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@gissye:  We borrowed and edited some from the internet.  Here they are:

I , _________, take you __________ to be my  husband/wife , my friend, my partner, and soul mate. 

I will trust you and respect you.  Care for you and protect you.

Laugh with you and cry with you.  Comfort you and encourage you. 

I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this day forward as long as we both shall live. 


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We also perused the internet and actually ended up writing our entire ceremony ourselves based on what we found!

Here are our vows:

“I, _____, take you, ______, to be no one other than yourself. Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know. I will respect your integrity and have faith in your abiding love for me, through all our years, and in all that life may bring us.”

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we wrote ours, and didn’t use a template. Here’s how I did mine:

I brainstormed about everything I was feeling/have felt, since the time we met, and compared my life before/after we met.

My final product was 3 paragraphs: the first was about meeting him and how my life had changed. The second was about everything he does for me, and vowing to do the same for him. It went (very roughly) something like, “DH, you are affectionate, supportive, and xyz… because of this, I promise/vow to do xyz” The last paragraph was basically comparing him to my father and the qualities that I admire in him as an individual (my father is passed, so this was REALLY sentimental to us), and basically thanking his family for raising him to be the man he is now. Then I ended it with ‘until death or zombies part us’ just to break the tension.

Everyone said it was very heartfelt and a beautiful ceremony. We’ve been to several parties this weekend, and a few strangers have even approached us saying how romantic they heard it was. I def. recommend writing your own. If you’re having trouble starting, just brainstorm qualities that you admire about your partner, and a few things you ABSOLUTELY know you want to address. Once you have a rough idea, add some adjectives and personal moments, and spice it up with the Thesaurus in Word.

Altogether it took me about 3 hours to write mine.

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@jeanie13:  I love your vows.  I especially like the part “Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not know yet”.  We’ve almost been married for one year and I’ve learned a TON about my husband (and vice versa) that I didn’t know before we wed.  I have faith in our love and that it will carry us through good times and not so good times.  Your vows are SO true!

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@melisslp: Thank you so much! I can’t wait to say them for real!

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One of the other bees came up with a template for her vows.  Here is her example with her dog, Millie Sue:

I – Introduction: Sweet Millie Sue – Before I met you, I never saw myself having a dog, especially a lab with so much energy and a rebellious streak that includes stealing our glasses off the nightstands, chewing up toilet paper rolls and shredding the magazines strewn on coffee tables. But your energy was contagious, and before I knew it, I couldn’t see myself without one. I love our nightly walks exploring the neighborhood in the springtime; the way you get so excited for a treat you attempt to do all your tricks at the same time; and even when you snore so loudly I have to turn music on just to fall asleep (which is actually very sweet, by the way).


  II – The “I Love You Because” Part: I love you because you’re so accepting of everyone, no matter their flaws. You’re the first to make a new friend, the first to apologize when we’re angry, and first to comfort me when I’m hysterically upset about a character I know only through a book or a movie. I love you because you’re dependable and honest, and I wholly believe you when you show your love to me.


 III – The “Because I Love You” Part: And because I love you, I promise to care for you the same way you’ve watched out for me since Mr. Jam’s been away. I promise to always have a steady supply of snuggles and treats, and to not laugh too hard when the toy you’re playing with gets caught in your collar. And most of all, I promise to do all I can to always make you the happiest dog in the world, even when I come home to find the bathroom full of shredded toilet paper and cotton balls.

IV – Grand Finale: Millie, you are the best dog we could have ever asked for, and I’m endlessly proud that you’re ours. You’ve always fit in perfectly with everyone you meet, and I treasure the memories we’ve made together. More than anything, I can’t wait to see what kinds of wonderful adventures we have to look forward to. I love you forever!

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We were going to write our own, until our minister sent us a list to choose from for thought and we found one completely perfect for us.  Here it is:


In the presence of God, I, _______,

Take you, ______, to be my wife/husband,

To be made complete by you.

My vow is to stand at your side as your wife/husband

Even as you and I and the world around us will change.

My place will always be with you.

I will give to you selflessly

All that I have: my love, my loyalty, my honor, my life,

Today and forever after.

This is my solemn vow.

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