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Blushing bee

I find this so sad that these women have such insignificant lives theyre trying to ruin your special day..or so they think. 

I think you’re handling in excellent and shouldn’t let them get a rise from you. And I don’t think you should say anythisn’t to the in regards to the hotel. Let them go a with their malicious intent and you sit back and continue to laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee

Do nothing. They think it does, but really their girls weekend away has nothing to do with you. If you say something, they will just deny it anyway and likely try to make you feel stupid. Or you could be completely wrong about what they are up to in the first place. 

And your boss should not share his photos from your wedding. What happens outside the office should stay outside of the office. Why you or he would want to antagonize a pod of raging bitches is beyond me. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Wait… you mean you’re already married and David was a guest and has some photos?

If you’ve kept it quiet this long, you might as well wait another 2 weeks.

ETA: They haven’t noticed a wedding band?

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Worker bee
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I would let it play out. It is not your fault they have missinformation about your wedding venue and date. They are being childish by trying to crash your wedding when you have repeatedly told them it is a small, intimate wedding and they are not invited. And even if they did get the venue and date right they would still have no right to crash a wedding just because they are at the hotel. However if you feel guilty about it, you could let your friend David release his pictures or put a framed picture of the wedding on your desk the day before they leave. If they confront you, you had no knowledge of their plans as they didn’t ask you. 

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Sugar bee


Let them get hoisted on their own petard. If they go and are angry that they don’t have the opportunity to behave like louts … what are they going to complain about? To whom?

Also, just to make sure I’m understanding clearly: you actually got married a few weeks ago? So, they *immediately* picked up on the fact when you got engaged, but they haven’t noticed your wedding band/didn’t realize that the wedding already happened? Have you deliberately avoided wearing a wedding band to the office?

In any event, what they are doing is bullying, plain and simple. Looks like Sheila & Co. never quite outgrew high school.

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Busy bee
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this story is so odd?! I’m sorry I get the whole catty office lady drama, but really to crash a wedding, and expect to be invited to it?


And then I don’t get the part about “cut David loose, he’s dying to show the pictures”…

so you are already married?

and who wastes their girl vacay time on a wedding they are not invited too?



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Blushing bee
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wow! these women are crazy! I wouldn’t tell them and let them waste their money. they had no problem trying to ruin your day, why show them any courtesy?


don’t you have an HR department? their behavior is inappropriate and should be dealt with by HR or management.

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Buzzing bee
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LOL I’m so so sorry you’re out of the office clique but in reality… who would want to be IN with these immature girls anyway?!  

First of all – oh the GAUL of them handing you an envelope BULLYING YOU into inviting everyone! Even if I DID want to invite a few of them I purposely would not for the sake of the demand… its laughable!

Second of all – I AM SOO HAPPY that your wedding has passed and they think they’re a step ahead of you! LOL Plz don’t say anything and don’t let David, they will feel SO FOOLISH when they go to said hotel with no wedding to crash, nothing to do and MUCH lighter pockets! MUAHAHAHA! I wish I could be a fly on the wall… I MIGHT even go to spy on them just to see their reactions! lol… I am LOLing just thinking about it!

Third of all –  You’ve done nothing wrong, been completely classy, had your intimate wedding and STILL WON! I see no reason for drama to ensue because THEY assumed the location and date of your wedding and planned their weekend getaway around those assumptions with the intension of crashing it! Gosh I can see them coming back ashamed and embarrased… hopefully! lol

I’m actually really happy for you ๐Ÿ™‚

I would see these girls learning their lesson after this weekend away and hopefully they’ll leave you alone after OR maybe even start a nice streak void of drama!

Please keep us posted!

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Helper bee
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This is so weird! I would definitely keep my mouth shut, let them go “crash the wedding”. The joke will be on them. I don’t know why anyone would want to ruin anyones wedding like that, especially if you really were having your wedding on that date.

Anyways, congrats on being newly-married! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Sugar bee
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Women like these catty, immature and childish women seem to be LOVE and FEEd off of drama. Go to work, do your job and say nothing.

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Sugar bee
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I would let these idiots plan their weekend and “attend” the wedding.  LOL!!!! You owe them nothing.  What’s the alternative?  Send them all invites?! I think not! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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@wolf987:  I am so sorry that you are experiencing this.

If you have an HR department, I would make an appointment to tell them, just as you have here, calmly and objectively about this group and their shenanigans. HR may not do anything, but they will be informed should this situation escalate.

But let the women have their silly weekend away. If news that your wedding took place slips out before then,–ok. If it doesn’t–ok, too.


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That all sounds so incredibly bizarre. You’ve done incredibly not to flip out on them for their stalkerish behaviour!

I guess if it were me I would leave it. If it’s a joke, they won’t get the reaction they are looking for and, if it’s not, they’ve done something seriously creepy and can hardly be mad at you that they stalked you wrong.

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Busy bee
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I really don’t understand this story

Am I the only one here who is dumbfounded by it?

No offense OP, well actually you can take offense, this sounds like a bad chick-lit novel. Alot of it doesn’t make sense.



Why on earth would they of expected to be invited to the wedding?  Do they not have enough work of their own, that they focus on the OP all day long at work?


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