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MissCountryGirl727:  Get regular trims. Every 6-8 weeks get a “dusting” of the ends. Not taking of any length really, but taking off the dead ends. Also, rotate between a really good moisture shampoo/conditioner and a kertain shampoo/conditioner(Goldwell makes a great one). Make sure all products are professional, not bought at target/walmart. Do weekly conditioning treatments. You can buy those or make at home ones, ones with eggs work well because of the protein. Also, eat healthy, lots of protein (chicken, eggs) and veggies.

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Coconut oil mask once a week and drink lots of water! 

Try not to wash your hair every day with shampoo because it can be harsh. 

Air dry as much as possible 

Never brush wet hair (breakage)

Use the big ugly 90’s scrunchies when you can to put your hair up because they dont break your hair as much as thinner ones 

Wear your hair up differently because wearing it in the same style everyday causes that part of your hair to weaken. 

Man I miss my long hair :'(

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My hair is very long. It comes down to about 4″ above where my pants sit, and I’m 5’9 with a long torso… if that gives you an idea. It’s straight and very thick.

I’ve tried lots of shampoos and conditioners, but my favorite is Herbal Essences. The shampoos aren’t too drying and the conditioners smell amazing and make my hair very moisturized (which helps prevent damage and breakage). I wash every 2-3 days and condition every single time I get my hair wet, usually 5-7 times a week.

Every time after I wash and/or condition my hair, I spray it *generously* with detangler, then with a hair heat protectant and follow up with 7-8 pumps of leave-in conditioner. The amount of what you use will depened on how much hair you have, obviously. As for detangler, I use whatever I can find at Walmart–usually it’s a kids brand. I love love love the Got2b Guardian Angel 425° F Heat Protect spray. For leave-in conditioner, again, I love the Herbal Essences stuff–they used to make a “long hair care relationship” leave-in that came in a red bottle, but they apparently have discontinued it. I was devastated. Sometimes I can find it on eBay. But thank god they came out with another one “split end protector” which is pretty much the exact same thing.

All the products I use are inexpensive and easy to find. These are just my personal favorites. There are millions. 😉 The important things are to keep your hair moisturized, and protect it from heat–heat includes the sun, so use your heat spray every sing day no matter what. Your hair suffers from friction, too, so using the detangler is important. It’s like a little lube for your hair when you wear it down, lol. Of course it helps for brushing it out after a shower.

A few other things: if you’re color-treating your hair, consider not. I stopped dyeing my hair 3 years ago and I miss the lighter color, yes, but my hair is so smooth and shiny and healthy; I’ll take that over a fried blonde any day. Get some nice sharp hair scissors like your hairdresser does (not the ones you use at home), and once a week or so, go on a search and destroy mission for split ends. Cut about 1/4″ past the split end. This will keep them from spreading more. Of course, the more healthy your hair is, the less you will get, but this process could take many months or years depending. Wear your hair in a bun when you sleep; this will prevent friction more. Wearing it in a bun during the day helps protect it too when you’re trying to grow it out. Buns are your friend! Using a deep conditioner a few times a month is also a good idea. And cut down on as much as you can on heat products.

I’ve never used it, but biotin is supposed to be good for strengthening hair/nails. Keep in mind, though, it will only help new growth, not existing hair or nails. Good luck!!

P.S. From my personal experience, I haven’t found any difference when I’ve used the expensive salon products vs. the “nicer” brands at Walmart or drugstores. I’ve sampled lots of stuff over the years and have had wonderful results with the mainstream brands. 

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My hair is quite long (past my navel down to my hips) and one thing that has helped me with breakage is gently using a detangling comb in the shower, while my hair is still wet, working from the tips of my hair up. It may seem pretty obvious, but I’d never taken the time to do it before and it does make a difference as far as shedding/hair loss/breakage (at least in my case). And air dry, air dry, air dry! The less heat on your hair the better.

I also recomcondition hair conditioning treatments that involve eggs, mayo, or coconut oil :] 

Interested to see what other long haired Bees can contribute! 

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My hair is down to my navel. It’s healthy, shiny and soft, but I’m kind of lazy with it. I don’t get it trimmed as much as I should so the ends can be a little frazzled, but I try to have pretty good habits otherwise.

I wear it down or in a loose braid mostly.

Brush and comb in chunks the very tip of your hair, and slowly add more length until you incorpoate the entire length of your hair.

I use a hydrating mask a few times a week. Sometimes I’ll try coconut oil, or egg.

