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  • Wedding: November 2015

Whose wedding was it: My cousin.

What were some things you liked: The popcorn bar during cocktail hour! So many different and unique flavors. Very fun. I also really liked her color scheme – kelly green and purple. She pulled it together very nicely. Her dress was gorgeous, bridal party looked fabulous. She also had fortune cookie favors which were pretty cool.

What were some things you didn’t like: I generally love photobooths at weddings, but this photobooth attendant had a tip jar out on the table. What? You’re getting paid for a service – paid to be here. Don’t ask the bride and groom’s guests for tips! They also played a “game” in order to get them to kiss where you rolled a big die and if it landed on “bride and groom kiss” then great! But if it didn’t, you had to complete a task like moonwalk or something silly. It was entertaining for a while, but in the middle of the night, someone had crossed out all of the tasks and written more racey suggestions. So… everyone was lapdancing and motorboating eachother. Funny at first, but a bit too much for a wedding. Also, I’m typically not a fan of dollar dances and this couple did one. 

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: Kelly green and purple! Very cheerful, brigh, happy colors. She tied them together so nicely. Everything looked great. 

Favors: Fortune cookies! And frames for the photostrips. 

Menu: I don’t remember… the food was decent, but nothing special. I do remember chicken nuggets… bitches love chicken nuggets (namely me). 

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  • Wedding: April 2013

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Whose wedding was it: A good girl friend’s.

What were some things you liked: It was spontanious!  They decided to semi-elope on 3 weeks notice while visiting me and my DH.  They were super chill about the whole thing and it was a lot of fun to help pull together.  Several fun things:

 – ceremony on a beautiful public beach

 – the groom and my DH went and got TONS of flower pettals which we had fun throwing into the air while taking photos

 – The officiant helped them create a wonderful ceremony.  Each person in attendance contirbuted.

 – We had an amazing night out on the town living it up at some very nice restaurants that we probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

 – The whole thing was just full of love and laughter and fun.

What were some things you didn’t like: 

 – THey didn’t include their families, which just made me a bit sad for their families. But happy for me since if they had included their families they probalby wouldn’t have included me!

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: No


Menu: Cocktails at fancy restaurnat with a view, drinks and cool bar, dinner at one of the best restaurants in town.  So much champagne and oysters!  So great.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

Whose wedding:  My BFF & DH’s BFF

Liked: Was in mine and her’s hometown.  I was Maid/Matron of Honor, DH was Best Man, color scheme, her dress was beautiful, ceremony was short and sweet

Disliked:  It was in a small church, and someone forgot to get there early to turn on the AC, so it was HOT in there!  Had a small cash bar for beer and limited wine…crazy expensive…I’m just not a fan of the cash bar at a wedding, especially when you don’t tell guests beforehand. She was slightly unorganized and I ended up being like the “day of coordinator” and felt obligated to provide the other BMs with food while we spent the entire day getting ready. 

Theme/color scheme:  ballet pink, ivory, gold. 

Favors: Jordan almonds

Menu: Taco bar…it was OK, but didn’t “fit” with the atmosphere, IMO. 

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  • Wedding: October 2016

Whose wedding: a couple who are friends of Fiance and mine, known them since high school

what I liked: it was outside and it was a beautiful day, it was at a historic mansion so beautiful grounds, loved the bride’s little touches throughout such as take a polaroid pic and replace it on a large board where your escort card was, message in a bottle (write a letter or piece of advice for couple to read on their 1 year anniversary), a guestbook finger tree (stamp your finger and put it in a branch and sign your name), they provided flip flops for their guests to dance in and parasols to shade the sun, the band was awesome, its actually the band that the bride is in she’s a singer so she had another girl fill in for her, the bride then sang “at last” to her new hubby it was so beautiful everyone was crying

what I didn’t like: it was outside reception and ceremony on a very hot day, they didn’t have many seats during the cocktail hour so I stood the whole time practically, barely any food all night and what food we had was not very good, buffet during dinner but servers gave you like nothing and by the time people wanted to get up for seconds dinner was being packed away! We were so hungry we ate all the rolls provided on the tables and asked for more…

colors: teal, ivory, beige, blush..muted colors.. Very pretty

menu: ehhh, only thing that was really good was the salmon at the buffet

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  • Wedding: June 2014

Who: Friends from church.

What I liked: I loved being back in our church, we moved in March, so it was nice to come back. Their decor was nice, understaed but elegant. Food was amazing! They had popcorn for favors, and a massive candy bar which was awesome. 

