(Closed) List the sweet little things your SO does that make you happy…

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Sugar bee
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Well today he picked up the dog from the groomer and that was super sweet because the weather is godawful and I didn’t wanna go back out. So that made me happy today. 




I’m trying to reward him by not pestering him about his gaming. (I’m typically very permissive about that sort of thing and even enjoy watching if the story is good but this one specific game makes the most annoying noises and drives me crrrraaazy! I’m trying to patient because it seems like its life in our house is almost up… I can’t wait.)

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Helper bee
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@pinksunshine:  much the same! I love that if I mention I had a bad day, or even just a bad moment in my day I come home to a beautiful bunch of flowers with a love letter. I love that he knows I’m a princess and treats me accordingly πŸ˜‰ He brings me tea in the mornings too! And the random texts even though he’s not meant to use his phone at work! I also love that he envourages me to spoil myself once in a while – part of treating me like a princess I guess πŸ™‚ I love posts like this – all the good things I get to write make me fall in love with him all over again. 

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Busy bee
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LOVE this thread!!!

  1. When he comes up behind me when I’m cooking and puts his arm around my waist and gives me a kiss in the cheek.
  2. When he helps me study for hours even though I know there is that movie he wants to watch on tv.
  3. How when he knows I’m having a bad day he will make a special trip to the store to get me my favortie ice cream to cheer me up
  4. One time I caught him making a little flashcard with my closest friends names and story summaries, he said he had a hard time keeping them straight and wanted to be able to follow my chit chattering
  5. Whenever I turn on the skype camera he gasps and goes “you are so beautiful” even if I just worked out and am a mess or am super sick
  6. How when he knows I have my period he rubs my back in circles and makes me tea and heats up a water bottle to help with the cramps
  7. How he baby talks, but only with me, and only when nobody is around and only if he’s feeling lovey dovey (which is almost always). I love that he is a macho man who can pull uo a floor and fix a car and still says lovey dovey.
  8. How he would come into my room (he stayed with my family for a while, but we werent living/sleepng together) around half an hour before anyone would wake up so we could cuddle.
  9. How much he loves God and how he is the best person I know and the best Christian I know and has in no way a houlier than thou attitude and always strives to be better to honor God.
  10. How funny and sociable he is, and how gentlemanly he is as well….

I could go on and on and on…. Ugh I miss him so much right now! Stupid LDR can’t wait for him to be back!!

And OP it is so sweet that he makes you coffee in the morning and rinses your contact case! Our men pamper us and it is so awesome! 

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Helper bee
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@Bebealways:  My Fiance loves his games too! But I HATE video games..of any description. lol. Many of our fights come back to “you love your x box more than me!” aha

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Blushing bee
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Awww he sounds nice!

My Fiance <3
-super supportive through thick and thin.  If I’m feeling down or stressed he tirelessly talks me through it.
-we call each other goofy names more often than our real ones!
-calls me beautiful when I’m all blotchy from acne and bloated from cake.
-does a million and one little favours for me without asking anything in return
-he fixes all my technical issues (I always say he’s tech support, I’m human relations…)
-tickles me under my armpits just to hear the HORRENDOUS donkey-giving-birth noises I make <3 


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Busy bee
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@sakurabean:  “-tickles me under my armpits just to hear the HORRENDOUS donkey-giving-birth noises I make <3″ Haha, excellent. My husband is NOT allowed to tickle me. I am ticklish EVERYWHERE, and it happens accidentally sometimes and I SHRIEK and say “no no no no no no”. BUT, he lets me poke around his ribs to find the spot (never the same two days in a row) that makes him shriek like a little girl. Sometimes, I get it just right and he genuinely laughs, a rich, full laugh, like a deeper version of the laughing kids do when you tickle them. Not just the shrieking. I love when it’s the real laughing.

He does pretty much every amazing thing under the sun. My favorite is probably that he comes into the bedroom when I get out of the shower and am unwinding on the bed and I’ll put on whatever show we’re watching and we’ll watch it together and chit chat while he massages my calves and feet with lotion. Then he’ll kiss the tip of each toe and the arch of each foot. And sometimes he’ll miss one toe or give one spot an extra kiss because he knows it drives me crazy for some reason and he has to go back and make them even by giving the other toes extra kisses, too. (I’m talking little pecks on clean toes, here. Not dirty feet. I don’t let him near my feet if they aren’t freshly washed.)

