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I know dachshunds can get a bad rap sometimes but I will seriously never not own one. Frank is a big dog in a small body. He loves to swim, hike, go on car rides etc. All off his doggy friends are big dogs and he gets along just fine. I’ve heard that the long haired ones are the most laid back and that certainly describes Frank. Unless we are doing something fun, he is perched on the top of the couch snoozing.

He sheds next to nothing which is nice but, needs groomed about twice a year. He also has pretty bad breath. Dachshunds are notoriously bad to housebreak but, I must have lucked out because he was housebroken in about a week. He is a loveable clown and I highly recommend the breed.

Now for the required picture.

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We have one big one little and our little one I will keep right up without big Boxer. She s a Pug and Boston Terrier mix. She weighs about 22 pounds are she has no problem keeping up with out 80 pound boxer. This is her

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My pup is shitzhu x maltese x lhasa apso. i love her so much! This is a puppy photo, she is like almost 2 yo now.


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I have a wheaton and a little scruffy Brussels Griffon mix.  My little one is about 8 pounds and she is absolutely hilarious.  She carries a little “doll” around with her, her current doll is a small stuffed Beavis.  She doesn’t destroy her toys, just likes to bring it to you and to carry it around.  She always looks like she is smiling and is super friendly.

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I have two Shih-tzus. They are purebred. I recommend finding a reputable breeder if you purchase a purebred dog, as there are a lot of puppy mills out there.

A lot of grooming is required, either by you or a groomer. Their hair sheds minimally, which is nice if you or anyone in your home suffers with allergies. I enjoy grooming them, so I do most of it myself. I bathe them every 1-2 weeks and trim their hair every 6 weeks.

They are very sweet lap dogs. They don’t require a lot of activity so they can live in apartment/townehouse/condo. They can go for a walk but keep in mind that brachycephalic (short muzzled) dogs can not withstand extreme heat or prolonged exercise as breeds with longer snouts can.

They don’t bark a lot. They’ll let you know if someone is at the door but they’re not the best guard dogs.

They weigh anywhere from 9-16 pounds once they are grown. Don’t ever buy an “imperial” shih-tzu. Imperial shih-tzus are bred to be smaller and are more prone to health problems.

I have found that the males in this breed tend to be more affectionate and playful than the females are.

If you have a female dog, I’d recommend getting a male dog. Chances are, they’ll get along better.

Good luck! Let us know what you end up geting!

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Here are photos of my babies.

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I have a Chiweenie named Riley. Before Riley I had never had a small breed dog before. I got him from the city pound when he was 8 weeks old. Chiweenies are wonderful little dogs! In general they tend to be very loyal, playful and funny little dogs. Riley is super healthy and very good natured. He loves everyone – people, kids, cats, and other dogs. Chiweenies also have short hair and shed very little, so they don’t need much in the way of grooming. Riley is 12lbs so he’s not teeny tiny but he’s a good sized dog.


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We have a JRT. I love him to bits. They’re super hearty and could easily keep up with a Bouvier.

This is my little turd. He’s 14 and he still keeps up with his great pyrenees and pit bull brothers.


If you’re interested in low/no shedding, check out poodles and poo mixes! They can come in nearly any size and are super intelligent. Theres also usually tons of them in rescues.


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I have a Havanese.  15 lbs and (almost) no shedding (of course this means he needs professional grooming).  We found him on Petfinder 🙂  Whatever you do, stay away from pet stores so you don’t support puppy mills (my guy is a mill rescue).  Sorry so huge!

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Here is my BFF, Murphy. He’s a 2.5 year old shih tzu. He is amazing. 

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@HappySky7:  YES! I totally second cockapoo!

