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faithschad :  I have not had my lips done, but I have done a great deal of research because I wanted to haev them done (however decided against it).

1. Yes, you do feel a lbit of pain. Not from the product, but from the needle. The needle they use gets injected into your lips mutliple times all around your lips, so it can hurt. I have also heard some peopel say they experience a light burning sensation fromt he product when injected.

2. Swollen lips can last a few days to a couple weeks.

3. Honestly dont know the answer to this one, sorry! I imgaine you would wait until the swelling goes down or avoid kissing.

4. I watch a lot fo beauty channels on youtube and they all have fillers and still use lipsticks and glosses and all sorts of products. They also still use lipcare products liek scrubs and such.

5. See last answer? It shouldnt, but you would probably want to wait until they are healed.

6. Your lip shape will change a little ocne the fillers start to break down in your body. At first they usualyl last about 3 months, but the more you get them the longer the filelr lasts. After regular use I think they can last up to a year!

Hope I was of some help. I really did do a ton of research and decided againist them because I couldnt get over having a needle stuck in my lips multiple times!

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I have had my lips done. 1/2 a syringe of juvederm.

1. No pain. They put numbing cream on my lips and could barely feel anything. I have a high pain tolerance though and I don’t think my experience of no pain is normal.

2. My lips were swollen for about 1 day. They didn’t look “swollen”, but a little bigger. My mom didn’t even notice. I was kind of bummed when the swelling went down because I liked how they looked.

3. I didn’t kiss my fiance for the couple of days. I was just worried about it settling incorrectly.

4. I actually use more products now that I’ve had them done. I have more fun with lipsticks and stuff because I’m more confident about my lips. I used red lipstick the next day to hide the bruising.

5. I would avoid anything other than aquaphor or chapstick until the injection sites heal.

6. It takes about 2 weeks for the filler to fully settle. I haven’t noticed any other changed after the first 2 weeks.

If you are getting a full syringe, you will probably be more swollen and for longer than I was.

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I had mine done last month with 1/2 syringe of juvederm. 

1. I felt a little pain as the needle went into my lips but the product going in didn’t really hurt as such! More just a little discomfort. 

2. My lips were swollen for a few hours. I had no bruising or noticeable marks at all. 

3.  Agree with PP, I waited a few days before kissing my partner to ensure everything was settled properly. 

4. I still use lots of products when going out, however I don’t line them on a daily basis any more as they don’t need it. 

5. I used a mild balm in the days following the procedure, I’m not sure if anything else would have caused irritation. 

6. Can’t comment as only a month has passed! I am going back in 2 months for a top up which should enhance them further 😊

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I had a syringe put in over a year ago, 2/3 on bottom and 1/3 top to give me the ‘pout’. I also had the freezing gel , feels like a popping sensation when they put the needle in. I had bad swelling for 5-7 days, and bruising for about a week. The swelling went down after about 2 weeks, at which point you could see the natural shape again. I loved them, I did feel pain after, had to cover the bruises with concealer. You definitely get a bit of a duck bill while they’re swollen but luckily that goes away. 

I didn’t kiss my husband for a week lol, didn’t want to spread the juverderm around. Didn’t apply pressure to the lips with ice, etc, and avoided touching them as not to move around the product. One side might swell up more than the other, DONT WORRY, once the swelling goes away, they will be symmetrical.

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@jellybellynelly I didn’t take any before/afters. I used 1/2 a syringe bc I mainly wanted my upper lip to not disappear when I smiled from the front and for both upper and bottom lips to not be so flat when I smiled from the side so she used the filler to ‘flip’ them out more (she called it eversion). I wasn’t necessarily going for the bigger look. It’s subtle enough where no one else can tell I had my lips done, but enough for me to notice and feel better about it. I might do a full syringe next time.

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