(Closed) List your Top 5 Favorite/Least Favorite Baby Registry Items!

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Buzzing bee
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Congrats on your baby bump!  I am due with #2 in August.  I nanny for a living besides raising my own Dear Daughter.  Here is my list of must have and have nots.  I am pretty granola and into attachement parenting so keep that in mind when you see my lists. ๐Ÿ™‚

Must Haves:

  1. A really, really, really good umbrella stroller.  You will use this a ton more than a $600 large stroller that weighs 200 pounds.  I even used our umbrella at Disneyworld when Dear Daughter was 7(she has always been tiny).
  2. A baby carrier:  I love the Mei Tai or the Baby K-Tan.  Newborns love it and it helps to ease back/arm fatigue plus you can actually get things done while holding your baby.
  3. A new crib & car seat.  Don’t skimp and get cheap on me here.  Safety is paramount so always, always buy new and get the one with the bells and whistles to keep your little one safe.  I recommend Britax carseats.  
  4. Books, lots of books:  kids love books.  My 3 month old nephew is enthralled at being read to.  Start young and read often.  Loving books is a good thing!
  5. Patience.  Baby is new to this world and learning, as are you.  Be patient.  You are learning together!  More patience.  DH is now a dad and he will sometimes need more patience than the baby!!

The Do Not Needs:

  1. Bouncer/Exersaucer/Swing:  the baby only really uses this until they crawl.  We are talking 5-6 months.  They come with a big price tag, use up a ton of space and are only used for a short time.  If you really must have one check garage sales.  I see their short shelf life and pass on them.
  2. Really super cute and fancy newborn outfits.  Let’s be honest your baby will be wearing pjs and onesies for the first month.  By than they won’t fit in these outfits.  Skip them.
  3. Giant strollers.  I see no need for them.  Large, expensive and again short term use.
  4. Infant car seats unless your baby is a preemie.  We jumped straight to the rear facing car seat that goes from 5-40 pounds rear facing and up to 70 pounds forward facing.  Saved $150 on not buying an infant car seat and its so much easier to carry a 10 pound baby versus a 30 pound car seat with child.
  5. Diaper warmer.  Your child will be ok with a room temperature wipe.


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Bumble bee
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I am curious about this too.  I am commenting to follow.

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Commenting to follow! Sound off, Mamas! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@ImHungry247:  Im a nanny, not a mom but currently care for 5 kids for newborn to 4th grade. I love the forehead thermometer for the newborns and even the older kids, makes it so easy, fast and great to check temps while sleeping. I also love the carriers so the baby is held against your chest makes it so much nicer just moving around but the back ones are great if you need to be uber productive and the diaper bags that are like backpacks or sit closer to your body are great because they straps dont fall down all the time. I agree the big strollers dont get used often unless you are in an area where you run all errands on foot because they are just so difficult to get out of a car.

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Busy bee
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Please do remember that umbrella strollers are not meant for newborns!  They have no support at all in them.

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Honey bee
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My top 5 in no particular order:

  • Fisher-Price Rock n Play
  • Oxo Perfect Pull wipes dispenser
  • Booginhead Pacigrips
  • Aden + Anais muslin swaddling blankets
  • Lots and lots of onesies

Because I’m really passionate about the things I like, a few honorable mentions:

Boon Grass drying rack, diaper sprayer (for cloth diapers), Munchkin formula dispenser (obviously not necessary if you’re EBF), multi-use waterproof pads (I got Circo ones from Target), GroVia Magic Stick (cloth-safe diaper balm)

As far as non-essential items I’ve received/purchased…

  • Bottle cooler
  • Baby neck support pillow
  • About a dozen hooded towels (most of them are so thin, seriously just use a normal towel, or at least one of the thicker, nicer hooded towels)
  • Changing pad (DD is 9 weeks and I’ve used it twice so far. You will change the baby on the floor, in the crib, on your bed, wherever you happen to be. This is what those waterproof pads are for!)
  • Dozens of cute-but-seasonally-inappropriate outfits that Dear Daughter will outgrow before she can wear them

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Honey bee
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@ImHungry247:  We loved the wipes dispenser so much, we got a second one. 

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@ImHungry247:  Congrats!  My son is 10 months old today, so I’m definitely not an “expert” but happy to share what worked/didn’t work for us in the early days!


