(Closed) (LONG) Vet or catowner bees, help! Our cats are driving us crazy!

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@Anamagana:  I’m a cat owner. I also have two kitties, a boy and a girl. 

For your issues with the cats, I would suggest trying to not allow them in the kitchen. If you can’t physically block them from getting into the kitchen, grab an empty tin, put some coins in there and when the cats follow you in there demanding food, shake the tin at them unitl they leave the kitchen. Rinse and repeat, lol. It will take a lot of patience from you and Darling Husband, but it’ll be worth while. For the anxiety I’d suggest looking into Holistic medicines for the cats. http://www.holisticanimalmedicines.com/ <– I use the anxiety one for my cats. You just put drops of it in their water bowls and it seems to calm them when there’s big changes about, ie – my moving in with SO and the cats now having two dogs as housemates/backyard mates. 

I hope this helps in some way :). 

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Do you have set feeding times? Before we switched to an automatic feeder, we fed our cat twice a day at the same time every day and specific serving size, so she got a quarter cup of food at 6:30 am and at 8 pm (when she was a kitten, she got 3 daily feedings).  When the food is gone, it’s gone, so she can’t overeat, and she learned her feeding time, so she really only started to fuss if it was close to feeding or if (heaven forbid) it was a little late.

It will take time for the cats to get used to it, and they will probably be very annoying for a little while, but they will eventually adjust to a feeding schedule – I strongly recommend it. If that won’t work with your schedule, you could always go with an automatic feeder – I like it because instead of trying to convince us to feed her, our cat just stares down the feeder until it goes off. 🙂

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I had similar problems with my two cats. One was a stray that would eat everything in sight and the other likes to free feed. Here ishow I solved the problem (and yes it wasextensive, but it worked!):

I got the demanding pig cat an automatic feeder. It allows her to eat on a specific schedule so that she does not depend on me for food. She used to it on my chest while I slept, waiting for me to wake up and feed her. Now, she doesn’t bother me at all because she realizes that the machine is what feeds her. 

This may solve all of your problems except for her demanding chicken. I know you want to give them this as a treat, but to stop your cat from bing a jerk you may want to refrain from giving them any. 

My second solution, which is even more complicated, involves getting food to my free feeding boy cat, because the pig-cat would gladly leave her automatic feeder, eat all of his food, and then return to the feeder to eat all of her own food. My boy cat is also too passive to stop her. So for him I purchased a cat door that opens only when he attempts to open it. He wears a collar with an rfid chip in it which the cat door reads and allows only him entrance. I put the cat door in the side of a huge tupperware bin, and punched breathing holes in the top. 

These two things has allowed both cats to eat in harmony. 

Here are some pics:

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Never give your pets people food. It takes them forever to forget about it, if ever. And every time you lapse into giving them what they want, it reinforces their knowledge that with this annoying behaviour, they will get their way.

If one cats gets set feeding times, the other one does too. Trust me, she will adapt.

Unless the female teaches the male to leave her alone, he’ll keep pestering her. In my experience, this will happen eventually, given enough time together.

I hate to say it, but a lot of this is a result of your behaviours so you simply have to be patient patient patient, and not throw your cats out the window in the meantime. CONSISTENCY is key.

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You say you control their feeding times by covering their plates, do they just have full plates of food out and then cover the food so they can’t eat it?  That is probably very frustrating to them because they can smell the food but can’t eat it.

You need to give them set meal times each day and also control their portions.  Especially if the boy cat is now overweight you need to control his portions to help him loose weight and maintain a healthy weight.  My boy cat would be 20 pounds if he got all the food he wanted.  When I first adopted my girl cat, she wasn’t a good eater and my boy would steal her food, but she was also underweight.  I had her closed off in the bedroom so she could eat her food and put on weight.  Once she was a healthy weight, they ate together at the same time everyday.  

If your cats are not used to a feeding schedule, you can offer them their food at the same time every day, let them eat for 15-20 minutes or so, then take the food away.  They will learn if they want to eat they need to finish their plate in one sitting.

Do they have toys and play time?  Cat nip toys and feather chaser toys?  Keeping them active and giving them lots of playtime will help they use up some energy and help your chubby boy loose weight.  Since your cats seem very food motivated you can put some of their food for the day in a ball that releases the food as the bat and chase the ball around.

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@Anamagana:  If you are going to take the food away, you should only feed them what they need per meal instead of filling up the plate.  That way you aren’t wasting as much food if they don’t finish it before you take it away.  You can use the bag as a guideline for how much they should eat per day, then divide it into two meals per day and only put that in the bowl at a time.  Be careful though because the feeding recommendations on the bag can be off.  Both my cats eat what the bag recommends for 4-7 pounds.  My girl cat is 7 pounds but my boy cat is 10 pounds.  If I fed him what the bag recommends for his weight he would be ginormous!

Since they go crazy for people food could you use wet food as an occaisional treat?  I feed my cats Wellness and they came out with a new food that is pretty much just pieces of meat and fish in a sauce (not the processed loaf like cat food).  I give it to them once a week as a treat, and they go insane!  The food is almost gone before it hits their bowl!


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Is the boy cat neutered?

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Also you should be aware of cats unique nutritional needs this is wordy but explains it


Cats must have taurine in their diet they can have many problems including heart issues without it and giving them just meats will not meet their needs unless you’re giving them raw meat…..which is pretty gross imo.

Anyway yes to getting them on a schedule ect. But please consider a diet change as well also get your cats checked for worms they can have them and not be symptomatic. This would explain the seemingly extreme hunger. 

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@Anamagana:  was it for a type of worm or a multi wormer. I only ask bc multi wormers are extremely hard to find especially where I live so it may be different else where but there a several types that can effect cats. Anyway just a thought good luck =]

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@Anamagana:  just like everyone else said – you need to change your behavior.  unfortunately your cats are starting to train you.  they know that you will give them certain food if they do certain behavior. Change that.  Dont give them the food they want.  give them treats for doing the right thing.  ignore their bad behavior/make loud noises to make them stop the bad behavior. 

Also, when we got our female cat, our male cat really disliked her. We kept them separated in the beginning but would put blankets on the places they usually slept – and would switch them every week.  So they could get used to eachothers smell and learn they are stuck with eachother.

The other thing our vet told us to do was feed them together.  animals bond at feeding time.  feed both of them at the same time and watch them. if they try to eat eachothers food move them further away from eachother but make sure they can see eachother.

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