What I didn’t like: The dance floor was tiny, the smallest I’ve ever seen, and it was sticky. Their DJ also wasn’t good at all.

Theme: There wasn’t really one, decor was pretty minimal. Colors were black and gold.

Menu: Prime Rib or Salmon, and it was a plated meal. I had the prime rib and it was delicious. 

I have to say, the dance floor and DJ/band make or break a wedding for my husband and I. We will spend all night on the floor if the music is good and there’s a good floor with enough space to move. We ended up leaving a lot earlier than we normally would because dancing was no fun and everyone was just getting drunk.

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  • Wedding: November 2015

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MrsMeowton:  It was my FI’s now best man’s wedding. I remember nothing about any of the specifics you inquired about. I drank, danced and had a general blast of a time that resulted in a trail of clothes scattered up the stairs on my way to pass out and a spot on the lawn that took MONTHS to grow back after being a little sick! Charming and classy, I know. But the couple had a good time as well as the guests. That’s what it’s all about!

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  • Wedding: June 2014

Whose wedding was it: BFF

What were some things you liked: It was super personal and thus very romantic. They had a very eloquent friend of their officiate, wrote their own vows and at the end of the ceremony, her father played them out on bagpipes. The groom planned a surprise flash mob and got most of the guests in on it. And his whole family is a riot, so his uncle MC’d and kept everybody laughing all night.

What were some things you didn’t like: Stuff that was beyond the couple’s control. Her photographer went to the wrong ceremony venue and missed the whole thing, and her venue coordinator threatened to shut her reception down because some idiot guests brought their drinks outside. And a couple of speeches ran quite long.

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: It was music themed! They met in a radio broadcasting program in college. They were gifted an antique gramophone that served as decor, used half a dozen vinyl records as a guestbook, hung records from the ceiling, had edible sheet music decorating their cupcakes…oh and their ring bearers wore big headphones around their necks! Too cute! The colour scheme was plum and orange. They had originally planned for a fall wedding but her venue sold her date out from under her so she had to push it up to August.

Favors: Her Mother-In-Law made little bowls out of CDs and filled them with chocolates!

Menu: It was a buffet, my fave, and I must say, for wedding hall food, it was pretty tasty. PLUS, their midnight buffet was pizza and poutine. So that was amazing.

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Whose wedding: The daughter of some dear friends of ours

What I liked:  The venue was sort of an old barn at a pecan farm in rural Georgia.  It was quaint and rustic.  The bride and groom make their own beer and there were several varieties along with wine to chose from. The bride wore a tea length dress which suited her perfectly. There were bluegrass musicians which was a little different but it worked with the venue. What I loved most though was how much in love they obviously were with each other.  They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

What I didn’t like:  It was brutally cold and windy for fall in southern Georgia. The ceremony took place outside in a pecan grove.  The ceremony was rushed because the wedding party and most of the guests were not dressed for the cold.  I think it was all of 5 minutes. Such a shame! I’m sure that’s not how they had planned it.  Also, the ceremony was delayed by about an hour because the hair and makeup people had arrived late.  This did not bother us too much though because we were already drinking the afore-mentioned wine and beer and watching UGA get beat by Florida on the TV in the hall/barn.  We hate UGA So this was a lot of fun!

Theme/color scheme: No theme that I could tell. The bridesmaids wore turquoise.

Favors: None that I can remember. 

Menu: Country cooking such as fried chicken and mashed potatoes. It was very good. 



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  • Wedding: May 2016

Whose wedding was it: My cousin’s

What were some things you liked: BEAUTIFUL venue. Ceremony was in a garden and the cocktail hour in a beautiful courtyard. The food was absolutely delicious. I would have been happy paying for that meal in a restaurant. Open bar had blood orange cosmos, which became my drink of choice until they stopped offering it about 30 minutes into the reception. 🙁 The cake was sooooo good. Again, something I’d be happy buying for myself. They nicely left extra slices of cake out for guests to grab after everyone had been served, so my dessert-loving family was able to fill up on more sweets. 