I had no idea what they were until I found mine at the shelter. She’s a truly awesome dog. If she was proportionally less elbowy, she’d be perfect, but I make my peace with the small ribcage bruises…

She’s 14 lbs and a combination of the best traits from both parent breeds. Smart and trainable (poodle trait), sweet and affectionate (cocker trait), doesn’t shed (poodle trait), and is happy to run and play or have a low key night on the couch (cocker trait). I don’t take my girl to the groomer any more because I found a trimmer on Amazon that does wonders. It paid for itself in one use instead of the groomer, and she seems less stressed when I use it than she did when I had to leave her at the groomer for 3 hours. Ear care is easy, there’s just a special solution to squirt and rub around in there every 2 weeks. 

I could absolutely see myself sticking to cockapoos for the rest of my life, especially since me other pets (two cats) shed… 

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@PermaStudent:  japanese spitz!!!! wikipedia them. they are like wee huskys -but minus all the hair moulting everywhere! nicest wee natures too. gorgeous!!

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This is princess Zuri. She is a dachsund and is about 7-8 pounds. She is a fantastic dog but a little shy around other people and she will bark if they try to come into our house as she is very protective of our home. She was a nightmare to potty train however that is more because of the previous owners. She is doing great at it now. Love love love this dog and this breed. She loves walks, naps and her toy chicken. She does not chew things apart but would rather fetch them. One day she took all the shoes and moved them from one side of the house to the other. I don’t notice any shedding, and I am very intuned to that because both my daughter and myself have allergies. She is not allowed on the furniture because it is new. At night she sleeps in her crate.

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Not trying to add to the rescue v breeder, but both of our dogs came from rescues. The pug is a pure bred for certain (both of his parents had papers), and we think that the Boston is a pure bred Boston (my old boss breeds them, and is some insane expert). I have wanted a pug my whole life (seriously, my mom remembers in kindergarten and perhaps before my love of them). I only had big dogs before him, and then we added the Boston (Boris) a year and an half ago.


  •  both are adorable! haha, i’m clearly biased
  • now that I’ve had small dogs, I like that if they go to run, you want them somewhere, etc you just can easily pick them up. My old pit mix was hit by a car (she was fine in teh end) and I had a hard time picking her up. My guys are 20.5 lb and almost 30lb, so easily can pick them up. They take up less space on a bed
  • They are less likely to scare most people (although my brother in law was TERRIFIED of dogs, and had a few panic attacks – legit – the first few times he interacted with the pug). Overall though, people are more likely to be ok with small dogs
  • You can travel with them easier. Many hotels have a size limit on dogs, but I can travel with mine with no problems so far
  • Pugs don’t need as much exercise and tire easily. My boston needs far less exercise than my old, large dog. Nice if you can’t deal with that
  • if you don’t have as much space, they’re fine
  • Both breeds are overall pretty smart
  • They eat less food since they’re smaller 😉
  • My boston has been very easy to train, adn my old boss says that’s pretty usual. 
  • Theyre both very playful and very friendly
  • Both of mine have held their own with dogs of all sizes, but you do want to supervise play as it is easy for both of them to scratch their eyes and have injuries


  • Since they’re typically smart, they’re stubborn!!
  • Both breeds are prone to some healht issues, especially pugs
  • Both breeds have issues in very hot or very cold weather. We have sweaters for them b/c they have a hard time staying warm (but they legitimately like them)
  • Both have some sensitive GI tracts (omg, especially Bostons – Worst.Farts.Ever) so we have to buy pricier food and treats
  • Pugs can get overweight VERY easily, and that can cause more health issues
  • Both breeds are loud snorers (a huge con when I’m out of town solo b/c I’m not used to quiet!)
  • Pugs really love to be near their owners. When I was in the hospital, they were okay b/c my partner is here, but after a few days they do seem a little depressed. Also, my pug (and it is fairly common among other pugs) HATES to be alone so if I’m in the bathroom with the door shut, he’s been known to whimper and scratch at it.
  • Along with health issues are special grooming – with both of them, I need to regularly clean their wrinkles and ears (for the pug, I clean his wrinkles and ears a few times a week). 
  • They shed a ton


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