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I honestly have a book of all the big and small things that he does for me that I appreciate and love about him. Its something I’ve been working on for over a year now and I’m thinking of giving it to him either on our wedding day (which would be at least 5 years from now) or if there’s ever a time we need to be seriously LDR.

I love that you can really see our relationship grow in that little book, from when he sent me on a surprise Easter egg hunt for my birthday to randomly feeding duckies in the park to meeting his grandmother for the first time.

This makes me want to go and write out even more reasons why I love him!

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@nutMeg13: My guy is like that with my hair! Lol I always like to make sure its styled and looks good but he always tells me he loves it when its all crazy in the mornings when I don’t to anything to it.

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@keepsmiling19: I can definitely understand how being with someone who loves having everything planned out can be frustrating! He is exactly the same way and its been a turning point in our relationship when he became so focus on us having a good future it was hard to enjoy the present with him. But its so reassuring that they plan everything out so that we can spend our lives happily together.

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Love this thread! My Fiance and I had dated briefly for a few months about 4 years ago,but I moved away and we lost touch. When I moved back to the area,we hooked up again, and after we had said “I love you” to each other for the first time,he turned to me and said he had been waiting 2 years to say that, and when I left he realised he had been in love with me and was heartbroken.

And now,if we ever argue he tells me he waited for 2 years for me,he isnt going to walk away now lol.

When he said that line, it sealed the deal for me.

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I had my eye on him ever since he told me I was the wittiest girl he knew when I was 19.  We didn’t get together for another 7 years but I always knew there was something there because no matter what crazy partying was going on it would always end up with the two of us talking with no idea what was going on around us.  

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-The way he asked me out and really courted me during the first part of our relationship

-Every morning he says good morning and gives me a long, warm hug. Every morning. (I hate mornings)

-When we first started dating he always called me and answered my calls, and he still does

-He calls me beautiful when I am lounging around the house

-He has confided in me and cried in my arms

-He is forthcoming and honest

-He kisses me before we part

-He is sensitive on the inside, but tough on the outside

-He does not take me for granted and is very appreciative

-He’s always the one to make up with me first when we fight and doesn’t hold grudges


I could go on!


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-He has a great sense of humor! We’ll catch each other thinking the same thing and only have to say one word and know what we are thinking/talking about.

-We have similar, but vast tastes in music. We love finding music for each other. He gets so excited when he finds something that he thinks I might like, it’s so cute!

-During the night while we are sleeping, he’ll slowly inch his pillows closer and closer to my side of the bed…it’s hilarious. 

-A few years ago we were in a grocery store and Wham “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” started playing in the background. I told him he needed to start dancing. He asked me what he was supposed to do, so I showed him. All of a sudden he busted out some dance moves for about 20 seconds down the aisle. It was hysterical! I had to force myself to stop laughing because I almost peed my pants and had tears streaming down my face.

-A week after we started dating he said, “I love you” to me while I was backing out of his drive-way (my window was down and he was on the lawn). He didn’t think I heard him and I didn’t say anything back. I was smiling so much on the way back to school that my face hurt. He finally said it again a month later. It is probably the sweetest memory I have of him. 

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A week after we started dating, I started having health problems (it took over three months for doctors to figure out it was gallbladder) and he was by my side the whole time. I was in a lot of pain and he wiped my tears, held my hand, and wouldn’t let me give up on figuring out what was wrong, even after a doctor told me they didn’t know what other tests to do/basically gave up on me. He also took care of me after my surgery when they finally did figure it out.

I think being sick actually caused us to get closer faster than we probably would have otherwise. I knew if he could take care of me at my worst then he would be even better at my best!

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Well, first, he is like 4″ shorter than me. That sounds silly, but for both of us it was a big deal.

He makes me laugh, all the time, even when I want to be mad at him he makes me smile.

Also, he is willing and wants to go do missions work with me after we both get masters degrees. This was a big one actually. 

Also, my dog loves him. More than he (the dog) loves me which is sad, since I am the one who feeds him and gives him cookies and stuff. 