What were some things you didn’t like: Some of these are my complaints and some I heard from other guests. The ceremony, although short, was outside in the blazing sun. There were some umbrellas up over the seats but ours weren’t in the shade, so we wound up soaked with sweat. The invitation said to arrive 15-30 minutes before the ceremony start time as it would start “promptly at 4:30,” only it didn’t. More like 4:45. So those of us who did get there 30 minutes early had an extra dose of sun and heat. After the ceremony they asked for family members to stay for photos. Most of the family was part of the wedding, but the few of us who weren’t had to stand there for 20+ minutes (we found shade) while the wedding party ran around taking advantage of the picturesque scenery of the venue. Then it was literally a 30 second picture with us and we were finally dismissed. I wish the photographer had thought to do the giant family pic first so we could be free to go enjoy the happy hour. Most of the happy hour food was gone by the time we got there. My biggest complaint was the live band. They were great, had a fun energy, were good musicians, etc. But they only played one slow song, and that was the anniversary dance. My Fiance and I only had two minutes to dance together and that was it for the entire wedding. Even worse, I couldn’t hear what the band was saying when they made the announcement, all we heard was a slow song start up and couldn’t make out the singer’s words, so we bolted for the dance floor to take advantage of the slow song. We completely missed that it was the anniversary dance, missed that we were supposed to get off the dance floor, and were totally embarassed when someone pointed out to us that we shouldn’t be out there dancing anymore. Brides and grooms, even if slow songs aren’t your thing, throw a few in for the benefit of your guests who are sickeningly in love and rarely get an opportunity to dance together like that!

Did they have a theme/color scheme: No theme, but their colors were navy blue and coral. Navy blue for the bridesmaids’ dresses and coral/pale pink flowers. Great combo!

Favors: Candy bar. Really cute display and lots of fun to go home with a bag full of candy. Since we flew to the wedding I wound up scarfing down half of my bag on the flight home.

Menu: Beef short rib so tender that it crumbled when my fork touched it, some kind of yummy potatoes, uh, and I’m sure there were vegetables somewhere on my plate. Can’t remember what, but it was all very tasty. There was also a salmon dish and chicken. I didn’t hear a single person complain about the food.

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Who’s wedding: Husband’s coworker

What I liked: The venue was really pretty, the room itself was standard but there was a balcony overlooking water that was great. The selection was amazing but it was two musicians getting married amongst a sea of musicians so what else was to be expected? Oh and the church was beautiful as was the ceremony…. again, great music.

Didn’t like: It was HOT! Cocktail hour was on the above mentioned balcony and after about 30min ppl were running for shade and had their faces pressed up against the glass to get into the reception space. Not all bad though as their was indoor space to sip cocktails to hide from the sun but it ran a bit long I thought. Food was forgettable but I think that about most wedding food. Oh there was a nice little gap between the ceremony and reception, about 2hrs. We went to chick-fila and ate as we’d just drove 3hrs to get there without eating. Then we waited outside in our cars for 30min. Then another 15min or so before they let us into the coktail space. It just made for a loooong afternoon.

Theme/color: none that I could remember. Her BM’s wore a really pretty blue. Everything else was just cutesy stuff here and there.

Favors: cookies (that the bride made herself a few days prior) and milk

Menu: I dont much remember, there were standard apps, things wrapped in bacon and stuffed in pastry kind of stuff. There was an antipasta bar with my favorite olives I do remember that. The dinner I don’t remember at all and this was only about a month ago. We didn’t stay for cake but they did have little pastries set out while the cake was being cut that I had some of.

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  • Wedding: December 2000

Who’s wedding: Husband’s cousin

What I liked: Venues were gorgeous. Chapel at my university, reception in the end zone club overlooking the football stadium. Cake was beautiful, colors and decor were gorgeous.

Didn’t like: Never saw the bride and groom after the ceremony. We went and waited for 2 hours at the reception and ate some canteloupe and a few cubes of cheese. They had a DJ who wasn’t playing, a bar that wasn’t open, and dinner that wasn’t being served. We finally just left. I thought it was exceptionally rude. Turns out they were still making pictures. This is not an area where cocktail hour is even a thing, so it’s not like the gap was planned. 

Theme/color: blush pink and taupe. No theme.

Favors: none that I saw

Menu: Fruit and cheese for apps. I didn’t stay for dinner, but I heard it was baked chicken and cheesy potatoes with salad.


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  • Wedding: June 2016 - Charleston, SC

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Whose wedding: FI’s friend/groomsman

What I liked: It was really simple and truly just about celebrating with their family and friends! It was hosted on the a family friend’s incredible waterfront estate. The ceremony was really personal, and overall it was probably the most honest, no-major-frills wedding I’ve ever been to. They only had a 30 minute cocktail “hour,” which I really liked and am kind of hoping Fiance and I can do the same! It was a nice break without becoming boring and tiring. The cake was also gorgeous! I remember thinking how pretty the flowers were on it, and then seeing that they were fake when I got up close. They looked SO real! It was really pretty. The wedding and reception went about 5 hours, which was great because that’s how long ours will be so it was a nice taste of what to expect! It was the perfect time length.

