(Closed) List your Top 5 Favorite/Least Favorite Baby Registry Items!

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Helper bee
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*bump*  Any other Momma’s want to weigh in?

@ImHungry247:  I was just thinking about starting this exact same thread!  The amount of “stuff” out there is overwhelming. 🙂

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@knittyrobin06292002:  Are the injuries to the person carrying the car seat?  I assume it is not to the baby (I hope).

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I don’t have kids yet, but I’ve worked in infant care and nannied for a family of 3 (1.5, newborn, newborn until 2, 6mos, 6mos–when they went to daycare!)

I loved: Forehead thermometers, bottle warmers, Jolly Jumpers (for older babies), bouncy seats, swings, board books, and NUK pacifiers (I don’t like Soothies…they’re hard for babies to latch onto)

I was neither here nor there about: Activity mats, wipes warmers

I really disliked: Soothies (though the animal-attached ones are REALLY cute), anal thermometers (I had someone tell me that was the ONLY way to take an infant temp. I was like “Yeah… No. Nonononono.”), and cloth diapers (but mostly in a group childcare setting, like daycare)

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I definitely agree with what someone mentioned above…every kid is different so some things will be useless but then will be a lifesaver for others.  I tried to think of “generic” items that are semi-universal.

Top 5:

-Boppi…didn’t buy one at first and ended up having my sister run to Wal*Mart the day after he was born
-Socks…all sizes, all kinds.  You can never have enough!
-First Baby Kit…comes w/ boogie sucker, nail clippers, etc.  We used all of it and it was nice to have on hand
-Playtex bottles with the plastic inserts and many different types of nipples…there’s nothing more frustraiting than trying to clean out formula from the cracks in the bottle…even with the brush, it’s impossible.  For these, the generic Target inserts worked and it was a miracle!  No air, no mess and easy clean up.
-Boudreaux’s Butt Paste…the BEST, most wonderful diaper rash cream ever!!!

Least 5:

-Wipe warmer
-Swaddler blankets…any receiving blanket will do and your baby has to be a certain size to make those “pre-made” swaddler blankets work
-Diaper Genie
-Changing Table
-Shoes for babies…they usually don’t fit, they fall off and then you’re stuck with just one, they aren’t walking anywhere anyway, etc.

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Bumble bee
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#1 (by FAR) My Citi Mini jogging stroller. I used this from 6 mo till now (my daughter is 5 and still fits). It is lightweight and super comfy. It is also great becasue you can remove the wheels and the back can lay flat to put your little one in from the car if they are sleeping.

#2 Chucks pads. These are typically used for people who wet themselves. They are flat pads with a plastic liner on one side and soft cotton on the other. Put them under baby while changing (in the car, on a bathroom changer or even on your changer at home). If baby wets, the pad will absorb the liquid instead of it rolling off like a typical travel changing pad.

#3 Bouncer. I would put my daughter in the bouncer on the floor of the bathroom. With a clear shower curtain I was able to  take showers while keeping an eye on her and she would play. Such a relief!

#4 Soothing music. There were sleepless nights that she did not appreciate it. But  I sure did.

#5 Swaddle blankies. My daughter loved to be swaddled and she looked so sweet in them. Not in the fitted swaddle…just the flat square ones.

#6 Formula dispenser. It holds three servings, and is convenient on the go if you formila feed

#7 Carriage cover for baby. So nice to keep germs away and toys in the carriage!

#8 Cloth diapers (old school kind) I didn’t cloth diaper but these work great for burping. They are much more absorbent than the cloths marketed for burping.


#1 Fancy outfits

#2 Diaper warmer

#3 Baby carrier. My daughter hated it and so did I. I would either carry her or put her in her stroller.

#4 Portable bottle warmer. Mine never worked properly and we ended up formula feeding at room temp.

#5 Toys. No need to register for these. You will get plenty. Many my daughter never played with

#6 Burp cloths. theya re thin and terible.

#7 Towels for baby. Sure, maybe have one or two but really…you don’t need more than that. You can just use a regular one. Same with face cloths.

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@knittyrobin06292002:  Wait, what!?! The infant car seats with a handle on it are dangerous to carry a child in/out from the car to house in? If this is true, I am shocked! I used it all the time with my daughter and now I feel terrible!

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Sugar bee
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I have 3 kids and they all seemed to like the same things I think LOL.  I hope my 4th likes these top 5 that I just LOVE:

1) Swing.  My kids loved it… well, my dd not so much but my boys did .  

2) Bouncy seat. All 3 kids LOVED their seats.  Lifesaver for taking showers while baby sat in the seat in the bathroom.

3) Nasal aspirator/booger sucker.  OMG this thing is a lifesaver for babies.  My older son and dd needed this so badly.  My son was born in spring but it was still so cold and he got stuffy.  my dd was born stuffy and I could not have survived without this and the nasal solution.

4) Gripe water.  OMG this was a lifesaver with my son… couldn’t find it for my dd but I am so getting it for this baby.  I hope I can find it or something similar.

5) Thermometor.. a simple one with a quick read out.  I hae a forhead strip one I use with my kids right now and want to get another but I use that strip one a lot and it helps either determine if I should bring the kids to the doctor or give me peace of mind.

I also have to inlcude the baby carrioers (the front ones).  I baby wore my kids outsied and inside the home… LOVE this thing.


Don’t Need/Didn’t Use):

1) A regular playpen (if it’s not a pack play).  My kids were not huge fans of just the play pen part.  I got more use of out the pack and play and love them so much I ave one for this baby instead of a crib.

2) Bottle warmer.  Had one with my 1st son.  It was just OK.  I thought it took too long…would have been the same to warm water and stick the bottle in.

3) Car seat mirror.  had one with my 1st son and I don’t remember being anything special.  Not sure if I’ll get one with this baby but didn’t get one wit my other 2 kids.

4) Mobile.  I find that although they look cute, I’d rather get a musical machine that is portable and plays more than just music.  I do like those mibiles that grow with baby though so that’s an improvement.

Wanted to say that with my 1st son, pacifiers were a must have as were the clips.  but with my other 2, they refused pacis so I didn’t even bother… glad I didn;t waste a ton of money by buying a bunch.

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