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Short and to the point response: My husband and I conceived on cycle 8 (I’m now 12 weeks). We planned on trying for a year before doing any testing, and it ended up not being necessary. We are both reasonably young (me 26 him 28), healthy, I had regular periods, etc etc. I didn’t temp (irregular sleep schedule) but I did track my symptoms and we pretty much always timed intercourse well.

All I can say is that sometimes it takes longer. I know it isn’t super encouraging when it is taking longer than you thought/hope, but there it is. You have lots of good things going for you; it sounds like you’ve gone through the basic testing without any fertility red flags. I know it’s hard, but sometimes all you can do is keep at it.

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Darling Husband and I actually conceived on cycle 8 as well. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and things are going well. It was super tough to keep seeing negative tests each month, but hang in there! For me, we timed our BD pretty good each month and used opks. The only thing I did differently was try acupuncture. I started going about 8 weeks before our bfp. Not sure if it helped, or if it was just a coincidence though.

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Took us 9 months. My cycles were wacky after the pill so I only ovulated 4 times in all those months. We are both 33 and super health nuts, so it was rather shocking to not concieve right away. Three months on metformin and a few vitamin b complex shots = bfp! I’m only 7 wks, so it is still early, but things are going great so far. 

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It actually took 8 months the first time for me. If only it had stuck! It took 6 months the second time. But as you know I’m definitely not counting my chickens!! Like MrsZapatos:, I was a health freak, especially the second time and it’a inexplicable to me why people I know, who really don’t look after themselves get pregnant so quickly. I do think it can be just pure luck. 

Anyway, I’m cheering you on and crossing everything that it happens for you very soon.

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whybee:  This is a very good idea for a thread. I had something in mind, and I love reading the TTC success stories. Wishing you a happy BFP soon!<br />

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Sometimes it just works that way. Friends of ours TTC’d for 10 cycles before getting a BFP with their 1st baby. Baby #2? Their 2nd cycle was all they needed. Just like each baby, each TTC experience is different. Hang in there, and good vibes for your BFP. πŸ™‚

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Commenting to follow!! Darling Husband and I are on our 33rd cycle (although had a miscarriage in there, so I’m not sure if I’m suppose to restart it?) Anyway, I could use some encouragement from others too!

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15 cycles here, looking for those success stories!

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whybee:  I know how completely infuriating it is when there seems to be “no good reason” why it is taking so long! I know for me, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I got pregnant in 1 month or 6 months or a year, as long as I knew it would happen. Did it matter if I got pregnant in May or July or whatever? No. Does it matter that I’m able to get (and stay) pregnant at all? It better freaking does, and unfortunately, the only way to find that out is to try.

Good luck to you and everyone else trying!!!

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When you consider that even with perfect timing, you’ve got about a 15-25% chance of getting pregnant any given cycle, it’s a miracle that any of us get pregnant at all.

It took us two years of trying, (when you asked for long-term TTC, I fully expected this to be about trying for over a year or more).  DH really didn’t understand that concieving can take a long time.  His mom got pregnant the first month they tried with both him and his sister, so he just kind of assumed it worked that way for all women, (even though I explained to him that it doesn’t work that way for MOST women).  

After a year and a half, we were tested.  They ruled out PCOS for me, and Darling Husband was fine.  They wanted to do more invasive testing on me, and possibly start HCG injections, but I wasn’t ready for that step yet, (mentally/emotionally, plus it would have really eaten into our financial savings as well).  I tried accupuncture for about six months without success.  I also tried several herbs/supplements, (including Vitex, which worked for a friend of mine, but not for me).  When we passed the two-year mark, I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that a more natural approach just wasn’t working, and we were probably going to have to go back to the fertility doctor.<br /><br />SOOOO much heartbreak and disappointment, cycle after cycle.  I actually had friends start trying after us, get pregnant and deliver, and we were still stuck in the “trying” stage.  Seemed like every CD1, while I was struggling with the fact that AF had shown her face yet again, another friend/coworker/family member would announce their pregnancy.  I was long past the point of being happy for them, and I cannot tell you how many tears I cried during those months.

I was talking to a client of mine, and she mentioned Young Living’s Progessence Plus.  It was $40 for a small bottle, which I kind of cringed at, but $40 for one bottle, (and you use only a few drops, so it lasts a while), is considerably cheaper than the $1200/cycle we were looking at if we pursued “the next step,” so I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Three cycles later, I concieved.  One of those cycles Darling Husband was sick during my fertile window.  The cycle I concieved, I’d had a UTI earlier in the cycle so our timing was terrible.  I was pretty shocked when I actually got a positive test!  I am currently almost fourteen weeks pregnant. 

So hang in there!  More than likely there is SOMETHING out there that will work for you.  Maybe you just need a few more months of trying.  Maybe there is a supplement out there that will be that extra boost you need.  Maybe you’ll need some of the more invasive medical treatments.  But try not to give up hope.  Which is easier said than done, I know!  

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Twelve months of actively TTC for BFP #1, only two months of active TTC for BFP #2 – and while breastfeeding! For some couples it just takes time, there’s not necessarily anything wrong so keep your chin up!

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I’m almost 40 and it took us 5 years. The only advice is…just let it go. Less stressed you’ll be about it, more energy flow will do the job. Blocking your energy does not help you. I remember that I hated every single person who was telling me this…for not knowing what I was going through. But in the end…they were wright. I just didn’t know how to let it go and it took me 5 years to finally get it. 

Wish you best luck with TTC!

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