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sassy411 :  I do love it! I am afraid I’ll forget how to pump gas eventually though πŸ˜‚

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He was just here for the weekend, we are in a LDR for now.

Any time we went out and my car was covered in snow he cleaned it off for me. Gave me his jacket when I got cold. On his last morning here he “snuck out” of the apartment and went to get me my favourite coffee, an avalanche mocha, from a local coffee shop β™₯

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He always turn the seat warmer on before I get into the car.

He will always open/close the door for me, whether we are at a restaurant, going home or getting on his car.

He will always have a hair tie in his pocket just in case i forget mine.

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Cory_loves_this_girl :  

I’ve already forgotten which side the fuel filler door is on!

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He gives me back massages when it hurts (I have issues with back pain). He has dinner waiting for me when get home from working late. He randomly buys me candy or takes me out for a milkshake when I have a bad day- sweets are the key to my heart haha. On weekends, he always makes me breakfast and coffee, sometimes in bed. I remember at my old job, he would come have lunch with me in my car. He always drives when we are together because I hate driving.

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What an awesome thread πŸ™‚ It’s got me thinking…

He fills up the gas for me when he knows I’ll be driving the next day.

He makes me dinner when I’m working late.

He always opens doors for me (to the car too!).

He spent an hour this weekend looking for unsweetened cranberry juice when I had a urinary tract infection. He didn’t stop until he found a bottle.

He always reminds me to pee after sex so I don’t get a urinary tract infection. (I just don’t always listen, clearly!)

He texts me throughout the day just to say hi and to send me cute animal photos with little captions. πŸ™‚

He gives me back massages several times per week because I have back pain. 

He always tries to make me laugh with his corny jokes and voice imitations, especially when I’m in a sad mood. It usually works too!

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I go to bed about an hour before DH and every night he tucks me in. He randomly started doing it about a year ago, and he literally tucks the covers in around me, gives me a kiss, and tells me he loves me.  It’s a sweet routine.

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snowflake8 :  I think the little things are so important! DH is amazing at doing lots of small acts that just make me feel so loved and cared for.

  • Every night he sets the coffee pot on timer for his coffee in the morning (he gets up first), then he washes it out and puts a fresh one on the timer for when I wake up. Even though he has to go to an office and I stay home he always does the coffee for me. When I sip each cup in the morning I always say a little “thank you” for my life.
  • He does all the dirty cleaning. He scrubs the floors and does the bathroom. He also takes care of the trash and the cat litter. I love not having to do that stuff!!!
  • He buys me flowers just because. Every couple weeks or so he just comes in from work grinning with a lovely little bouquet. He doesn’t spend a ton on them or anything, but it’s such a sweet gesture. I make a big show of displaying them in a vase and he’s always so proud. It’s adorable. 
  • He is seriously the best when I’m on my period. Our joke thing is that I just text “it’s shark week” and he texts back “copy”. Lol, then he comes home with takeout, all my favorite snack things, and usually a few magazines. He sits and watches awful HGTV shows with me and we just make fun of everyone, haha. He actually loves it because it’s practically the only time I junk out so he junks out with me. 
  • He tells me all the time how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. He’s very attentive and affectionate. 

Love all these positive SO stories! Sometimes I feel like I’m around women who are constantly complaining about their husbands and this is a nice change. 

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pinkcorsage :  Congratulations! πŸ™‚

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DH makes time to sit with me every couple of days, watching whatever I want to watch, just so he can sit near me and holds my hand.

If I’ve been away he will make sure that he hugs me as soon as I’ve put my bags down.

If he has been away then he often brings home a sweet treat from a service station.

He comes to church with me once a month (more at Advent and Easter) despite the fact that he doesn’t have faith.

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Great thread idea, OP!!

Fiance makes dinner almost every night since he gets home first, or he’ll at least start it and I can take over when I get home if I catch him mid-prep.

On the days when I’m working 12/13 hours, he’ll not only make dinner, but also prep my lunch and breakfast for the next day so I can just relax wtih him when I get home.

He gets up early on weekends, while I like to sleep in, so he leaves me to sleep while he gets his grading and lesson prep done.  Then, when I wake up, we have the rest of the day together.

He always offers to pump my gas if its cold or raining, or to go get the car if i wore my jacket wihtout the hood.  I never let him because “I’m an independent woman and I can fend for myself” but it’s always nice that he offers πŸ™‚

He lets me eat crap when I feel like eating crap after a long day and doesn’t vocalize his judgement, which I appreciate haha.

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He always goes out to pick up food for us when we have nothing cooked. Even in the craziest of weather! I can’t wait until I’m pregnant with weird cravings haha!

He fills my gas tank when I need the car to drive to work.

He scoops the cat litter!!!!

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He takes care of the dogs and cats in the morning so I can sleep in just a bit more. He also keeps them quiet while I’m trying to sleep since he knows I have sleep issues. It helps so much.

He brings me water or snacks whenever I ask πŸ™‚

He tucks me in at night with a goodnight kiss. He also rubs my head/gives me a shoulder massage pretty much every night.

He is incessantly positive even though I can often be grumpy/anxious. 

He helps me find my glasses since I’m losing them multiple times a day πŸ˜‚

The list goes on! Really lucky to have him in my life! 

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It’s really nice to pause and concentrate on, and appreciate the small gestures. Good thread! 

– every single morning my husband makes me coffee and wakes me up with it & with kisses.  I’m not at all a morning person and I’m really grumpy when I wake up but this just makes my day so much better. I wonder how i even woke up before him! 

-he writes me a note every day that he puts in my lunch bag. I have a big pile of them at my work desk. 

– he tells me he loves me a lot and he voices out how beautiful I am many times a day. Like yesterday I was just sitting in a large t-shirt and pj bottoms with messy hair telling him about something and he just went “do you know how beautiful you are?!” And to me that just is the sweetest thing ever because Im not one of those natural effortless beauties at all!

– we don’t have a car and I walk back from work every day cos we live close by and he always comes and meets me to walk with me even if my work is not on his way home from his.

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I grew up with a skin condition that flares up in dry overheated temperatures. My apartment heating has been in overdrive destroying my skin–so in addition to the .33 carat diamond necklace, he also gave me a dehumidifier to moisten the air, and make apt living more hospitable. Also, my can opener broke so he bought me a new one. He always stocks the fridge with high-quality OJ and buys my favorite Greek yogurt every time he grabs groceries πŸ™‚

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