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he had me at “nice alliteration.”  🙂

other than that…

-he’s always willing to go out of his way to help a friend. he’ll help them move, paint their house, marry them (as the officiant, not like he’s on his 5th wife)

-we play games all the time (our first date ended in us playing scrabble, and that’s not a euphemism), and even though i nearly always win, he still likes playing with me and isn’t a sore loser

-he’s an amazing cook and enjoys healthy food

-if he thinks i’m upset about something, he’s not afraid to ask. he actually cares about my feelings

-he didn’t push the physical aspect of our relationship. he didn’t kiss me until the second date and waited over a month of nearly constant dates before taking things further than kissing.

-he always notices and comments when i’ve made an effort to look nice

-he and my brother get along really well

I feel like I could keep writing about this forever, but this is probably enough for now.


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Oh there were the moments. 

It might have been from the first last time he asked  me if I would date him. I had turned him down and laughed him off so many times before. He .. very hurt, asked me why. I explained he wasn’t romantic and I was diehard romantic… then added that “he didn’t dance.” He turned on Enrique Iglesia’s Hero which starts with “Would you dance, if I asked you to dance” and started singing it softly to me, while dancing in his living room. 

We were living apart by 6-7 hours, PA to VT. He came up to visit during a very busy work week. The night he was supposed to leave, I got caught at work late.. I couldn’t say goodbye to him. …So i came home to find my entire apartment cleaned, vaccumed, completely picked up with my favorite dinner (chicken parm) pre cooked, waiting in the fridge with a love note. He was even considerate enough to put the sauce separately, so “it wouldn’t get soggy.” 

I knew.. then.. he was a keeper. 

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Its soooo soooo soooo nice to hear ladies that are not bashing their man! It bugs me to hear women make these little comments like, “If he can fix the car, he could take out the garbage!”

I too have a great & very supportive guy! On our first date his eyes never left me, he seemed so focused on us that nothing else mattered. Funny enough, the following day I went on vacation and I swear I was too glued to my phone to enjoy Huntington Beach, Not once were my toes in the sand!  (Pathetic, I know!)

Also, he was so respectful about me having children. He had met them many times but understood why I didn’t allow him to come over before they were in bed until we were a few weeks into things, he took the time to get to know us individually and now, he knows them just as well as I do!

Even now it is all the little things, random letters/texts, making the bed, taking care of dinner… I appreciate it so much! *Sigh* WE ARE LUCKY GALS!!!!!

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OH man….It would have to have been when I had surgery (my apendix had burst and I spent 7 days in the hospital)

We had been friends for about 8 months and on the first night my mom had to go to work and could take care of me (really bad surgery, laid up on the couch for 2 weeks after 7 days in the hospital). Fiance came over to take care of me and take me to dinner, when I went to answer the door he had his hands behind his back and when he pulled them out in front he had two king sized candy bars, Mr. Goodbar and Krackle they were they size of my face! And they are usually only found in the mini bars around halloween. 

He asked what I wanted for dinner and all I was craving was a Sonic hot dog and extreme tots, and he helped me into the car to go get them, called me “ah cheap date LOL” I had always had a little crush on him, but after that night I was falling in love with him…

A few months after that a picture was taking of us while we were bowling and when he saw the picture he said, “Hey, we can use that as our engagement photo”. We began dating a few months after that, I became his GIRLFRIEND about a year later, we got engaged 2 and a half years later 🙂

Here’s the photo he said could be our engagement pic LONG before even began dating. 

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Oh by the way, that pic was about 6 years ago…I think….

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when we first started dating, he called every day at 3:15 (while he was at work) to ask how my son’s swim lessons went. they got over at 3.

he drove two hours with 3 friends and their trucks to move all of my stuff out of my apartment.

he goes and gets me a coffee every day.

he didn’t bat an eyelash when i told him i had a kid.

driving two hours at night after work to see me, staying until 3 am and then driving back to sleep for an hour before work.

definitely so many other things:)

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