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Helper bee

I understand that you were looking for annoying tendencies, and I will be there first to admit that even though I LOVE my Fiance and am very excited to marry him – he does have a couple things that irk me at times as I know I have some unfortunate habits that grind his gears too. 1. Motivation threshold is lower than mine, so he tends to be a little slower about getting certain things done than I am – important things he’ll do but sometimes other things it feels like I am freakin pullin his teeth constantly to do. 2. Video game play time, sometimes it’s not so bad when just want a relaxing night or reading night, others it can get a little annoying 3. I love him but sometimes his dads social awkwardness will come out in him and I inwardly cringe a little. Alas, as I’m sure with everyone else’s SO’s, the good always outweighs the bad, so look forward to many years of dealing with these and more lol

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Blushing bee
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1. Cracks his toes and fingers

2. Picks his toe and finger nails, like rips them off. He will then leave them in piles. One managed to escape once and it stabbed me in the foot! Gross!!

3. Not understanding what im trying to say (this could be my fault though, haha)

4. Complaining about me watching tv as i go to sleep.

There are no doubt more that i cant think of until he annoys me next time lol. Lucky i love him lots! 

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Buzzing bee
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Horseradish:  wow, the “price of admission to our relationship” is something im going to remember!!!! That is a fantastic quote and great mentality. 

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Helper bee

I don’t “hate” anything about him, but good grief there are a few things he does that drive me nuts!

1.  He talks ALOT and can be “overly friendly” (I can’t believe I’m complaining about this…) for example, if we are walking the dog and run into a neighbor on the sidewalk, he will stand and talk to them for 10+ minutes! where I would simply say hello/how are you and move on. However, he has remarked a few times about my “un-neighborly”ness too haha.  Also, he holds the door open for *everybody*. It takes us a while to get into and out of buildings 😉

2. He doesn’t clean as frequently/quickly as I do. He’s a mostly neat person but will leave dishes in the sink overnight (“I will get to them tomorrow”) where as I usually prefer to do them as I use them. Also, his side of the bedroom is a pigsty, where mine is all clear.

3. this is kind of a weird one, but he always tells me when he has to poop/fart (And omg they smell!) I do not understand men’s obsessions with their bowel movements! If he hasn’t pooped that day, he acts like its a catastrophe. He reminds me of some of my elderly patients….

thats all I can think of right now…..I guess if that’s all that bothers me, it’s not so bad 🙂 

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Bumble bee
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I love the man. He drives me whacko.

1. Refusal to go to my family’s events. They’re not very nice people, but we still have to go at least some of the time.

2. Inability to keep his room clean. Our get his dirty clothes in the hamper.

3. Willingness to sacrifice healthy food for cheaper food.

4. When he doesn’t want to do something, he will NOT do it. If he does, he sulks the whole time. He’s not subtle. If it’s something I enjoy, I can’t enjoy it cause he’s so unhappy.

5. Leaves things on the nearest surface. Dirty dishes, empty containers, his car keys (always getting lost), pieces of scrap paper, bits of trash. The result of this is that things like car insurance and bills get lost in the piles of sh*t.

But he’s so good to me, he understands why these things frustrate me, and he tries. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I can’t think of anything I hate about my dh.  Unless you count that he can eat chocolate everyday.  But, I blame the universe for that, not dh.

When he does something that gets on my nerves, I tell him & he quits doing it.

Yeah, he’s a keeper.

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Helper bee
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Cupcakenurse:  I do that whole “talk for too long” bit too, and my Darling Husband is the first to point out.

That being said, hate is a really strong word. I won’t pretend that my relationship is honey bees and flowers, but broadcasting his imperfections doesn’t seem like a good idea to me either.

Not saying for you ladies to hold back, though! And of course I won’t judge, we all go through these kinds of things!

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Sugar bee
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Hate is a strong word but I think we all get the point…

1) He is very messy and complains to clean all the time

2) He’s too soft – especially with his friends and family

3) He snores like a friggin boar

4) When he gets home from work he literally wants to do nothing but sleep

5) He’s a bit girly *shhhh* lol

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Bumble bee
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I don’t hate anything about him… but there are a few things that drive me crazy.

