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I got  the depo shot every three months, I would only suggest this if you do not plan on having kids for a few years. Once on the shot you do not have periods anymore and if you do they are few and far between (but you have a hellacious one right after)I was on it for two years and it was a year and a half before I started to menstrate again.
I didn’t gain weight and I gotta say I didn’t miss the periods any!

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I haven’t ever gained weight from the pill and I’ve been on 3 different ones.  I have had emotional side effects with one- LoestrinFE. I stopped getting my period all together (almost a year) with the Loestrin which was really nice and made the emotional ups and downs more bearable, but my gyno had me stop taking it because my period was not supposed to stop.

I had the Mirena for almost a year and will definitely be going back to that once we have kids. One of my friends had the non-hormonal iud and was bleeding so much she had to have it taken out. I wouldn’t not recommend it for that reason though because everyone is different and bodies react in different ways. You read about horror stories with iuds (both the mirena and the non-hormonal), but like I said my experience was great. The definite positive is you never have to think about it once it’s in and you get past the initial cramping.

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@tnanog:  The issue is that a lot of people do have substantial weight gain on Depo.  It’s actually been noted in clinical trials, as well, which has not been the case with OCP.  I took Depo for about 10 years and I loved it.  I didn’t have any weight gain, but it does lower bone density which can be a problem.

I have gained weight on OCP but it could be due to simply to the fact that I’m getting older.

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I’m going to go talk to a doctor about Mirena on June 8.  I would love to be hormone free but I can’t because of health problems.

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I just got Mirena about a week and a half ago. The insertion wasn’t too bad and I’m enjoying it so far. 🙂

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i have a copper IUD which i believe is what you are referring to regarding the coil. i didn’t have any problems with the insertion but had already had kids before so it might have been easier for me.

i have heavier bleeding with my periods but no increased pain/cramping. no other side effects. set it and forget it. completely reversible immediately. i have had it for four years and am very happy with it.

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I have never gained weight on the pill. I love the pill, it has been amazing! 

I was on depo for 3 months, I gained about 20lbs in that time. Still losing it from then. :/  

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I’ll be getting implanon after our honeymoon.  3 years of no-hassle protection with fail rates that are BETTER than sterilization?  Yep I’ll take it.

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I have not gained weight from the pill.  I have gained weight for other reasons recently (sick/injured, unable to exercise).  LOTS of my weight has gone to my boobs – I’m pretty sure that is from the pill.  So, it’s not causing me to gain weight, but I think it is causing the extra weight I’m putting on to go to different places than normal for me 🙂 

Most of my tops don’t fit in my chest right now… I was already about a size bigger in my chest than anywhere else – So, this has become a bit of an issue haha 🙂

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I know you didn’t want mirena, but I wanted to give it a nice review. I’ve had it for about a month now, and no complaints to speak of. Occasionally, I have a cramp or two, but nothing worse than AF would bring me. But I really enjoy the spontenaity it has given my Darling Husband and I. Oh, sweet freedom! 

Hopefully you have the same good experience with paraguard, if that’s what your choice is.

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I was on the pill for years. It worked and I didn’t gain weight, but it gave me awful mood swings. I tried Nuvaring but hated having to get that intimate with my girl parts during AF. Ew. I had a few friends on the Depo shot who all gained weight from it, so I’ve never tried it.

I have the Mirena right now. The day of the insertion I was very crampy, like a bad period, but it has been in for over a year now and I love it. I don’t even have to think about bc anymore because it’s always there. It did mess up my menstrual cycle a bit. I used to be very regular but now my cycle varies. It gets a little frustrating sometimes when AF comes earlier or later than I expected, but it’s nothing I can’t deal with.

My aunt was on the copper IUD and had to have it removed after three years because it ended up embedding itself into her uterus. Eek.

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I had Implanon for a year and a half and loved not having periods or remember anything, but did gain some weight and had a lot of trouble losing it so I decided to get off the hormones.  I now have Paragard (the copper IUD) and love it – no hormones, great protection for up to ten years!  I haven’t had a baby, but my doctor did give me….I can’t remember the medical name, but it’s Cytotec (they use it to soften the cervix) and I took it the day and morning before I had it inserted and had virtually no pain!

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I gained alittle bit of weight, but not much. I think I actually looked better, because before I was really stick thin. It also helped with the acne. Only problem I had with mine was that sometimes I would skip my period for a whole month, which is not really a bad thing I guess lol.

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