(Closed) Little things that make you want to rip your hair out for no apparent reason….

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Helper bee
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@Corilee13: Oooh I am SO with you on the handicapped doors thing. That ticks me off to no end. I’m also really picky on Facebook too, haha. One of my “friends” posts the most mundane and idiotic statuses and ALWAYS checks in to places I seriously don’t care about. And they always show up on my feed!

I also can’t stand when people walk & text at the same time. It makes them go so much slower and I always seem to be stuck behind them!

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Bumble bee
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I have many but I will share the most irritating:

1) smacking on gum/popping gum.  It’s so tacky and I don’t want to see what you’ve been chewing in your mouth!

2) popping your knuckles.  People wait until it’s quiet in class and decide that’s a great time to pop EVERY knuckle on their hands.  

3)  someone using the elliptical right next to mine at the gym when theres 15 open.

4)  people who text and drive.  Seriously, it can wait 5 minutes or at least until the next red light.

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Inefficient drivers – sitting at stop lights, not turning right on red (or doing so when there are 5 signs clearly saying NOT to)

Rude people, stupid people – both of which apply to DH’s cousin. She seriously had family members doing the dishes at her reception this weekend because the ‘hired’ help went home drunk.

Doormats – DH’s mom, SIL, and aunt, who did said dishes without being asked because ‘otherwise the poor bride would have had to do them’ Well if she had actually hired real help or just done paper plates, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Ditto on the handicapped door openers, idiot FB posters and the gum.


Rant over.

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Bee Keeper

Ahh! I’m sooo glad there are other people who can’t stand the handicapped door thing too! I walk into my building from the train every morning, and everyone does it. It drives me insane #1 b/c how much energy is being wasted by these people pushing this button constantly, and #2, they’re overusing it, and when someone actually DOES have to use it b/c they’re handicapped, it will be broken. Jerks.

My other one this morning has to do with our elevators. I cannot stand when people get into the elevator before someone gets off. So I took the elevator to the lobby, and someone had to get into it before I had a chance to step out of it. I promise the elevator will not go anywhere…and you’ll be able to get in faster if you just let me out! 

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Blushing bee
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I can’t stand the sound of people chewing.

People who speed!

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@MrsCoachBtoBee: 3)  someone using the elliptical right next to mine at the gym when theres 15 open

This!!! I am so glad I’m not the only one – this drives me insane. And it’s usually someone wearing stinky perfume/cologne.

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I really loate people who do not use turn signals.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost gotten into accidents.  Seriously, its a switch right by your hand, use it!

also, people who burp in public and think saying “excuse me” makes it ok. no it doesn’t.  close your %[email protected]#? mouth.

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Buzzing bee
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My pet peeve list is really long but if I had to pick one that comes to mind it is when you are walking in a mall , school , wherever the case may be and people just


right infront of you. 

and either look around as if they are in a deer in head lights or start chatting with their friend.


I literally have to talk myself out of punching them in the back of the head.



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Buzzing bee
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My lovely coworker ( I actually love her to pieces) crunching on whatever the hell she’s eating on the other side of my cube wall.


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Bumble bee
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I needed this today!  I hate, hate, HATE it when my neighbor parks his big @$$ truck literally 5 inches from my car in our apartment parking lot, leaving me little choice but to climb into my car “Dukes of Hazzard” style (ie. through the damn window).  GRRR.

I also hate it when people can’t figure out that they need to accelerate on an acceleration ramp…I really don’t want to merge into traffic that is going 65mph at only 30mph because the person in front of me is scared to hit the gas!!

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Busy bee
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I cannot tell you how irritating it is that every time I use the restroom in a public place anymore that there is toilet paper all over the floor, pee all over the seat, the toilet is not flushed, and nasty stuff in the sink. It’s like WTF, seriously, I’m not a fucking maid, and other people would like to use the facilities. 

One day, I walked into the restroom at work to find PEE SOAKED TOILET PAPER ALL OVER THE FLOOR. SICK!!!

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@Crisark: LOL I’m probably your coworker..I’m crunching on some granola right now..sorry!


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@CanadianMermaid: THIS!

  • Kim Kardashian. A rock has more personality and her sex tape wasn’t even good.
  • The sound of people hacking up their lungs. It makes me cringe.
  • When people spit on the ground – especially the sound of them hacking up the loogie.
  • Ignorant people on public transporation – the guy who sings along to every song on his iPod and thinks he’s on stage, the girl who is having a loud and emotional conversation with her boyfriend, the high school kids who think saying 30 cuss words in one sentence is cool, and the perveted old men who stare at teenage girls.

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