1) Swing – We absolutely could not have survived without the swing.  It takes up a lot of space and it’s on the more expensive side, but it was the only thing that kept me sane with a fussy newborn.  My son adored his swing – wouldn’t nap anywhere else.  Even awake, he was just happy to lay there and swing.  We used it until he was 7 months and it was creaking with his weight!  We had the Fisher Price Snug-a-bunny one, but any basic swing should do. 

2) Bouncer seat – I know they say most kids prefer one or the other, but my son liked the bouncer seat almost as much as the swing.  He loved being “sat up” from day one, so this allowed him to see the world around him before he could really sit on his own.  I also used it to take showers, etc.  We took it everywhere with us. 

3) Exercise ball – This was recommended in our birthing class and it really does work.  Put the baby in your arms and gently bounce up and down – it soothed my son so fast.  And saved our knees!

4) SwaddleMe Blankets – Easy to use and worked great for us.  We used these every day until he was 3.5 months old.

5) Fisher Price Kick N Play Piano – Best play mat/toy in my opinion.  He loved the toys dangling overhead as an infant and still plays with the piano part now.  This got a lot more use than the other, more traditional playmat we had.


1) Bumbo: My son never liked the bumbo.  We used it maybe 3 times. 

2) “Real” infant clothes: We got lots of cute newborn and 0-3 month “outfits,” but when you’re changing the baby 20 times a day and rarely leaving the house, you really don’t need anything more than a sleeper.  My son lived in the Carter’s “sleep and play” things. 

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head but happy to provide input on anything else you may be considering.

PS- I don’t have the Perfect Pull wipes dispenser but have heard awesome things about it.  Frankly just haven’t gotten around to buying it!

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Busy bee
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I think i have a very different list! lol:


Must have:

1. Electric swing

2. Swaddle blankets

3. water proof pad for the changing table, just need to wash that instead of the whole cover

4. good playmat

5. multiple bottle brushes


Worst gets:

hand mittens

bath thermoter 

wipe warmer

pacifier (our daughter didn’t really ever use them, and we stocked up)

million rattles (one or two is fine, plus measuring cups!)

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Here’s a non-answer for you:  It totally depends on you and your kids.  

My husband and I bike everywhere so a bakfiets was an essential piece of equipment.  

My husband and kids are 95th percentile people so the largest carseats out there were a good buy for us.  

We keep our house at about 55 degrees in the winter so we used a wipes warmer to prevent screaming when icey cold wipe hit warm baby bum.  

I have a bad neck so a Mei Tai was a fabulous option (my friend loves her Bjorn but it kills my neck).  

We co-slept so a crib was a non-issue.  

Our son wouldn’t take a paci but our daughter is addicted so when he was a baby, a paci clip seemed like a worthless extravagance, but with her it is an absolute necessity.  If I’m across town and I realize we left her paci and paci clip at home, I actually buy a new one.  And I’m an enormous tightwad.  

We’ve never used a diaper bag.  If we’re only gone an hour or so, we take nothing with us.  If we’re going to be gone longer, we use a backpack.  Diaper bags are just a pain to deal with.  

Neither of my kids would sit in either a swing or bouncy seat though I desperately wished they would.  Half of my brothers wouldn’t sit in a swing/bouncy seat either and half would.  

For me, a changing pad was a must.  I know a lot of people who just use a bed/sofa/floor.  

We don’t have room in our house for a huge high chair but we love our Fisher Price space saver high chair…it tips back and our babies both liked sitting in it while we cooked or did dishes and it became a high chair and then a booster seat for my son and is now doing it’s second round with my daughter.  

I love the drying grass…but I work and pump and my baby has to be on a twice daily medication and loves pacifiers, so I dry a lot of bottles and nipples and pump parts and syringes and pacifiers.  If I stayed home, didn’t pump or use bottles, had a baby who didn’t use a paci or take medication…the thing would be useless.

The giant strollers are evil.  Get something that folds up easily and you can easily get in and out of your car.  Because of my husband’s height, we had to do a lot of research to find something big enough for him and easy enough for me to lift.  We like the Graco Ipo as a good middle ground.  That said, we try to use it as little as possible.  I see four year olds who refuse to walk anywhere.  We prefer our kids to get places on their own feet when possible.

