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1. He’s always late for things

2. He’s forgetful

3. He is an agressive driver

4. He smokes

5. He’s messy

I could go on and on but I still love him!

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Blushing bee

+1 to those who get that this is just a thread..not the end of the world. 

But as others have posted, nothing I hate, just things I would change if given the opportunity (:


1. He DOES NOT display emotions. He doesn’t call me pet names, doesn’t show affection often, doesn’t do “sweet” things, but I don’t doubt that he loves me. In the begining of our relationship I really struggled with this.

2. He is way too good to his family, when they are NOT good to him.

3. He does not like trying new things (food, activities, places) and would much rather be home than go out. I am a much more social and outgoing person than he is. He is a man of VERY FEW words.

4. He is very stubborn when he sets his mind to something, and almost nothing can be done to change it. It’s like he convinces himself so strongly that he is right, that you could tell him 2+2=4 and be the one in the wrong.

5. This is probably the most annoying one..lol When he goes to the bathroom he turns the hot water on, and his stuff stinks. So when he is finished, he opens the door and it is like hot steamy poopy smelling air overtakes the entire upstairs.  IT.IS.HORRIBLE.

All of that being said,

He ALWAYS does the dishes, and our house doesn’t have a dishwasher. He ALWAYS sweeps. And since we have been together, there is not a day that he hasn’t told me to be careful if I am going somewhere. That may seem goofy, but it means so much to me that he never forgets.

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Oh brother, so interesting to see some “our relationship is perfect, we don’t hate/dislike anything about each other.” While “hate” is a strong word, everyone knows that the OP was implying things you dislike/annoy you.

We have been together almost 11 years (married almost 1) and we both get on each other’s nerves from time to time. 

My gripes about DH: 

  • He trims his beard and almost always forgets to clean up the sink afterward
  • He leaves his dirty socks in really weird areas throughout the house
  • He is a meatatarian (yeah, I made that word up)–he won’t eat any vegatables, literally will not eat any vegetables
  • He won’t exercise often–I just want him to be healthy, especially because he doesn’t eat fruits and veggies
  • He chews on ice–I hate the sound, it makes me cringe

Things I do that annoy him:

  • I forget to rinse off the dishes when I set them in the sink
  • I suck at loading the dishwasher (ok, it’s most lack of effort, I just shove stuff in)
  • I don’t fold my laundry after it comes out of the dryer. He makes his all neat and nice, I leave mine in a large heap and scavenge for what I need.
  • I leave mail in really random spots throughout the house when I walk in the door with it. 
  • I lose my keys, wallet and phone all the time. He always has to call my phone for me. He even put “I vow to help you find your keys, wallet and phone whenever you lose them” in his personal vows.
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This thread is hilarious. It’s amazing how there were many similarity in the things that annoy us with men. As for me and what I get annoyed with is sometimes my fiancé is too quiet at times. Like I want him to share with me about anything and it’s crickets. Another thing is that sometimes he jokes at inappropriate times. He means well but I may not be in that state of mind just yet. Also I have to initiate going out or doing something fun. Drives me crazy that he rarely plans stuff.  Oh and my guy doesnt cut his nails… i usually have to tell him to do it. Lol bearable stuff but annoying. But I am sure he gets annoyed that I shed like a dog. My long hair is everywhere! Lol my fiancé is a great man and I’m lucky to have found him. And he is really lucky to have me! Lol;)

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Oh, I’ll play along! I have come to terms with the fact that the things I dislike about my BF arent that big of a deal in the long run. I have my bad habbits as well, we all do! Now for the list:

1. He has a serious problm with keeping track of time. He will go to a friends house to play music and say he will be home at 11. Well, 12:30am rolls around and I am calling him every few minutes until he picks up. I know he is just into what he is doing, he is VERY passionate, and cant hear his phone. My mind always jumps to him dead on the side of the road until he is home. (He is well aware of how this bugs me and has gotten much better, but still, youre 33!)


2. He will pick up his guitar and play at any time of the day/night. As much as I love when he plays, sometimes it can get so loud!!! And it always seems to happen when I’m watching tv. He will hide away in the bathroom and play if he knows this is bugging me.


3. I wish he would talk about our relationship more often in a serious tone. He again has gotten better and this is more my thing than his. I could talk about our relationship all day/every day. 


Even after all this I love him more than anything in the world and can’t wait to spend my life with him, loud music and all!

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We’ve been together for 8 years so I’ve had enough time to accept him and love him for his flaws, but these are the things that annoy me the most, mostly because I’m the exact opposite of those:

1. He never admits it when he’s wrong.

2. He always has high expectations of people and/or is demanding, especially towards me, so he gets disappointed easily (I’m not perfect and I’m ok with that).

3. He doesn’t go to a doctor until he realises he has no other choice.

4. He wakes up early so I never get to sleep as much as I want to.

5. He is sooo punctual that he comes to pick me up 15-20 minutes earlier than the actual date.


On the other hand he is loving, thoughtful, caring, he is the person that you can always rely on, he is not messy at all, he’s active and funny and we always have a great time together – and because we are so different he also motivates me to be a better me in so many levels.

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This is the short list of things that he does that annoy me to no end…

1) He intentionally annoys me, haha! He knows I don’t like it when he does certain things, and he does them anyway because he is “just joking.”

2) He is messy… His closet looks like a tornado hit it. His side of the bedroom is also a mess. I get irritated that I have to clean up after him (he does appreciate this, though, and he tells me often).

