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Buzzing bee
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I’m an over the top of the roll person… the under the roll makes me freak out that it may have touched the floor at some point.

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Bee Keeper
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I get irrationally irritated with grammar.  They + are = they’re!  You + are = you’re!

I also get SUPER PISSED at idiot drivers.  I sometimes feel like I live in the Idiot Driver Capital of the world :/

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Busy bee

Currently, I hate puppies! lol

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Sugar bee
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@jesssamesssa:  HAHA you would hate to share a bathroom with me. I just set the roll on top. :/

I cannot stand when people are late. HATE IT! 

I also can’t stand when kids act up in public and the parents do nothing. I have very little patience with that. (I will probably get burned for saying this)

Adults chewing with their mouths open. 

Ok I’ll stop there.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@jesssamesssa:  ditto on the toilet paper – i’m an over the top person, feel it looks neater.

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@DaneLady:  completely agree with you – so irritating.


People who whistle at work, my boss who says ‘Lair’ instead of ‘Layer’, and people who don’t blow their nose and just sniffle all day.

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Buzzing bee
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When people pause for an exageratedly long time between parts of a story or in the middle of the sentence. I almost always know what they are going to say and I just want to jump in and finish it for them. MY BRAIN IS FASTER. FH says it is because they want to make sure they say it the right way but I’m all for fast and dirty.

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Bumble bee
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@jesssamesssa:  Haha, I always just put it on. I don’t pay attention to which way. Fiance always gets mad and wants it his way, but I can never remember his “right” way. So I just leave it like the third pic and let him do it himself.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I hate when toilet paper isnt over the top. It throws me off.


I hate when people ask for advice and then throw your opinion away. If you didnt want to hear my thoughts on it, then why did you ask?!

I’m also currently annoyed with whining. Fiance got a new job a couple of months ago and had high expectations. Now all I hear everyday is how much it sucks. “Thats it, I’m going back to my old job. This is so stupid! I dont like it. I dont want it. I’m leaving there.” Yes, yes, I get it already. Either go back to your old job, or dont, but please quit whining about it! Of course I dont actually say that. But I wish I could. Instead I just try to tune him out while nodding like I’m listening.

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Buzzing bee
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@jesssamesssa:  My pet peeve?


Not enough bees posting right now! lol


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Sugar bee
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@jesssamesssa: I feel the same about the toilet paper…

Other pet peeves: 

People who text while talking to you because it is seriously rude….

Also labels like Irish American, Mexican American, African American, and ect. because if you were raised in america, born in america, have only been in america then YOU are JUST american! I mean if you speak another language because your parents speak that language or you still practice a different countries cultures then I can kind of understand it but it is still silly! 

If I had been born, raised, and brought up in China or Mexico nobody would call me American Chinese or American Mexican! 

Sorry for the rant but it is one of those things I just don’t understand! 



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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: April 2014

Also, people telling me that I’ve lost weight, when I know I havent. Happened like 3 times over Thanksgiving. Or not believing me when I say what size pants I wear. This is an actual conversation I had with my granny:

Granny: You’re looking so slim!

Me: Well thanks. I dont know why, I havent lost anything. Maybe its my shirt?

Granny: No, you’ve definitely lost weight. What size pants are you in now?

Me: They’re the same pants I wore last time I saw you. Size 18.

Granny: No they arent. They’ve got to be about a 15 or something.

Me: Nope. 18.

Granny: They are not. Let me check the tag!


I think I know what size pants I wear, dangit!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I hate those people who park in made-up spots at the grocery store, like right along the curb in front of the store. It makes me irrationally mad, and I’m a pretty even-keeled person. Like, do you REALLY think your grocery shopping is so much more important than everyone else’s that you don’t need to deal with parking in an actual parking spot? I hate you!!! (I sometimes write nasty messages about the size of their penis in the dust on their cars, heehee.)

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Buzzing bee

One of my pet peeves is when people are deliberately obtuse. I dislike it when people are dismissive of children. I also don’t like it when people act as if their family and friends should share the same opinion or have the same emotions they do.   

There are more, but I’ll stop at those three. 

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Helper bee
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I hate it when people look me up and down the whole time they’re speaking to me, and I’m not talking about a “DAMN GIRL YOU’RE SO FINE” sort of way.  It usually happens at work – my last manager used to do it all the time and one of the supervisors in my office does it all the time as well.  My work clothes are always tidy, clean, and perfectly appropriate so I don’t know WTF is wrong.  It makes me feel really self-conscious.

I also hate people who post vague status updates on Facebook.  So lame.

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