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Could you put a kitty door into your bathroom door, and then keep the door shut? Or do you have a closet with a bifold door, so that you could open it about 4 inches (and even latch it if needed) so that the cat can get in, but the dog can’t? 

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I agree with the kitty door idea for your bathroom. I wouldn’t do it in a closet, because the entire closet will smell like kitty litter or worse. Or can you make your cat an outdoor cat?

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my dog was doing the same thing (gross!) so i ended up getting a modkat. it was expensive and it’s not the easiest thing to empty, but it does work for my needs. my kitty will jump in and use it but the dog can’t reach in and try to get her little butt morsels. it’s also got like a grated top so when she jumps out, the litter will fall through the holes back in to the box (or you can use the sweeper on the included pooper scooper to sweep it back in) so i don’t have any litter tracked anywhere. another good thing about it is that it doesn’t look like a traditional litter box. i got the glossy white one and keep it next to my washer/dryer.

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Thats awesome!


OP: maybe to help keep the dog out turn the pan towards a wall.  Enough room kitty can get in, not enough so doggie can shove their face in there (with a covered pan)


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@ItWasntMe: We have a the CleverCat and it is great.


No litter tracking and the dog wouldn’t be able to use it as a snack bar.

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We had this problem and moved it to the dining room with a shoji screen hiding it. We left enough of a gap for the cat to get through. We also weould keep an eye on the dog for weeks always knowing where she was when we were hope and putting a gate up in the kitchen when we werent and would yell at her when she went in there. We even put her in time out in the bathroom when we caught her. She now leaves it alone.

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Two words: Litter Robot. It’s expensive, but it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. We’ve had ours for two years, we’ll never go back to normal boxes again. That would solve the dog problem.

The unit is fairly large- we keep ours in a second bedroom. With any litter box you’re going to have sweep, cats are jerks.

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@highwire: we have similar problems with space (the bathroom is the only place for the litter box) and had to get ride of the dome )otherwise it wouldn’t fit beside the toilet. The litter tracking is something we haven’t been able to solve unfortunately ( I have to sweep EVERY DAY) but for the dog problem I would suggest looking into a dog proof litter box. These are often designed for the whole on the top so that the dog can’t get into it, but the cat can. Type in “dog proof litter box” into google to see what I’m talking about

To help your cat be encouraged to use the litter box. I suggest a product line called cat attract, they make a product and also litter that will encourage your cat to use the litter box.

Hope that helps! Dogs are great, but MAN are they gross sometimes! haha

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Oh how I have been there….I actually took one of my cats to the vet because she was peeing everywhere sooo so much. I mean in random areas that just werent right. (Like got on the counters and would pee on a dish rag) antwho. I talked to my vet who is a very experienced vet, director of the best clinic in town. He has attended many cat behavior seminars and was VERY helpful on this matter. I no longer have a problem with her. She has NOT had an accident and has been using the litter box for about a year now. (she is over 4yrs old, started doing it around 3 yrs old) SO THANKFUL! So, basically I went back to the basics. I use to have fancy litterboxes for easy clean up etc…now I have a plain old litter box you have to scoop. Here is why, he told me that all these new litter boxes that market for “privacy” with domes, or are enclosed and what not, most cats dont like. Its tight and confined and its like giving a human two options. Those options being “Would you rather use a prota post/honey bucket? Or would you rather use a regualr bathroom?” We all would pick a regular bathroom. I have four cats, and I use to have 4 litter boxes, I now have one large and open one and NO PROBLEMS at all! Also do you change your litter to different brands often? If so they may not like that, or may need to try a different one. I know my cats prefer a certain kind. (Picky brats lol)

As far as the dog eating it, I know there is stuff that you can give your dogs so they dont eat each others poop, so I am sure there is the same stuff for cats, that you put in with there food so the dog wont eat. Like I said, I know they make it for dogs so I am sure they do for cats. All it is is like a sumplement that you put in with there food and it does something to there fecal matter that dogs will not eat it because it alters the “taste” YUK!



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I laughed really hard at “poo selection” because I’m five, I know. Definitely go with a covered pan. Everyone else has given really good suggestions!

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I didn’t read all of the suggestions but can you put the kitty litter in the bathtub itself?  Or will your dog still be able to get to it that way?  My mother has to do this.  She has 2 cats and an elderly dog that also likes to play in the kitty litter.  So she’s put the litter in the tub and the dog can’t reach it.  Might be worth a shot!  Although, she’s fortunate because she does this in the guest bathroom so she doesn’t have to remove the litter when they shower. 

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It looks like a lot of brides have given you some great suggestions! I would just add some words of caution– not only is it gross when dogs litter-box-dive, but it can also hurt or even kill them. I don’t mean the feces itself, but the litter– it is very harmful if ingested. So this is definitely a problem you’ll want to get under control pronto!

May I add that I saw an awesome doggy gate with a little kitty door in it? I think I saw it at PetCo or PetSmart– it’s made like those child-proof gates that keep kids from falling down stairs. It’s a gate that only people can unlatch, but there’s also a little cat-sized hole for kitties to get through. Is there a place that such a gate could go while still allowing for the space of the bathroom door?

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