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Sugar bee
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I’m working with this one woman who is supposed to be editing manuscript and I get emails from her every three seconds because she doesn’t understand very simple functions in Microsoft Word. I’m across the country from her – how am I supposed to hold her hand through what is an almost self-explanatory process?!? It’s track changes, lady, not rocket science. I finally just responded and told her to go find someone at her institution that can show her how to do it because there’s nothing I can do for her over the phone or via email that I haven’t already done.

Also, I’m hungover and threw up in the bathroom at work this morning because I drank too much coffee. And I have to go to the gyno tonight. So, yeah, just kill me.

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Bee Keeper
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@Burgandy, I am so sorry to hear that! I know how it feels, that happened to me all the time at my previous employer. People got promoted all around me who had been there less time than I had, meanwhile everyone kept telling me how I was the ‘core’ of the group and how valuable I was. I left after 3.5 years which was way too long!

@Kitty, That stinks about the hangover! That still happens to me every once in a while and I never call out sick b/c I am too scared to be labeled ‘that girl who calls out’. I load myself up wtih Pepto and Aspirin and try not to do anything all day.

Well, my Monday has been okay for a Monday so far except I’m very depressed about my awful hair cut on Friday which I posted about. The stylist went to town and cut off about 3 inches and gave me awful orange streaky highlights. I have 4 months to try and grow some of it back and correct the damage he did. To make things worse I have my hair trial this Sat and no hair to work with anymore!

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Helper bee
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Am with you on that, Ms. Burgundy. Been I my position for 3 years. Had a 3 year plan.  Year 1 – shut up and learn about company. Done. Year 2 – assist in attaining department goals. Done. Year 3 – head a revenue-producing goal. Done.  All 3 years, I volunteered in projects outside my job scope to show that I have leadership qualities & can be promoted. There are 4 other people in my same job grade in our department.  They never did anything that was beyond their job scope but I’m still in the same position as them (granted I had a bit of an increase compared to them but it’s only about 1% above theirs.  On year 3, still no promotion. I mentioned this in my employee review but still no promotion.  We’ll see where this goes.  I’m on job hunting mode right now just because I am no longer challenged in my position.  I used to be gung ho/love my job.  Now, I just feel blah about it.  We all get that normal 2.5% increase every year anyway….why bother working harder than anyone else?  I’m ready for bigger & better things.

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Bumble bee
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Here is my Monday vent…my Fiance called me right before lunch to let me know was he was laid-off 🙁  I am bummed for him and really freaked out because his job is wacky and they don’t give 2 weeks notice so all he gets was notice today kicked out of bank today and his remaining PTO will be paid.  I know he hated his job and that he has been looking for something new, but we were both hoping he would have found something before they had to let him go.  I hear everything happens for a reason…lets hope so!

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Bumble bee
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I haven’t received my W-2 yet from the company I currently work for. We’re trying to get a mortgage for our condo to pay our huge tax bill.  We have to close on the mortgage before April 15th, and we have to have our taxes prepared before we get the mortgage so we know how much we will need.  My company is based in the Washington DC area, but I work in Chicago, IL.  They’re closed today.  Logically, if you send a piece of mail from Virginia on January 29th, shouldn’t it get to Chicago by February 8th?  Apparently not.  But my paycheck stub did get here at the normal time last week.  WTF?  Will someone please explain that to me?

Also, because I work in the government and all government offices in DC are closed, pretty much everything I do today, will sit in someone’s queue until such a time that the roads get cleared enough for government employees to return to work.

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Helper bee
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Blue – that blows anything I was going to say right out of the water! Good luck to your Fiance as he job searches!

I was just going to say it’s a crappy Monday because in my one-on-one session this morning I was actually asked “I know you are juggling two projects (that total more revenue than my entire first year of work, BTW), but we have X project that wants to start construction in the summer. I know you have school, too, but what are your weekends looking like?”

Mind you, I’m salary. Kind of want to scream.

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Busy bee
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I’m sick. I woke up with a sore throat, a hacking cough, and a fever. Combine with a headache. 


Only good thing is that today is my day off, but I had SOOO MUCH plan to get done today because I never have time during the work week…and all I can do is lay on the couch and feel horrible *ugh*

But, that’s nothing compared to y’alls I hope your jobs start looking up. I have been in that position. I worked for 2 years for a company as a manager and than some CASHIER got hired and promoted after 6 months to a higher manager than I was because she told the store manager that if he didn’t promote her she was leaving and I would have been like, see ya later. You are a cashier and not a very good one..any monkey could do your job..but he promoted her. I walked out the day that it become official and haven’t looked back. Maybe you can speak with your boss about the future? 

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Honey Beekeeper
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1) I feel a sinus infection coming on

2) StL is supposed to get some unpleasant weather soon. Snow. Blegh.

3) Test tonight, test thursday, basically, a busy week. Lots of caffeine coming my way.

4) dress pants STILL don’t fit and I’m pre-menstrual so I’m having a case of the fatties, mkay?

5) My dad is, in general, just kind of annoying me.He’s being quite rude on the phone lately, interrupting me and stuff. When I continue speaking (i don’t just shut up b/c i got interrupted), he keeps going, “Emily…Emily….Emily….” to get me to hush.

No “real” problems, just stuff in general that makes me feel BLAH. I feel bad complaining though…if these are my problems, these are minor in comparison.

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Bee Keeper
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No real problems, but it is Monday. I am so exhausted on Monday since Fiance and I have been house searching so basically we sit in the car driving all weekend. I need a day to just do nothing. But since I can complain today lol, none of my work pants fit anymore. I am honestly sitting at my desk with my top button unbuttoned. But I feel so busy and tired with wedding planning and house hunting that I don’t have any motivation to go to the gym anymore. And I feel like an idiot because I just found out that my mom invited my co-workers’ spouses to the shower that I’ve never even met!

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Buzzing bee
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I needed to run to the bank, so I got in my car and backed out of our driveway.  I was having difficulty backing out and I thought it was just the ice at the bottom of the driveway.  On my way back from the bank I noticed there was garbage all over our street.  I was like WTH happened here?!  Turns out it wasn’t ice at the bottom of my driveway, it was the garbage that my Fiance had set out for the garbage men.  They hadn’t come yet, and I had no idea the bags were behind my car.  I apparently ran them over and dragged them all over my street.  I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up after myself all while wondering how drunk my neighbors must have thought I was for not even NOTICING I did this as I left for the bank.


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Bumble bee
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I am trying to write a paper for school while my neighbors below us are renovating their condo. Sort of hard to analyse your leadership style when all you can focus on is the incessant hammering! Sometimes I am so sick of apartment living. My next apartment will have concrete walls fo shizzle.

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Busy Beekeeper
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This morning my suv battery died when I was defrosting it outside (had the dogs in the garage on really cold nights.

Luckily my neighbor is a fireman and his wife saw me trying to start it and she called the firehouse and two came over with a seriously jacked up charger and got her rolling…but I was almost 2 hours late for work.

T was in a meeting beginning at 7 am, with of course his cell turned off.  He didn’t hear about it until it was all over.  I was a bit miffed he didn’t at least keep it on vibrate or on but in silent mode.  Just generally miffed was I, but that was because two firemen I didn’t know helped me when my Fiance who could’ve done that was unable to.  But I’m thankful to my sweet neighbor and her husband.  They’re so sweet.

T has been trying to check out new batteries (I don’t need one according to the firemen b/c it sparked well and the connectors on top are in good condition.  But I know T’s just trying to reclaim his spot as protector.  Guy thing I guess.

But it was a totally sucky morning and I was late for work and my son was late for school. 

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