I am searching for a shampoo that doesn’t have phlalates or ickies in it, which is difficult. I’ve done extensive research into the “low-poo” and “no-poo” movements, but I can’t afford the extended transition period where your scalp continues to overproduce oils. But once you get past the transition period, your hair is able to just take care of itself.

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Pfft… This makes me realize how lucky I am. I do NONE of the above (and even most of the opposite: wash every day, blow dry, straighten, curl, comb when wet, use drug store products, rarely get a trim, color…). 

What I am a huge advocate for is biotin. It helps my hair grow so fast!

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I don’t anything special in particular, but because I highlight my hair, I’m getting trims every 8 weeks. I can definitely tell if I ever skip a trim – the split ends are out of control. Also, I’d recommend a good blowdryer! It makes a world of difference for my hair.

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MissCountryGirl727:  Im a server so I definitely feel your pain on always having to keep it tied up. My hair honestly felt a lot stronger though when I alternated between braids, high buns, and low buns. It could be worth a shot! I also really like claw clips that you can twist your hair into and I have a “hairogami” thing from an infomercial from years ago that is covered in a soft velvet fabric and its a god send for my hair on work days!

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I have had a lot of thinning issues in the past 2 years and what has helped my hair get thicker and grow longer is the Invati system from Aveda.  It isn’t cheap but for me it is worth it because my hair looks so much better.

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Along with what others have said when I shampoo I concentrate on my washing my roots, and when I condition I focus on my strands. I also use a tanlge teezer to brush my hair once Im out of the shower, then after that I dont really brush. Stylists always mention how little breakage my hair has


And I disagree with the first poster about going in for regular trims every 6-8 weeks. You will never see your hair grow if you do that, just go in every few months. 

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I shampoo every other day, condition once a week. When shampooing concentrate only on scalp, all around the head, behind the ears, especially at the nape, where oils tend to sit. I condition only the middle-ends of the hair, although if there is extra conditioner on my hands I do the scalp briefly. I let the shampoo and shampoo/conditioner sit in my hair while I cleanse my body and then rinse it out (about 3-5 minutes) with lukewarm water. Never use hot water in the hair. I trime my hair once every 6 months. I wrap up my hair in a thin thread towel after I shower for 5-10 minutes and let it airdry the rest of the day. I never use heat/styling tools in it unless it’s a special occasion. I oil it with cocunut oil once in a while, but I usually don’t because I hate the greasiness and the smell takes several washes to go away.<br /><br />ALSO, biotin works well, but you have to follow the directions and it will help your hair grow longer, but I don’t know about thickening it. I use organix biotin shampoo. Combing like a PP said from tip to top really reduces strain on hair as well.

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I take biotin, do a coconut oil mask on my hair about twice a month (I only use organic oil) and I try to only wash it like every 3-4 days. Dry shampoo is my best friend when I get to the 3rd or 4th day.  I also only use sulfate free shampoos and conditioner. The biotin was a huge help after I had my daughter and my hair started falling out by the truckloads.

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Everyone’s pretty much said this, but I’ll reecho it again. 

Don’t brush when it’s wet, if you need to do anything, finger comb gently and then let it air dry.  I usually use a little claw clip to hold the front back (half up pony) while mine dries as it keeps the front from drying in funny shapes.

Use a really good-quality shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair.  My shampoo costs probably $20, as does the conditioner (Matrix Biolage or something like that), and for my hair, the extra moisture it puts in is amazing.  The trick is to find what works for your hair; my mom has really nice shampoo and such also, and it doesn’t do squat for me 😉

Also, I like a leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream to help keep the frizzies down and moisture in.  Frizz-Ease is my favorite at the moment. 

Surprisingly, with all that moisture, I can actually wash every day after I work out and still have straight, silky hair, whereas before I started doing this, I could barely get nice hair with every 2-3 day washes and tons of effort.

Lastly, no styles where it’s pulled back hard or in tight bands.  Consider the nice version of workout headbands, claw clips, braids, and styles that don’t encourage breakage and put so much strain on your hair.

Oh, and get a short trim every 8 weeks if you’re growing it.  Works wonders, and makes it look sooo much better. I’ve done it both ways – trim every few months, trim once a year, and trim every 8 weeks, and the latter is definitely the best.

Lastly lastly, my mom is older and her hair is thinning too.  She swears by doing a weekly hair mask…think she uses cheap olive oil and leaves it in for an hour before washing out.  She says it works great.

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