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@TillyBilly:  I will be 8 weeks this Wednesday (I think) and I feel the same way. I really can’t wait to make it to 12 weeks so that I feel “out of the woods” so to speak. My husband tries to remind me to enjoy every day that I’m pregnant instead of wishing days away until 12 weeks, but like you said… I’m over analyzing everything. 

My first ultrasound is this Thursday and I’m hoping that makes me feel better. My biggest worry is that besides being tired and having some digestive issues, I really feel ok. I’m worries that I don’t feel more pregnant although I know every pregnancy is different. I’m just hoping to see a strong little heartbeat on Thursday. When is your first ultrasound? Do you think that will bring you any peace before the 12 week mark?


and congrats!!!


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I def remember feeling like you do right at the beginning – every day it was like – pass day, PASS! which would bring me one day closer to 12 weeks. It got better before 12 weeks was up though, for me. The early days were the worst. Every week moved at a snail’s pace. One thing that helped me (but it may not be helpful for you) was I found stats for miscarriage week by week, and then felt better when the higher weeks had passed. The other thing is that there is always something to worry about – like after 12 weeks you can worry about hitting viability at 24 weeks, etc. so finding some way to deal with those worries might be a good strategy! I just kept reminding myself that there was simply nothing I could do about any of it, so I just needed to keep carrying on joyfully. 

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@TillyBilly:  I totally felt the same way in the early weeks. Sometimes I just felt completely insane, thinking about only the worst possible outcomes. But what comforted me, was that worry is just a part of being a mother! As much as we try, we cannot control our child’s health, safety, or success in life, in and outside of the womb! No one can PROMISE you that everything will be fine, because life doesn’t work that way. But I do think it’s helpful to accept that this isn’t easy and worry is just as normal as excitement.

In getting through the early weeks, many people find it comforting to say, “Today I am pregnant!”

The sense of relief and joy that washed over me after the first ultrasound was simply amazing! I do feel more confident that things will continue to go well, but that doesn’t mean the worry stops. We’re currently waiting for results of the first trimester screening and then it will still be two more weeks before my next appointment. AND THEN it will be 6 more weeks until the next ultrasound, the anatomy scan! Just think of all the stressing that can go on!

So for now, I’m just focusing on that feeling of seeing the first ultrasound and reminding myself that pregnancy is a normal, healthy process. Each day that passes gets us closer to holding our baby in our arms. 

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Totally normal! As other pp’s have said though – try not to wish it away! And maybe shift the focus on to what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy – eating well, staying calm and exercising ๐Ÿ™‚

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Completely normal!

I was terrified every day of the first 24 weeks. Every twinge, every cramp, every time I felt “wet” down below, I was CONVINCED I was having an MC. And I’m an extremely low-risk pregnancy.

But once I hit the point of viability, it was wonderful! All my worries were gone.

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I hate to break it to you, but the worrying doesn’t go away once you hit 12 weeks, it just shifts to something else! Don’t even get me started on once the baby is actually here! Wishing you a H&H 9 months ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am almost 19 weeks and I still feel like this. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sometimes say to myself, “I need to learn to control this–I have signed up to worry about a child for the REST OF MY LIFE!”

But the thing that makes me feel better is also the thing that makes me worry: I have no control over this. Besides the obvious stuff (don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t fall down the stairs, take your vitamins, etc.), there is nothing I can do or not do to affect the outcome, so why worry? I think we view worrying as a sort of cosmic talisman that somehow protects us against what we’re worried about, when in reality all it does is make us miserable. I know first-hand that this is easy to say and not so easy to do, but hopefully it helps to hear it from someone else. Hang in there!

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@kenziemt:   “But what comforted me, was that worry is just a part of being a mother! As much as we try, we cannot control our child’s health, safety, or success in life, in and outside of the womb! No one can PROMISE you that everything will be fine, because life doesn’t work that way. But I do think it’s helpful to accept that this isn’t easy and worry is just as normal as excitement.”

This X 1000… especially the bolded part!

My children are teenagers and I still worry . It’s just a natural part of motherhood.

Focus on the joy you and your husband feel  and, soon enough… you’ll be holding your baby!

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@TillyBilly:  just focusing on the positive is great. Just know in your heart everything will be ok. i am now 8w2d and it’s been such a crazy 4 weeks. Every cramp and twinge makes me nervous! So has exercising. I just have to trust baby is growing strong- I have no reason to believe otherwise and at thipinpoint neither do you! 

good luck on Thursday! I had my first u/s at 6w4d and we saw and ghealtd the heartbeat. It was awesome! It will be awesome for you too.

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What you’re feeling is completely normal. For me, every milestone was a celebration: dating ultrasound where we saw the heartbeat, the next appointment where we got to HEAR the heartbeat, and making it to 12 weeks. Once we were out of the first trimester I felt so much better, and even able to relax some. Around 16/17 weeks I started feeling my baby move, and that has made every day easier! I don’t worry anymore, which was a big thing for me (having had a prior miscarriage). There are always reasons to worry, until baby is safe in our arms, and even then… it comes with the territory of being a parent!

Go easy on yourself and celebrate those milestones!

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@TillyBilly:  Congratulations on your pregnancy and yes I can definitely relate! I am 11 weeks today so 6 more days and I will be thru the 1st trimester. Whew! I have been looney about everything. I wont take tylenol for a headache unless its been a super bad 1 (twice). Ive been so carefup about what I eat. I just keep saying I want everything for this lil life im responsible for to be perfect:) Hang in there and Good luck!!

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@TillyBilly:  I can completely relate. Before getting pregnant, I knew I would fear miscarriage, but I had no idea how much I would scrutinize every little thing as you described in your OP.

I am almost 10 weeks now. Yes, I’m still scared. But I am trying to re-focus my energy to the present. I tell myself, “Today, you are pregnant. Today, your baby is growing inside you. Treasure every moment.”

That, and hearing the heartbeat, has helped me.

Also, stay off google!

I hope you can find some peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

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