3) He sings… He sounds terrible no matter the song, and whatever music he hears gets stuck in his head and he sings it over, and over, sigh…

4) He is forgetful. He will ask me the same question multiple times because of this. It drives me mad because I don’t wish to repeat myself, it is aggravating to me. 

5) He cares WAYYYY too much about what I wear. There are often discussions about what I am going to put on before we leave the house. I just mentioned his poor memory, but he reserves it for what I wear, THAT he never forgets! He will buy me clothes he wants to see me in. He has like 6 or 7 outfits and two pairs of old and raggedy shoes (I buy him some clothes, but not nearly enough yet). As I was typing this he asked me about a pair of jeans he wishes to buy me, haha!

6) His breath. I usually have fresh breath without making an effort. He NEEDS to make an effort! This is a BIG pet peeve, because I am sensitive to smells, and it goes hand-in-hand to him forgetting. 

I am so blessed to have a man that I have so little to complain about!!!

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I’m rolling my eyes so hard at some of these responses right now.

I love my Fiance with all my heart yet there are some things he does which make me fleetingly think of smothering him in his sleep!  We have lived together for 3 years and I know I can live with them, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them!  He is perfectly imperfect just as I am and there are 10,000 more things I love about him than hate.

1. MONEYYY he spends it like it’s going out of style.  Luckily he also knows he’s useless with it so he has given it all to me to organise (I love spreadsheets <3) and I give him half of what’s left over to play with (at the moment about $10 a week lol)

2. The way he eats.  He shovels food down like he had 5 brothers (he has none) and breathes through his mouth while eating making this weird noise.  Luckily he can turn this off for formal meals so it’s more of a joke for us now and I’ve gotten used to the noise.

3. He is terrible at telling me when he has organised for people to come over.  Some friends rocked up last Friday and I was in my dressing gown. 

4. If we are having an argument, he reverts to a 13 year old and pouts and says “mmhhmmm” and “whatever” while I am voicing out my feelings.  His defence is he hates the way I’m so logical during an argument haha.  This actually was a serious problem a couple of years back but we’ve learnt how to work around having different argument styles. 

5. Letting his friends and family walk all over him ugh!  I mean it’s beautiful that the second someone needs help he’s there, but geez. For instance, a friend has gotten done DD twice, so he’s currently unlicensed (Idiot!!!) and drives anyway (idiot!!!) and rear ended someone on friday (omg uber idiot!!) so darling Fiance tells him he will say he was driving so he doesn’t have to go to court (over my friggin dead body! he took that back when he saw my face) but now spend all Fri night helping him find a new front end online to buy, spend all yesterday driving to friggin other side of the state to go pick it up and then spends this morning going to the shops etc and will apparently spend tomorrow helping spray paint and fix it.  It’s great he loves to help people, I guess I’m just cold 😛

I do about 20 things to annoy him though (spreadsheets is on that list somewhere) including digging my chin into his back when I’m big spoon.

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I honestly love everything about my husband … Don’t hate one single thing about him. 

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1. He is completely spoiled.

2. He is used to living a certain way, and I cannot provide that certain way.

3.  He eats at least $500 per month in bubble gum.

4.  He fusses because he has to work for 4 hours in one day and that is just too much work.

5.  He won’t move into my home when we marry, he wants a new home.  I have enough to build half a home, he needs to get the money to put up the other half.  Fair or not?


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1. He’ll spend no end of money to make me happy, but, in the grocery store, he’ll be like, “THAT oatmeal is 10 cents less.” And take the other oatmeal out of my hand. For real?

2. Sometimes, a small wrapper on the counter will send him into a 4 hour long cleaning spree. Sometimes I don’t even know what he’s cleaning. Lol

3. Sometimes he’ll really want to go to bed and then get in bed and start reading an article while I get ready… And then read 5 more after I get in bed. Me= -.-

That’s all I can think of for now.

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1. He never orders fries or a drink and then eats more than half of mine.

2. Balled up socks in the laundry.

3. He bites his nails then I find the pieces in the blanket on the couch.

4. He always leaves the bathroom light on.

5. He makes such a mess pouring coffee and never seems to notice the drips all over the counter, down the cupboards and on the floor. Seriously how does he do it?

I’m sure his list for me would be a lot longer. 

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luot:  I don’t know if I HATE anything about my husband, but here are some things that irritate me quite a bit:

1) Major road rage….I dislike driving with him for the most part, especially if we are going to a busy store on weekends and the parking lot is almost full…look out.

2) Never does dishes.

3) Gets chatty and begins long conversations with me right before bed when I am totally exhausted and can’t concentrate.

4) Only wears CAMO cargo shorts in the summer…I have bought him so, so many nice pairs of other cargo shorts but he’ll only wear the dirty old camo ones!

5) On Saturdays when we go to his parents’ place for dinner he insists on getting there way, way early and rushes me out the door. So we show up at noon or 1:00 pm for a 6:00 pm dinner. Sometimes his Mom has not even finshed her hair and makeup by the time we arrive! So by 4:00 pm he’s bored and just wants to go home and skip dinner!!!! It’s so rude and it happens all the time but I refuse to leave now. I don’t know how many times I’ve told him that we don’t need to be there before 4:00 pm!!

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I can’t say that I hate anything about him but I do wish he would do things faster. I gave him the job of booking a DJ almost 2 months ago and he hasn’t even emailed one yet.

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