I love the Aden and Anais muslin blankets for everything…swaddling, nursing coverup, to put between a sweaty baby head and my arm to soak up the sweat, for throwing over my shoulder in case of surprise urp, for playing peak a boo. ๐Ÿ™‚

We cloth diaper and have never, ever used a diaper sprayer or rinsed out diapers in the toilet.  Maybe it’s because we do extended breastfeeding, but it’s just never been an issue.  If we were rinsing diapers, I would definitely get a sprayer.

We didn’t really childproof but if you are planning on it, ask for the supplies on your registry.  They can get expensive pretty quickly.  We do have two baby gates so we can close off both doors to any room in the house.  If you have stairs, a stair-safe baby gate is a must.


Never carry your baby in an infant car seat.  As a physician, I have seen innumerable injuries from doing this.

Ask for lots of indestructible books (“chubby board books”).  You will need these for the first couple years and it will keep you from going batty reading the same five over and over.

Nosefrida.  Babies can’t blow their noses and those bulb suctions don’t work very well.  When you have a sick kid, you’ll be glad you have it. ๐Ÿ™‚  I couldn’t imagine parenting without one.

Don’t bother with “real” clothes for newborns except maybe a couple outfits for photos and 100th birthday parties of elderly relatives.  You end up changing them so often it’s easier to just live in onesies and jammies.  Ask for 3-6 month clothes as well as 0-3.  You hit a wall a few months out when you run out of baby shower stuff if you don’t think to the future.  It’s nice to have onesies and jammies up to 1 year if possible.  This is the last time people will be showering you with excessive amounts of stuff so make it last!

Do whatever makes your life easier.  If you have a baby who doesn’t sleep well, make yourself a cozy nest for night parenting.  If you are going to pump your milk, get a Pumpease support so you’ll have your hands free.  If your baby loves the swing, have one in each major living area of your house so you don’t have to carry it around.

Ask for diapers and specify exactly what you want.  Whether you use cloth or disposable, you’ll need diapers.  We asked for the first two sizes of cloth diapers and covers and didn’t have to pay for diapers until my son turned out to be a late potty trainer and needed one size bigger.  We used the same diapers for my daughter but had to get new covers.  So we’ve spent almost nothing on diapers.  Pretty cool.

Ask for a carseat.  You can’t leave the hospital without one so you know it will get used!

Don’t bother with a “complete nursery care kit” with all the clippers and suckers and combs and stuff.  You won’t use most of it.

Ask for stuff for YOU.  Nipple cream, body butter (something safe for babies since you’ll be doing lots of cuddling!), one of those neck packs you can put in the microwave or freezer, a breast pump if you’re going to pump, gift cards to your favorite restaurants, new slippers, whatever is going to make your life better and easier.  That is stuff you KNOW will get used.


Sorry.  I totally didn’t play by the rules.  I was having so much fun I listed way too much. If you’ve read this far I apologize! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee

Here are the must-haves for my 5wk old daughter:

  1. Avent Soothie pacifiers and a Wubbanub (plushie connected to a soothir.. makes it easier for it to stay in her mouth. She will rarely go to sleep without a soothie or boob in her mouth!
  2. Boppy pillow.. they are overpriced but for me, essential for nursing and even just holding my baby comfortably while seated.
  3. Swaddleme blankets – keeps her flailing arms from waking her up
  4. Pack n play – she sleeps in it, gets diapers changed in it, has tummy time in it.. we actually received 2 so we have one in our bedroom for her to sleep in until she can go in her crib later and one in our living room.
  5. Cloud b sleep sheep – a great white noise machine

As for things we are finding ourselves not using:

  1. Special baby detergent : It’s overpriced; any “free/clear” will be fine. I use arm & hammer’s detergent without scent/dye and it has been great and cheap!
  2. Wipes warmer: my Mother-In-Law insisted on this, but our baby doesnt care if the wipes are cool or warm so we just use it as a wipe dispenser.
  3. Humidifier: just haven’t needed it.
  4. Pants/shorts for newborns: just another thing to take off to check the diaper/change. Iend up usually putting her in pjs, onesies, or dresses.
  5. Changing table: We just use the pack n play and changing pad wherever. Id suggest just getting a dresser if anything

As you can see from the responses, babies all have their preferences!


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@knittyrobin06292002:  “Never carry your baby in an infant car seat.  As a physician, I have seen innumerable injuries from doing this.”

I couldn’t agree more.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves is babies LIVING in these things all the time.  

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