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I don’t think there is ever a “perfect time”. It wasn’t the perfect time for Darling Husband and I when I got pregnant (we were in the NTNT boat), but sometimes life hands you stuff for a reason. For us, I think it was life’s way of saying “Life is not stopping while you wait for X, Y, and Z to fall into place, your family comes first”, but in your situation, this could be life saying “Hey, you can wait 6 months, this is an awesome opportunity”. I would definitely talk to your doctor about transitioning medications in the meantime just so you can get used to the new one before you do actually TTC. The first trimester is rough as it is, so if you’re going to combine that with any potential side effects of a new med, it might be best to try to deal with one thing at a time if you can!

The wild card here is that just because you’ve been planning to TTC in the winter, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get KU straight away. It could take 6 months, 2 days, or a year. So you kind of have to decide what you feel is best for you guys right now. What IF you got pregnant straight away? You’d have 9 months until the baby is born, would you feel comfortable taking time off work after X months? How do you think that would reflect to your employers/on your resume? It’s just your level of comfort. Also, what are you mat leave terms? Could you afford to take time off at that point?

I wouldn’t worry about your original timing for kids. I wanted to have kids in my 20s, but now I’m in my early 30s. Life happens when it happens, don’t focus on the numbers, focus on what feels right for you both and what will ultimately lead to your happiness 🙂

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We’re 24, turning 25 this year. When we decided to TTC, it was over the summer and I was working at Wendy’s part time and going to school full time. Darling Husband works full time, but it would have been hard to support a family on just 1 income, basically, and we needed a new car. We decided to go for it anyways, and knew that we would be ok. After I finally relaxed about our decision, I got offered a full time position with great benefits in a school district. We got pregnant in December (found out in January).

When it happens, it will never be the perfect time. We’re renting from in laws right now, which isn’t what I want, it’s not really big and I would like to be on our own fully. It’s never the PERFECT time, but if, for the most part, you are in a situation where you would be fine, then go with it.

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@weightwatchers152:  i’m also on mood stabilizing medication (lamictal). when Darling Husband and i decided we wanted to TTC this year (we decided back in October), i made an appt with my psychiatrist to talk about it. she told me lamictal is safe to take while pregnant but i was also on seroquel for sleep/anxiety and that one i had to stop taking (it’s safe but they don’t want you on 2 meds while pregnant). i had to slowly wein off of it and i’ve been doing great without it.

do you know for sure that the medication you’re currently on isn’t safe to take during pregnancy? don’t be scared about switching either. just keep an eye out on your moods while you’re switching. your doctor can help you as long as you keep him/her informed of how you’re doing. since you’re teaching, i assume you’ll have the summer off? if so, talk to your doc about trying to time switching meds with summer break (you could start weining off the current one in late april or may so you can start the new one over the summer).

i don’t think there’s ever a perfect time to have a baby.

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There is never a perfect time. Something will always come up that makes it seem like a bad time to have a baby.

Darling Husband and I decided to go for it because I was approaching 30 and don’t want to have any babies after 35. We had plenty of reasons not to try yet and we just said “screw it.” 🙂

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@iheartnerds:  I agree with this completely.

There is never a perfect time to have children. Ever. My best advice was to go with my gut/heart feeling on it. I could talk myself out of having kids for multiple reasons at any point in my life- but the fact is both of us really wanted to be parents and that desire far outweighed the desire to wait until we were older or more ‘stable’ I guess to put it lightly. Mental health is something to keep tabs on, I haven an anxiety issue that’s gotten worse with pregnancy, but no reason NOT to have kids unless it’s severely  limiting your life at the moment. 

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There will never be a perfect time.

I have epilepsy and my medicine is in class C, but I HAVE to take it because it’s safer for both me and the baby for me to be on it than to be off it. My neurologist has had many pregnant patients who have been on this medicine, so he was confident that it would be alright. I would recommend getting on a medicine that’s more baby safe if you can (if yours isn’t baby safe). I’m 37 weeks pregnant and everything has been okay with this pregnancy and the baby is doing great! I just had more blood work and ultrasounds than what people typically get. Your doctor might also recommend that you take extra folic acid, you could probaby start that now.

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No there is never a right time but considering all the changes you have in your life right now, I’d probably wait.  Starting a new job is stressful enough, let alone trying to start a new job, switch meds, and TTC.  I would probably give it a few months at the new job to get settled in, then try to switch your meds, that way you’d be able to see if the meds are working fine after some of the stress of a new job has been reduced.  If that goes fine, then start TTC.  But that’s just my opinion.

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