms for main course.  Some of the sides were good, but everytthing was cold by the time it got to the table.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: no theme, color scheme was pastels and silver

Favors: no

Menu: I covered this under “didn’t like”!


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2019


Whose wedding was it: FI’s Brother’s  wedding

What were some things you liked: it was at Disneyland so it was nicely decorated

What were some things you didn’t like: bride was an hour and a half late. We were told to arrive an hour early so we were waiting for 2 1/2 hours. we had to stand in the blazing so cal sun and stare at our chairs for an hour and a half as a red rope blocked the seating sarea off. There were no passed apps for the cocktail hour. DJ was meh. Fiance and FBIL’s mother left at 8:30 because it was boring. Her words not mine. So Let’s recap: The grooms mother left because she was bored. The bride was hella late, there were not any passed apps for a wedding ceremony that ran over time what was supposed to be a 4:30 ceremony ended up being that is ran over so late we were all starving at the cocktail hour. Future Brother-In-Law said that he was going to have passed apps but then worried there was going to be too much food. When people commented how the bride was late he said He didn;t expect antyhing else from her. Myabe he should have taken that into account and gotten food. (Sorry but EVERYONE was complaining how hungry they were.)

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Red, Black White/Disney

Favors: Etched glass coaster’s with their names on it

Menu: Filet mignon & Salmon (you got both) mashed potatoes, asperagus, tomato basil bisque soup, and for dessert chocolate fondue.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2012 - The Gables Inn, Santa Rosa, CA

Whose wedding was it: DH’s best friend (he was the best man at our wedding)

What were some things you liked: The warm and wonderful atmosphere.  It was one of the larger wedding’s I’ve been to, but it honestly didn’t feel like it! The bride and groom were so great at making their rounds and making all their guests feel so loved and appreciated.  

What were some things you didn’t like: The “event coordiantor” for the church.  I used to be an event planner and the bride ended up asking me to take over after how horrible the woman was, she literally argued with the bride and groom that their way of wanting to do the recessional line was stupid and refused to let them reherse it (there were 2 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids, so for the last 4 BMs the bride wanted them to walk 2×2 instead of single file to speedup the exit, so not a crazy or outragious thing) and was incredibly rude to pretty much everyone.  She and my husband (an usher) got into it about an hour before the ceremony started because they had a huge podium that was blocking 1/2 the view from the pews that we’d asked them to move (and they agreed) that was still in place so the mother of the bride and I asked the ushers to move it; she tried to demand to speak to the bride saying “I’m not moving until the BRIDE know that this man is disrespecting me! I’M in charge here!” Even though the mom was totally in sync with her daughter and had been the main liason for this wedding since it was in her home town while the bride lived on the opposite coast and was telling her to chill out and just leave it to us.  Ultimately it worked out though, I stroked her ego and basically told her I’d take it from here (at the bride’s request the night before) 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: The colors were muted pastels with gold accents, it was beautiful

Favors: Cookies! 

Menu: Classic southern american buffet, not the best food I’ve had at a wedding, but it was tasty! 


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception/The Gallery

I think it’s safe to say food tops people’s lists as what couples should pay attention to!

Whose wedding was it: FI’s friend

What were some things you liked: Got a chance to see a full mass ceremony (first since we’ve been engaged–nice to see what we’re getting ourselves into), DJ was fun and got people really dancing. Pretty good wine at the open bar. The venue was nice and had plenty of room–and was in a good location for those wanting to go out afterward.

What were some things you didn’t like: Eh. The food. Not a lot of appetizers (after a 3 hour gap!) for how many people there were (longish lines for the stations). Then the buffet had pretty limited options. As a vegetarian, I ended up eating salad, a little bit of roasted squash, and a small serving of risotto. I was starving later. It was especially strange since the bride is a vegetarian! (Her husband is a hunter and huge meat eater though). Speeches were way too long (Best Man–lock it up!) Hunting themed groom’s cake with fondant rifles (just a personal dislike, it suited him). Was a really fun party!

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Pastel pinks, yellows, bridesmaids in navy chiffon

Favors: Candy bar (which I fully utilized as I was quite hungry)

Menu: Salad, roasted squash, risotto, chicken and beef of sorts, potatoes, roll. Buffet style.


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

This was by far, the most random wedding I have ever been to. 

Who’s wedding was it: My husband’s cousin’s Vegas last minute wedding haha.

What were some things you liked? The reception!!! Because the groom got 4 tables at a club and we all partied like animals that night. haha

What were some things you didn’t like? Pretty much everything else. The ceremony was a total of 5 minutes, the chapel was rushing the bride and groom to basically get the hell out because their next appointment was already waiting. I hated that more for the poor couple than anything else. They hardly got a chance to take any pictures together! 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme? Vegas Vegas Vegas!!!! That was their theme I guess hahaha. The Maid/Matron of Honor wore blue so…. That was their color scheme?

Favors: They did us a favor by getting married in Las Vegas! That fun weekend with absolutely all our friends was the best Vegas trip ever!! 

Menu: We all went to a buffet after the ceremony. I don’t remember which one it was, but it was delicious. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

Who’s wedding was it? My Deputy Manager’s. (I just went to the ceremony and the evening reception)

What were some things you liked? This wedding had me chuckling throughout! The groomsmen and other male friends in this family have a tradition of getting their photo taken of them all stood in a line with their boxers and trousers down with “Mr and Mrs ???” written across their bum cheeks! Never seen this before and it was so funny! Also the groomsmen did a funny dance for the bride infront of everyone- that was brilliant! 

What were some things you didn’t like? As much as I thought the bridesmaid dresses were pretty, they were not really my style…they were a little to Pride and Prejudice for me. 

Did they have a theme/colour scheme? Yes it was vintage/afternoon tea. The flowers were sunflowers and the main colour was mint green. They had lovely vintage teacup and saucers on the table with tealights in! 

Favours? I’m not sure about this as I wasn’t part of the whole day. 

Menu? I know earlier on in the day they had Afternoon Tea, in the evening they had a yummy Hog Roast! 

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2013

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Whose wedding was it: a friend of DH and I

What were some things you liked: the venue was beautiful! Really intimate setting, the ceremony was beautiful bc it took place outside. I loved that the first dance was outside as well. It was overlooming a lake in a park with a small bridge in the background. It was different. I loved the brides dress too, oh and the dessert table!

What were some things you didn’t like: the vdnue had no AC and the wedding was in June on a really humid day. And the food was blah. Very bland, they had a small cocktail hour (meaning there werent a lot of options)

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: no theme, but the colors were pretty, blush and white

Favors: no

Menu: filet mignon, and gnocchi with mashed potatos 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

Whose wedding was it: My fiance’s cousin. (His dad’s brother’s daughter.)

What were some things you liked: I’m prepared to get eaten alive, but there wasn’t anything I liked!

What were some things you didn’t like:

It was an outdoor venue and the bride was too cheap and too stubborn to make a back-up plan for her guests. It POURED. I, along with a few other guests, refused to sit int he rain so we waited in our cars for about 2 hours. I think there were only a handful of people who actually went to the ceremony. 

She also completely left her dad out to dry and let her step father do most of the father/daughter stuff. This pissed me off beause her dad is a sweetheart, paid for a lot of it. Heck, the couple LIVED with them for a long time. 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Not that I noticed.

Favors: Wine. It was good wine, too.

Menu: I don’t remember much, other than it was served nfamily style (something I hate) and the beans were CANNED.


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