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t too much that I didn’t like! The food was great, but started getting cold by the time we got up there because the buffet wasn’t really adequately heated. They also started running really low on wine at one point. I ended up switching to their signature cocktail, which was pretty good, so I wasn’t disappointed, but I personally would have stocked a bit more! It was open bar though, so no real complaints here! This wasn’t the couple’s fault (more of a space thing), but they had to turn the yard around from ceremony to reception. It went smoothly, but it was just a tiny bit awkward to be standing around while the bridal party carried chairs and tables. I felt like I should help!

Color scheme or theme: There was no theme, but she had a very Lilly Pulitzer style. The bridesmaids wore super cute coral lace shift dresses and the groomsmen coordinated with tan suits and coral vests. I think they had Vineyard Vines bowties too. Everything else was in corals and peaches/pinks as well! The centerpieces were a little beachy which tied in with the waterfront venue nicely.

Favors: personalized koozies. Not many people took them, but they were cute! 

Menu: I honestly can’t remember what all was there! I think it was pulled pork sliders, mac and cheese, fruit/cheese/veggie trays, and I know there was something crab-y there, but I can’t remember! Wedding cake, obviously. A beer and wine bar with a signature cocktail (can’t remember what it was called…something orangey with vodka!)

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  • Wedding: November 2016

I forgot to come back to this thread.

The last wedding I went to was FI’s cousins wedding.

Things I liked- The whole thing was quite different. The wedding was at a huge country park and there was lots of walking to the different areas where different bits of the wedding were taking place. So it started at the far end of the park where we had champagne and were greeted by both grooms (gay wedding). We then walked to another part where we had Pimms and cakes and the grooms and best men did their speaches. BEFORE they were even married. Never seen it done that was before but it was lovely and relaxed. We all sat on blankets on the ground and had a big picnic basically!

Things I didn’t like- The walking just because I wore high heals haha. It was lovely seeing all of the park though.

The theme was and afternoon picnic/tea party kind of thing. Lots of bunting, twinkly lights at the reception (there was a meal in the evening after the ceremony) and a blue and purple colour scheme.

Favours- Each of the grooms had a chocolate made based on where they were from (for example one groom is from Scotland so he had whisky in his chocolate). They were in little ring boxes with the grooms names and the wedding date on top.

Menu- Afternoon cakes, tea, Pimms then for the evening there was tapas (it was delicious, breads, cheese, yummy houmous, nuts, celery etc) followed by a hog roast. Fiance and I are vegetarian so we had quiche, potatoes, couscous and salad I think. It was all done as a buffet. We had chocolate brownies and cinder toffee for dessert. All really yummy!

It was probably the best wedding I’ve been to because it was so different (the timing of everything) and it was lovely and relaxed.

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  • Wedding: October 2016 - Cambridge Mill

Whose wedding was it: An Old Friend

What were some things you liked:The venue, Her gown was stunning and the couple had a chance to spend a lot of time with the guests. 

What were some things you didn’t like: The food- small portions, many people went for food afterwards, and the DJ was loud and really only played regee

Did they have a theme/Color scheme: I think it was Gray, Purple and Blue? Only slight pops of each colours

Favors: Candy Apples

Menu: Ummm beef medalians with 2 potatos and a couple pieces of vegetables…and a small salad- not much at all 


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  • Wedding: December 2014

Whose wedding: SIL 

What I liked: The bride was very calm, she is not usually and I really liked how relaxed the day was. The speeches were terrific and they had their first dance as soon as they arrived at the reception. They had a beautiful catholic ceremony. The cocktail hour was great. Open bar! 

What I didnt like: The reception was very big and it didnt feel that intimate, it felt like everyone was seated really far away from each other to try and fill up the space. It was a very expensive wedding and I couldn’t fidgure out what she spent so much money on (It was about a $45,000 wedding). 

Theme/colour scheme: Electric blue and white. Her Bridesmaid or Best Man wore electric blue and reception was themed the same color. She also had little pops of hot pink. 

Favors: Beutiful candy bar, it was themed pink as that was the brides favorite color. 

Menu: Pork and beef, not memorable, nothing special 


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