1) He can’t remember to lock the door to save his life.

2) He wakes up super early and never lets me sleep in… 

3) He is nice to people who don’t deserve it

4) He leaves random tools (electric drill, anyone?) just sitting on the counter… 

5) He is easily offended 

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Sugar bee
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My husband is a very good man. Anything that I really hate about him I have learned to accept. I know I am far from perfect and he still loves me to death.

  1. Needs constant attention like a child. 
  2. Insecure and a little bit jealous. I actually find this endearing.
  3. Very poor social skills. 

As you can see, I could have it far worse. At least my husband only wants my attention and not that of another woman. The insecurity is understandable due to several factors and I love how happy he gets when I reassure him. As for the social skills, those have improved greatly since my husband has been with me. He is a math whiz and feels more comfortable with numbers rather than people. 


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Bumble bee
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luot:  at the risk of sounding cliche… I can honestly say there is nothing about Darling Husband that I hate… Or really even strongly dislike.. We all have moments and quirks that drive people crazy but his just make him that much more endearing

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

1) Sports sports sports sports sports. Every discussion turns to sports, every debate brings on a sports analogy. Every time we go out or do anything with anyone else, the conversation turns to sports. He watches them, plays them, talks about them, dreams about them, watches sports “news” in the morning, listens to sports radio and sports commentary all day, lives his fucking life around them. 

2) Pretty much useless around the house. Not just handy stuff, but cleaning, cooking, shopping, doing the banking, outdoor maintenance, vehicle maintenance, understanding property taxes and HOA fees and really everything. He’s getting better but he’s conveniently blind to dirt and doesn’t even know what a p-trap is. 

3) Doesn’t invest in things that will save time and money in the long run (eg doesn’t choose quality vs quantity), but frequently buys things from the convenience store with 300% mark ups, $10 here and there multiple times at the bar and drive-thru, and spends hundreds a month on his motorcycle hobby then complains that he can’t travel or retire. Wants to have it all without giving anything up I guess. 

4) He’s a cat guy. 

5) His voice is so loud sometimes, it hurts my ears. He gets over excited and ends up shouting. 

Despite this list…he’s beyond good to me and would move heaven and earth to make me happy.  Nevermind my shit that he puts up with ahaha

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Blushing bee
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luot:  I don’t hate anything Fiance does in particular, but there are a few things that annoy me 😛

1. He forgets to clean our cat’s kitty litter tray so I almost always have to do it

2. I will get home from work and he will often be asleep or playing a video game when I want to do something together

3. If a song comes on the radio that I like but he doesn’t he will purposely sing a song he likes to cover over the music lol

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Busy bee
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– His creepy laugh / being an awkward weirdo (but I guess I love that too)

– The fact that he studies so far away T__T 

– When he plays too much video games and ignores me

– Being so silent / never the one to call/text first

– Caring too much about “face/reputation/appearing nice to others” ex: he will pay for the bill in public and will never let me pay, but will accept the money afterwards in the car…


edit: ok after reading the answers i found some more LOL well. he does forget everything I tell him. and. he’s so last min for everything xD oh and he hates sharing his belongings with me ex : laptop/computer etc. but apart from this he’s perfect for me!! : )

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Busy bee
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Im disappointed that people feel like they have to put a caveat on what they say. This thread isn’t malicious, and I certainly don’t take myself too seriously to participate.

1) his snores could wake the dead

2) he never cleans the house 

3) he becomes a grumpy horrid person when he’s stressed out

4) rather than admit he’s wrong, he will argue incorrect facts till the bitter end

5) his use of the word fine to describe everything imaginable 

6) his unintentional lack of consideration. Ex: tonight he took his motorcycle to get the mail (20 minute trip), 3 hours later I texted him to ask if he was dead in the ditch or just inconsiderate. He had run into friends and never bothered to let me know that his plans changed. Not earth shattering but occasionally worries me unnecessarily.

but he’s a gem, even if I do feel like smothering him in his sleep once in awhile….just kidding.

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