Okay, I was wrong. My favorite of his behaviors is the way he is with our dogs. There’s really no describing how absolutely amazing he is with them, despite their utter insanity. I love that he finds them incredibly entertaining and their habits endearing. Walking into a room and seeing him crashed on the couch, snuggled up with one or more of the dogs is just…perfect.






Lastly, there’s the little notes he leaves me on the chalkboards in the kitchen. Those always make me all butterfly-y.


And this:


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Blushing bee
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@ellisrobertson:  Haha yeah I am so ticklish he not so much but I’ll be in the middle of these parylizing shrieks and gasps when he tickles me.  It’s not cute and pretty like in the movies, it’s awful I sound like a velociraptor.  But his eyes light up and he says he loves my laugh, it is so lovely!
You have so many lovely poochies!  We just have the one but she is a treasure and he dotes on her like the little princess she is.  We’ve had to go through some medical stuff with her recently but he is so supportive, emotionally, financially, and makes it all better.  He is also smitten with my guinea pigs, although I don’t think he wants to admit it, but he talks to them when he thinks I’m not listening in a cute little baby voice >,< I don’t want to tell him I know because then he might stop.  They wheek at him and he goes “shush piggies lil cute piggies squeak squeak!!!”

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Busy bee
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@sakurabean:  My reactions are not movie-cute, either! It’s awful! But he knows better than to do it on purpose. INSTANT DIVORCE. πŸ˜€ Just kidding!


We have guinea pigs, also! He had them before we met, but they’ve definitely belong to both of us, now. We (well, he) actually just finished building them a great new home! The one we had before was a white wire enclosure on a white plastic table. HIDEOUS. The enclosure itself wasn’t TOO bad, but I still hated it. Now we have a beautiful two-level wooden structure. It’s amazing.



With the dogs and the kids, it can be easy to forget about these guys. I mean, not forget about them as in not feed them or take care of them, but to forget that they need to be social with their humans and they need time to wander around more than just their little home. We’ve been trying to make sure that we make time and space for them (put the dogs outside for a while and let the piglets roam). All of the dogs and both of the piglets are happy to be able to have face-to-face time on the bottom level. One of our dogs likes to talk to them and steal their hay, while the one in the photo here likes to lick them through the wire. They’re all very excited. And I’M excited not to have the wire-and-plastic monstrosity!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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  • He plays with my hair a lot, especially when I am sitting in front of him
  • He will give me a cuddle for no reason
  • He calls me beautiful and sexy even when I am under the weather, sniffly, etc
  • He listens to me rant and rave when I have had a bad day, always asks me how I am feeling
  • He has been so supportive in my illness, just been there for me to talk to, cuddle, whatever I need.

I am so so lucky πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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@BabyBrain:  haha same here cept his love is the PS3!!


he is the sweetest man i know though. Rubs my feet after a long days work, buys me roses, just randomly,  always puts me before himself, comes over even when i come back from night shift and il be sleeping most of the day, just so we can spend time together lol i used to laugh at it but it actually is sweet (we dont live together yet due to religious reasons), so much more…

weeeee. Im so lucky. 


We are all so lucky!!


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Bumble bee
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Even though we’re long-distance, he makes me feel included in his life everyday. We use VOIP and he always is showing me what he’s doing and where he is and has whoever he is with say hi to me…so I feel like I am right there with him.


He doesn’t let a day go by without talking to me-even if it means staying up until 1AM after he’s had a crazy busy day and even when I tell him he can go to sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow.


When he was visiting here, he would take over clearing the table after we ate if I had somewhere to be. And he always washed the dishes because it’s my least favorite chore.


He always came with me to visit my grandma and he was so sweet to her even when she was being crabby and difficult (which she often is).


He made me warm milk and honey when I had a sinus infection.


He turned down sex the night before I had a job interview because he didn’t want anything to mess up getting a good night’s sleep.


He was awesome to my parent’s elderly dog when she got sick.


He makes me feel sexy and beautiful no matter what.



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Helper bee
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1 particular thing I thought of last night –

He always rubs my back when I can’t sleep. I don’t even need to ask.  If he senses that I am upset or restless, he will rub my back until I fall asleep πŸ™‚ He’s done this since the first night we slept (literally sleep – not sex) together lol. 

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Bumble bee
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I love when he picks me up a bottle of wine after work when he knows I’ve had an awful day. And the way he immediately drops everything as soon as he gets home so he can give me a giant hug.

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