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Sugar bee

I’ve had several types of extensions, all clip ins. I had a lot of issues growing my hair out (it took years) and I wanted it to be a little more full. Out the brands I’ve tried, including some pretty expensive, cult status ones, my favorite are the Sally’s brand extensions. They matched my hair really well, clip in securely, and were comfortable and held up perfectly. I even dyed a pair, though I don’t necessarily recommend it because it affected the texture. 

If you tease your hair and use a mattifying powder over the part where you’re clipping the extensions in, to give it some extra texture, I find they stay in perfectly. The best I found for that is Schwarzkopf Osis mattifying powder (one bottle has lasted years). My hair is fine, too, so otherwise the clips don’t grip as well. I don’t wear them anymore because my hair is long now, but they made me feel sexier somehow. 

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Helper bee
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Following for myself – I too have thin, fine hair that takes aaaaages to grow even a tiny bit. Curious to know what people use and what works. I had a friend who recently got a weave (she’s white with very thin hair) for the first time and while it looked nice when she had it done, she said her hair broke off quite a bit and it was not worth it since she felt her hair looked “worse” afterwards – ie thinner. Another friend (she’s black with curly hair) says that even though her hair is also very delicate it doesn’t break off when she get’s a weave and that I should try her stylist. She does have amazig hair. I’m super tempted to try it as I would love having full hair for once, but really scared it will thin my hair out even more. Clip ins are great for going out, but doesn’t feel the same to me – haha I’d love to have long pretty hair even when I’m chilling at home or waking up. Silly and superficial I know. Would love to hear more about other people’s experiences.

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Honey bee
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I wore clip ins for years, but be careful because they’re heavy on fine hair, and can cause your hair to get damanged and break.

Now I use flat tip extensions, which are more permanant, and I love them! I can dye them, and a set lasts me like a year so it’s pretty inexpensive.

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Buzzing bee
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I have fine hair,  but lots of it when I’m not bleaching it. I used to have it thinned out all the time.  Now bleach does that for me lol.  It always makes it hard to grow put my hair.  I do tape ins, but not like,  normal tape ins that come in 1.5 to 2 inch long peices. I apply tape to various lengths of hair wefts and do my own.  Cheap and easy,  although I typically take them out every 2 weeks to deep condition,  tape in will often slip with conditioner if you aren’t really careful,  they can also loosen the bond.  Ive never had any just fall out while I’m out and about. 

So I use cheap hair from the beauty supply store color 613 in 18 inches and it’s $50. One pack is enough for my hair,  I do cut off the boom 2 inches though,  so you should always buy longer hair extensions then you want it you ate going cheap.  I will get at least 8 wears out of this set,  so $50 for 4 to 5 months of use,  actually, I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten rid of hair I buy,  I like to do a colored inner with the extension ends colors,  so I have lots of different sets and rotate through them.  The 8 wears is more an estimate since I haven’t gotten to that point yet,  but I have gotten to 5 uses on 1 set and they are still looking good. 

I use Walker tape to apply the extensions and it works really well and Walker remover too,  although conditioner and coconut oil work wonders for helping them slip put too lol. 

I looked at other semi permanent extension application techniques and hated the idea of them,  so many people complaining about lack of comfort and hair damage.  I rarely lose any hair to the tape,  they just slip out and I don’t even notice I’m wearing them. There’s a YouTube channel called 52 weeks of beauty who explains the DIY tape in thing. I also made my own set of invisible tape in extensions use tape,  hair,  and a golden hair glue.  They did shed more than the wefted tape in, you glue them to the tape and cut off the weft and they are much more seamless. They have YouTube videos for that too and I was able to reuse them. 

Clip in aren’t for me because I’m too lazy to apply them lol.  I had a pair for 3 years and never used them,  so they because my first set of blue and green inner extensions.  Then I got to use them lol. 

Anyway,  just got back from a cruise and wore my tape in and they did great despite the pool water and salt water.  I made sure to condition them and braided them up before going in the water,  and immediately washed them after getting out of the water lol. I was worried the color might go funny,  but they did fine. I didn’t wear a colored set for the cruise though. Oh the joys of a cruise ship cabin.  It was actually really hard to find a selfie without anyone else in it.  I went with my fi and a group of 100. So I was rarely alone lol. 

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If you love the halo and the clip in extensions – keep them until you need something more permeant. 

 I have super fine hair that is very blonde and processed; it just does not grow.   

I started years ago with clip in extensions and loved them.  The clip ins never hurt my hair it was just annoying to me to take the time to put them in every day and take them out at night.  I also found issues with trying to hide the clips in certain spots.   About three years ago I started looking for a more permeant solution that did not break the bank.

Tape in extensions are now what I wear and I love them!

Great brands for tape in hair: Babe and Glam Seamless

How much hair/Cost/How long does it last?

