(Closed) Long name/Short name TIME TO SCREAM!

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What if you omit your middle name? That will make both of your names more equal in length.

I looked at your invitation posted on the blog, though; both complete names don’t look bad at all written out. Honestly. I’m sure most people that receive your invitation won’t think anything odd about your name being long and your finace’s being short. I think we are just too detail-oriented here at weddingbee…which can be both a blessing and a curse! :o)

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Ok, here’s my humble opinion. First of all, all the mock ups you’ve shown us are absolutely beautiful! You deserve a hand for creating such a lovely invitation and then for having the guts to put them up for all of us to critique.

Here goes… I don’t think the long name short name thing is such a problem. (I don’t have personaly experience with this because we’re going for such a casual feel that we’re only using out first names and they are both centered on the same line.) What I would do, is once you find the font you want, make the font small enough and expand it enough so that your name looks nice and breathy. Then make you’re FI’s name a little larger point size and expand it a little more (but not enough to look out of place, just enough to make up a little of the difference.) Then I’d not worry about it any more. The difference in size may actually guide your eye down the invite.

My dad’s a graphic artist, who worked out of our house all my childhood. He always said that your design should have a flow to it and it should lead your reader’s eyes through the material. The names are already going to pop because you’re using a different color for them (which is beautiful!) and putting them on their own line. If you make them too big, though your readers eye may get stuck there and not be lead downward on the invite to the other important information.

Again, it’s soooo beautiful! I really like the one you did in photoshop. The addition of the pink swirl under the black one adds a lot of depth even though you’re losing the embossing. And the ability to flip flop the swirl makes for a much more balenced image (if only we could do that with real stamps!) Good luck and let us know if you need any more help!

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I dont think that yours looks overly long or overpowering at all.  It looks nice at the top with your swirls because they fill in the area underneath your name

Your invitations look great, definitely not stupid!

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I didn’t even notice until you just said it! I think they look great!

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yea i didn’t notice at all~!  when you said long name and short name, i was thinking it was something like:

julianna christine superlonglastname


bob lee

yea..that would look funny..haha.  but yours is perfectly fine.  i don’t think you need to change anything really. 

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Same problem!  I just put them on 2 seperate lines, and left out his middle name because i dont have one.  My name isnt RIDICULOUSLY short but his is uber duber long.  I also (gently) messed with the spacing, so his name is crammed together more and mine spaced a little more, but NOT ENOUGH so you can tell that theres a difference.

Also, I’m looking at your invitation now and it doesnt look wierd at all, girl! The first example (in the poll) uses a TALL but THIN font…thats a good way to make your names look "big" without them being so "wide".  I think you’ve got it right, no stress!  Heres my example, my last name is 6 letters and Mr. Penguins is 15 letters:



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I agree the invites look great.  All versions of them!!  Maybe you should put them away for a day and come back with a fresh mind!  That always helps 🙂  You’ve been working on them for so long you’re starting to second guess everything!

I didn’t notice anything funny about the names – even after this post I went back to look at them and I still don’t think the names look out of place 🙂

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Sweeney lol isn’t this the second time you’ve posted this question?  Girl, we all told you to relax about name lengths last time too 😉  Seriously.  Not only do your invites look like they are balanced perfectly fine, but they are GORGEOUS.  This is *so* not worth freaking out over.

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Don’t worry about it!  My name is twice as long as hubs’.  (And since I made my maiden name my 2nd middle, it’s even longer now!)  I left the names alone (first, middle, last) on their own lines, and just tried to line space the rest of the info so that, as bonniebelle said, there’s a nice "flow."  I wouldn’t mess too much w/ the size and spacing b/c that will only draw attention to the difference.  People will look and say, oh, look, their names! and that’ll pretty much be it.  They know you didn’t choose them! 

As a side note: I’d stay OFF the ginko biloba — I had a boss at my college summer job who started taking it, and I SWEAR he got WORSE on the memory stuff!

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