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    I’m making less than I exppected post-college (but this is largely due to a career change).  Before the career change, I was making what I would have expected post-college and my Darling Husband makes more than either of us expected (which I certainly don’t mind).  🙂

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    I got an arts degree, which I just received on the 5th of this month. It was a combined major in French and Spanish. I thought I wanted to get my translation certificate, but didn’t end up following through with it because I just did not like the classes and the work involved. 

    My dad has pressured me a lot lately to go back to school and apply for Law, however I’ve decided to take an easier, yet still difficult route, and go into Commerce. 

    The job I have now is a basic receptionist job, $16.00/hr no benefits. While I make more money than I did before college, I’m not making a “professional salary”. I feel a BComm will allow me to get where I want to go, plus my previous degree gives me a leg up in areas. It will take an entire year off my schooling due to the classes I’ve already completed. Plus, if I decide to major in International Business, I’ve got the mandatory second language classes under my belt.


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    @Mrs.babycat:  I always hoped that I would get a good job, but I was also terrified that my BA would get me nothing. I did what I could to make contacts, and I worked throughout university (unrelated to my degree but still got customer service, sales, and office experience).

    I was lucky and I got a good job a few months after I graduated. I’m still there 5 years later. I worked my way up and my role has morphed into something completely different, the pay has gone up too.

    It isn’t my passion (then again, neither is anything related to my degree), but I have great coworkers, good benefits, decent responsibility, the pay is good etc. I know I’m lucky. The smartest thing I did was make good contacts, though. Networking is huge. I continue to network. You just never know who you may need in the future.

    So there is hope! Don’t give up.

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    Also, related to my story, I realize it sounds like I’ve had this job for 8 days, but I finished my program in December and have been working where I work since 2009 (in the summer months) and now since Jan 2013.

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    I’m, I’m a part time babysitter, part time mall worker. I thought I’d be making about this much, but full time and in my field

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    Following graduation, it took me 16 months to find a relative position.  11 months later than company went under and 1 month later I got a position doing somehting totally different.  That was 15 months ago.  I am making less than I thought I was and in a totally different field.  I’m grateful I was able to bounce back so quickly.

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    I finally have a job where I’m making decent money + have benefits (it was a little over $50,000 last year, which goes pretty far in our area) – but I’m 30 years old with a master’s degree.  

    However, I spent a LOT of time after college (one of the best-ranked in the country) doing very minimally paid jobs with no benefits… part of that is my field though (wildlife biology)… hang in there!

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    Honestly I was terrified of not finding a job after I graduated. I got super lucky and got one about 9 months afterward and I started around $35,000 and full benefits. Considering I went to a top school and paid for out-of-state tuition this was still pretty disappointing. I eventually got promoted though and 4 years after graduating I am now around $100k. However I do NOT find this to be the norm with my friends, who mostly are working for $9-14/hr. I have a friend who graduated from law school and she cannot find a job in her field to save her life. She is working at Barnes & Noble right now. I also know a guy with a PhD in math who works at Chick-fil-a. A bunch of my Facebook friends graduated college and have bachelor’s degrees, but I see them working at the mall. Unfortunately its just not a good time to be getting out of school. 

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    I make way, way more money than I expected to before I graduated from college. I work as an engineer in the oil industry, and business is booming, and my company provides annual raises. I did several internships in college, and when I graduated in 2010 one of the companies I interned for offered me a job. I didn’t expect to get so lucky at the time since unemployment was so high, and I am grateful every day for my job.

    I also live in Houston, where the cost of living is lower than the national average, so I’ve gotten lucky as far as living costs. When I first graduated I was a little shocked at the cost of car insurance, and I never thought I would have a 1 hour+ commute (and spend so much on gas for my commute), but in general I really can’t complain.

    For any bees still in college who are on the fence about a career path, engineering has been a great field for both my Darling Husband, me, my parents, and many of our friends.

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    I think you can either choose to have a positive or negitive outlook on it, I choose a positive attitude and hope for the best.  Plus money is not everything and I’m doing what I love!

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    @Mrs.babycat:  Darling Husband and I both have masters degrees.  We make ok money, but honestly I am just soooo thankful we are both employed in this economy!  It’s crazy out there!

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    I graduated with a BA double major in art history and french in 2006. I got my MA in art history in 2008, and I’m partway through writing my dissertation in art history with a graduation date of 2014/15. I… have never earned more than 20k/year in my life. Grad school was comfortable, but I have no savings (and luckily, only 15k in student debt). Fiance graduated with his PhD and has begun work as a grown adult. I am now trying to find full time work to supplement his income as I finish my dissertation. It’s not pleasant. How did I make it to 28 and have never worked a full-time job?


    On a positive note: I love where I live and Fiance is really understanding when it comes to giving me time to find a job that actually uses the skills I’ve taken so long to acquire. It’s not all doom and gloom. 


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    I graduated with a B.S. in History, Secondary Eduation. I taught high school for two years but I hated the school and now can’t imagine teaching again. I worked at a CPA firm for three years but it was just a job. I went from the receptionist at $10/hr to the bookkeeper at $41k/year in the three years. The money was nice and enabled me to pay off my car and a lot of other debt (with teaching I was making around $30k/year) but I absolutely hated my employer. I moved to a bigger city where Darling Husband (then FH) got a job and took a pay cut to be a receptionist for the state but I’m a lot happier. I plan on getting my Masters in Public Administration sometime in the future and seeing where the state takes me.

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    I have a BBA in Marketing. My first job post-grad was $12/hr office admin position in a really awful environment (I literally cried every day for the first month I was there, I got yelled at every single day, taken advantage of, and severely overworked) with no benefits. They promised and promised to hire me in from the staffing agency and then laid me off after 9 months instead (then they went out of business, so suck it). 

    My current job was actually a last-minute temp job. This company’s receptionist disappeared and they needed someone ASAP to handle the phones. She ended up quitting so they offered me the job. Stuck it out for 3 months at $10/hr, expecting to be hired in with benefits at the rate they were paying the agency ($15.50/hr), and…got $1/hr raise and no benefits and they call me part time. UGH.

    TL;DR I’m making half of what I should be and no benefits.

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