(Closed) Living in an apartment and having a baby.

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@dannielle89:  I live in Sydney too in a 3 bedroom apartment. We bought a 3 bedroom unit so that we could start off our family here and as our first kid gets to school age look for a house (if we can afford it) my Fiance gets the bus to the city and i drive to work. I think ul be fine having kids in a unit for the early years then look at upgrading later when u need the space 

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I living in Canberra, so I can relate to ridiculous house prices (although wherever you living in Canberra, the public transport is shit). My main suggestions would be:

1) SECURE ALL THE WINDOWS! Kids have a habit of falling out of windows, and fly screen won’t protect little people form their own curiosity. 

2) Try ‘living’ with a child. AKA, move out of the second bedroom. Empty half the linen closet (cause baby needs lots of blankets and diapers and other stuff). Calculate how much space you would need to store all of the stuff a baby needs. Where is the stroller going to go? I would also consider your laundry situation. Do you have one in your apartment? if not, is it safe to carry bub and laundry to and from the washing/drying machines the multiple times a day you may need to (if my mum is to be believed, the washing machine ran for 3 years straight after I was born…).

If you can deal with all of that (and your SO can too, because this is also his kid), then you should be fine.

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i was raised in an apartment. in fact, my brother and i were raised until i was 11, in a 2 bedroom apartment. sure, it was two floors, and had a huge yard. but it was still an apartment. we survived, we’re both perfectly fine.

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@dannielle89:  it’s definetly doable. I wouldn’t want to wait either I think you should throw caution to the wind and go for it. Things usually have a way of working out. Goodluck!

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we’ll be doing the same, we want to buy in Sydney soon but we’re stubborn and don’t want to leave the inner west, so it’s a 2 bedroom apartment for us. I’m happy to raise a child in an apartment, even two until they get too old to share a room. I work from home though so if I keep working after having children I’ll have to rent a studio to work in because I wouldn’t have the space to work at home. 

being near transport is really important because it means less commute for dad so the kids get to see him more. also being near a park or somewhere they can run around… 

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@dannielle89:  I have lived in everything from …nothing (BAD times and should definitely not be a basis for comparison) to my parent’s owning a home. As a military child, we covered it all. All I can say is that it really never mattered to my siblings or me (except the no home bit). Apartments are definitely doable, especially since yours sounds so nice.

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Yes, I think it is fine to raise a baby in an apartment. We live in NYC right now and plenty of our friends have kids and live in small two-bedroom (or one and a half bedroom!) apartments. It isn’t ideal but it’s no big deal, especially when the kids are young. Far better to live in a smaller place and save up money than cripple yourself financially trying to get a house you can’t afford.

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I am sorry, but your post made me giggle. My Mom rented her entire life and so did my Dad (they divorced and both remarried). My Mom had 6 kids – all in apartments. Until two years ago, I always rented and my child was raised in various apartments. One does not need to own a house to have children!

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Well, we’re going to make it work with twins in our 2 bd flat (similar price difficulties in London), so I’d say i’s doable! We did have to go through our stuff and send a few garbage bags of things and some furniture to the charity shops to make space in the closets and second bedroom, but I feel better for it (didn’t really need all that stuff). A few weeks out from them coming, I’m feeling pretty good about our space situation! Thing is, staying in our current area drastically improves our quality of life in terms of DH’s commute (a 5-minute walk to work), the shopping and other amenities available, the family-friendly community, the transport links (means we don’t need a car), and the general aesthetic niceness of the area (right by the river, beautiful parks, etc). I’d rather be in our 2-bed 1st floor flat here than a bigger house in a rubbish part of the city. 

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I agree with FuzzyBunny who said that you should try it by adjusting to the space you’d need once your kid comes – ie, clear out the second bedroom NOW, and see how you like that or if you’d feel much better moving to somewhere with a third bedroom or more separated office space.

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This makes me giggle. Yes it would be wonderful if everyone could own a home before having children but the reality is that just isn’t ideal/possible/the goal of everyone. My Darling Husband and I are beyong thrilled with renting and even though we are hoping to TTC here soon we have no intention in buying.

People grow up in renting situations, heck they grow up in far worse. There is nothing wrong with renting with a baby, absolutely nothing. Do what works for you. If you want a baby now and can’t make the house work then have the baby, adjust to the space situation and then look into a home down the road. Besides a baby doesn’t need a yard, they hardly even need a room.

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We are TTC in NYC and our apartment is much smaller than yours.  Moving out to the suburbs would mean DH’s commute is 2 hours a day v 40 minutes now. He’d much rather have that time to spend with his family when the time comes!

I’d love to own a house, but it’s just not feasible at this point. (Heck even buying our little apartment would cost well over $1mm!)

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