  1. You have to buy the hair in packages that are already pre-taped. I usually buy about 3-4 packs which is about 30-40 wefts or 15-20 weft hair sandwiches. It all depends on how big your head is and how much hair you have so you can hide everything. 
  2. Hair prices are per pack. Babe hair that my hairdresser buys me is about $80 a package. Glam seamless is a lot more expensive; the virgin hair I bought (20 wefts) came to about $400.  The GS regular hair I bought (10 wefts) was $150. 
  3. Hair can last 3-12 months depending on how you care for it. Reduce the wash amount, heating tools and other harmful things you do to your hair to make it last longer.
  4. You need to get your tapes taken out every 4-6 weeks. Do it on the same schedule as your color and it helps! Be aware it is really time consuming to do this; it takes my hairdresser an hour to remove and re-install the extensions alone.  Removing the glue from the tapes can take extra time but it needs to be done.  Do not wait a long time in between or you will lose hair due to the tape not sticking anymore. 

 My natural thin hair was super greasy and required me to shower every other day.  With tape in extensions I only wash my hair once a week!  The natural oils I have in my hair are no issues with the tape ins.  I also feel like the less you wash it, the more secure the tape bonds are.  Dry shampoo is my friend!


Tips for you if you want to try tape in extensions:

  1. Buy human hair – do not buy non-human hair.
  2. Get the tapes remove and re-installed every 4 weeks, 5 at most.
  3. Reduce the amount of washing you do with your hair and the tape in extensions; this will reduce any tape issues.
  4. Buy quality hair from a reputable seller; don’t pull a me and buy hair off of amazon because the reviews were “amazing”. If you are getting a deal on hair that is too good to be true; it is probably not real human hair.


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sassy411 :  Just be very careful who you buy from; they use a lot of chemicals to make the hair feel soft.  The first time you wash the hair that chemical comes off and you are left with horse hair.  

Clips ins are OK for that kind of quality of hair because you can just take them out; with tapes in you are a little stuck with them.  

I only say that because I just bought a ton of hair off of Amazon for my tape ins – i’m getting them removed this Saturday and the hair is so bad!  I have it put it in a bun all day because it is so fake and looks so fake. Such a waste of money and it is aggravaiting.  Not to mention the “tape” they used in China is like super glue so I’ve been slowly removing a few wefts every day. Just horrible!

 Babe and Glam Seamless are now the only brands i’ll buy because I know they will last 🙂

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Blushing bee
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Long time user of hair extensions and at this point have had probably every type. I have fine hair that has recently been quite damaged from fashion colours, but that grows very quickly.

Micro-bead/nano-extensions are pretty permanent in that you can’t take them out by yourself or really put them in by yourself (although I was able to take them out by myself with a pair of jewellery pliers but I do not recommend it) The problem with these on fine hair is that the weight of them can break you hair over time and it will cause some pretty gnarly root tangles if you don’t get them moved up often enough. Due to the rate my hair grows at, I had to get them moved up every 3 weeks and it just got too ridiculous to keep them. You also can’t scrub your scalp with microbeads in though they are easy to style while hiding them than a sewn-in weave.

Tape ins: If you like to condition your hair these are a no go, the tape can come out from conditioning and if it doesn’t come out it can just get weird and clumpy from conditioner (happened to me) Estetically it looked about the same as micro beads, but less weight on the hair, although the breakage will still happen to a small extent when you take them out due to the nature of the bond.

Clip-ins: Honestly I probably have used these the most, up until a month ago when I switched to a halo. Clip ins are great for being low damage and lower maintenance since you can put them in and out yourself. For me the downside with clip ins is getting them to stay hidden in fine hair, though the trick here is to not get too high of gram wefts and to try and match your hair texture. I personally make or alter my wefts to have the clips facing up not down so that they stay better in my finer hair and also look more natural. They are a bit of the pain in the ass if someone grabs your hair or they get caught on something as it will rip and hurt unless they are grasped right near the clips.

Halo: Just recently got one of these and am absolutely in love. A really good halo is expensive, but they will cut it to blend in your hair and it is 0 pain, 0 damage and you can have your hair pulled or caught and it will not pull out or hurt your own head. You can also add little clips to a halo if you want it more secure, though I have been pretty energetic in mine without issue. They definitely feel very different than clips so at first you feel super strange wearing them. I also find I can go longer in length with a halo while still keeping it looking natural.

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Blushing bee
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This is a picture with my new halo extension in. I’ve braided one side of my hair back in the photo and please don’t judge how badly my blonde roots need touching up lol. My natural hair is just past my shoulders. The halo band sits at the top of your head, but as you can see from the photo it’s undetectable.



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Busy bee

Cool! I had no idea about the Halo. I’ve tried the crimp bead extensions but they’re not the best with my thin hair. You could always see the beads plus it pulled and ripped hair out. 

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