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Helper bee
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@LynnSnow:  I use the Tidy Cat Breeze system which has made a HUGE difference in the odor of our home. I change the litter once a month and change the liners out weekly. Its more expensive than regular litter but so worth it considering. The litter box itself is around $35, the litter is around $8 and the liners are about $6 for 3 of them.

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Blushing bee
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I used to have a litter box that had an automatic scooper and was quite pricey, but the plastic bins it scooped into were small and my cat would fill them up in a day or two and they were expensive to buy and not sturdy enough to reuse.  I ended up giving it to one of my friends for his new cat.  We just have a regular box now, but I have tried a few different litters to mask the smell and completely change his litter once a week.  We usually use Tidy Cats Instant Action or 24/7 Performance litter for multiple cats (even though we just have the one).

Your Cat Genie might work better than the auto-scoop box I had, but I think I paid around $160-180 for mine and GAVE the thing away because I hated it.

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Bumble bee
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we use plastic liners in our litter box. we also have the litter genie- similar to a diaper genie. You scoop the poop, dump it, and it seals it away to control the odor. Luckily, our kitty goes #2 when we’re home 95% of the time. So we’re able to scoop it pretty quickly. We also use pine pellets- horse bedding- from Tractor Supply as our litter. And we change it once a week. Also, hawaiian breeze air freshner seems to be the best at getting rid of stinky kitty smells!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I had an automatic litterbox for my 3 cats! It was $85 at Walmart, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

I think I had to change the litter once every two weeks and empty the (poop) box once a week? For THREE cats.

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Sugar bee
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I have the ScoopFree litter box by Brilliant Pet, and I LOVE it! You MUST buy the disposable trays that are made for it, which are like $12 each on Amazon. (They have a permanent tray you can use and just change out the litter, but it was gross and smelled icky after a few weeks.) The box was like $130 to start, and then I spend about $50 a month on trays (scooping twice a week, changing the whole thing out once a week), but I have two cats. With one cat, I would think it would be more like $25 a month (changing once every two weeks). I have NO odor problems with two cats in a 300 sq ft apartment, so the set-up works really, really well.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Do you wash the litterbox ever?  Even if it’s only 6 months old, I think pee and poop can kind of stick to the bottom and stink.  I’ve read you should wash them with mild dish soap when you totally change out the litter….

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Bee Keeper
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@LynnSnow:  I love the TC Breeze too. Mostly because I was sick and tired of cat litter all over the floor (even after having several different kinds of mats). There is virtually no urine smell as long as you change the pads once a week. However, if you cat doesnt cover their poop (which they might not do because the pellets feel different than sand), you will get a poop smell. 

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Sugar bee
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If it smells THAT BAD, it sounds like maybe you should switch cat food?

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Sugar bee
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I’ve heard horror stories about those CatGenie systems- like how occasionally the filter/rake/whatever thing misses a small piece of poo and then when the stuff cleans/dries the litter, you get baked poo smell wafting through your otherwise lovely home…

We have a large cat as well, and even though it seems to take up a bit more space, Hubs and I buy the really large covered cat boxes with the removable ‘door’ on them.

We use Tidy Cats scented (I actually really like the way it smells) and that coupled with the covered box seems to do a really good job of containing the odor.

Hubs usually cleans the box every 2-3 days, but when he was gone recently I was a horrible, terrible cat mommy and forgot to clean the box for well over a week. (I know, I know, it’s GROSS and I’ll never do it again.) But our cat is religious about using the box no matter what and I couldn’t smell anything (until of course I took the lid off, oh my gosh!) so I had completely forgotten. :/

Our cat is also really really bad about kicking litter out of the box, so having the lid with the swinging door also helps to mostly contain everything so we don’t have huge piles of litter on the floor.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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A friend of mine had one of those automatic cleaning cat boxes. Cat wouldn’t touch it with a 20 foot pole. Plus, if it breaks (And it will.) You’re out a cat box.

I have a domed cat box and I use fresh step litter. I clean the box every day and we’ve never had an odor problem, although your problem sounds like a health issue.

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Busy bee
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We had a CatGenie and it made the smell even worse just like @rachelmichelle, if it misses a piece it then gets baked. There was also a problem where we didnt know we had a mouse and the kitties decided to hide it in the litter box and that was the worst thing ever because the machine jammed and went crazy continuly cycling and it was just a mess. If you get one of the automatic systems and it turns out this is health related, hopefully kitty is going to be fine, you would never know since the system cleans it up so fast.

We just have a kitty litter box hidder that we switch out the plastic boxes in and put one of the bath and body works car air freshners clipped to the top. We even leave it in front entryway and people have no clue its there.


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