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150 minutes per week at elevated heart rate is one way. 

Orange Theory is a great circuit workout that will help you shed pounds. 

Or doing a 12 week workout from bodybuilding.com from some of the trainers on there, if you’re motivated/dedicated. 

Replace all drinks with water. Drink more water. Remove all alcohol and sugary drinks, including juice (liquid calories). 

Make sure you’re getting enough calories… enough good calories, more complex carbs, more lean proteins. Please don’t remove carbs. The body needs 45-65% of its caloric intake from carbs I dont give a sh*t what anyone says. 

Its about replacing bad habits with good ones. It takes time to establish and replace them. If you like reading, the ‘Power of Habit’ is a good read to help you figure out the why’s of why you have bad habits. 

Good luck, 

-Graudate of ASFT Certified Fitness Professional 

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You may be eating more than you realise. Other peoples’ portion sizes have no bearing on how much you need to eat for your height and weight. I’d suggest tracking everything you eat for 1-2 weeks. Just eat as normally would, but weigh it with a food scale before you eat it, then input it into a site like myfitnesspal or cronometer (with your calories set to maintainence, not weight loss). This will give you an idea of whether you are actually eating the amount you believe you are. The boards on myfitnesspal can also be useful when you can’t figure out why you aren’t losing weight.

If it turns out that you are eating within your calorie requirements then do see a doctor, because you could have an underlying condition. But most of the time, people in your predicament are massively underestimating the amount of calories they are consuming, because people are generally rubbish at estimating correct calories and portion sizes.

If you do find that you are overeating, then set your calorie goal to lose 0.5-1lbs per week as you don’t have loads to lose, and higher loss-per-week goals are harder to maintain.

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sunburn :  oooo girl 3 MONTHS?!? Thats sooo doable.

I am the same, 5’3, used to have an amazing hourglass body, now its covered in a good 3 extra inches of fat. I put on about 50lbs towards the end of college. I did a crash diet in 1 month for a show i had to be in, lost 20lbs in that once month, eating Baby food & Tea ONLY, all day, then having exactly 1 regular good dinner every night (could be anything, burger, pasta, froed chicken)… didnt exercise at all* 

Once i started working full time at a desk, sitting next to a drawer full of snackies every single day put that 20lbs back on REALLY quickly.

QUESTION: what was your diet/what foods did u eat that were healthy but also made u stay full??? I could eat a GIANT salad, But 2 hours later im starving, & then i binge hardcore 😭

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Are you still gaining, or have you been the same weight for a while now?  If you aren’t gaining more, what you’re eating could be suitable for maintaining your weight – but you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. 

Go to the doctors and get a clean bill of health, and go to the physio to get your knee checked out, however the reason could be perfectly normal, such as our metabolism starts to slow down in early 20’s, and not walking and taking public transport anymore makes a huge difference. I got my license at 21 (usual age is 18 here) and I put on about 6kg in 6 months once I started driving everywhere.

You don’t want to overdo it because of your knee, and a lot of PT’s from gyms don’t actually know that much about avoiding aggravating injuries.  I would suggest starting off by putting a podcast on and committing to a 30minute power walk everyday.  Going for a swim is also excellent excercise.  Do that for a month with a healthy eating plan with suitable calorie intake, and see how you go. 

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made2comment : Baby food and tea? Lol.

Ok, I don’t necessarily recommend this: I ate very, very little the first week. Like one piece of chicken and some watered down juice. That got me used to eating much less; it reset my tolerance for food. My portion sizes had gotten out of control and I had become used to eating so much.

At the time I had injured my hip, which really gave me the push I needed to lose the weight. I was in enough pain that I didn’t really think about food. I really, really wanted my old body back and I ignored all hunger pangs. I went to bed a little hungry every night, but found that went away after a while. I ate as much fruit as I wanted. I omitted butter and cream completely. I often ate fish, as much as I wanted, which I love or chicken without the skin, which I never liked anyway. I made sure to get a lean protein every day. I didn’t eat any dessert at all. Not even a cookie! I didn’t eat anything that remotely resembled a cracker or bread. I cut out simple carbs completely except for fruit. And of course all the veggies etc. I don’t think anyone eats enough vegetables – including me.

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I’ve recently lost 22kg and I’m now maintaining. I’ve done it by eating a balanced diet. I haven’t cut anything out of my diet. However I try and eat about 80% of the time healthy ‘real foods’. I cook a lot more from scratch so I know exactly what is going into my meals. If I don’t have plans I will cook and eat healthy foods…however if meeting friends or going on holiday I’ll enjoy myself. I’ve just had a weekend of Spanish fiestas and have been non stop drinking and eating junk food all weekend, just got on the scales and yes I’ve gained a bit (not as much as I thought) so going to eat well today. I knew I wanted this to be a lifestyle change forever…so I knew I would have to allow myself to enjoy going out too or I wouldn’t stick to it 🙂 

i eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I’ve tried to stop mindless snacking out of boredom. If I walk to the fridge I now ask myself ‘are you hungry?’ If the answer is no, then I will think of something else to do with my time as I’m obviously bored. If I’m hungry I never ignore hunger pangs, it’s my body telling me it wants food. I try not allow myself to get really really hungry or I tend to want to eat sooo quickly and end up overeating. I’ve also tried to slow down my pace that I eat and savor what I’m eating. I especially do this when eating foods high in fat, sugar or calories. Yes, I can still eat a cookie…but I’m not going to eat it on the go like I used to, I’m going to sit down and enjoy it with a cup of tea. 

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I am not sure I can add much more than the other bees but all weight loss comes down to is calories in verse calories out. Having a calorie deficiency is the only way to lose weight, assuming there isn’t a medical condition that needs to be addressed. Working out has great benefits but not always a key factor in weight loss. In fact, when I was running regularly I actually gained weight. I am sure some of it was muscle but alot of it was due to being hungry after expending all that energy. I felt great but didn’t lose weight. 

I lost 50lbs about 4 years ago with counting calories & exercise, it took me a while to make healthier food choices but weight loss is all about calories in verses calories out  (sorry to repeat myself!) I have maintained that weight loss with calorie control & I eat much healthier now. I don’t work out like I use to and I miss it so much! My schedule is nuts so I do my best to go for a 30 minute walk on my lunch break at work. I started a desk job about a year ago & put on ~10lbs quickly so I had to adjust my eating schedule. I started intermittent fasting around April, essentially you skip one meal a day to help keep a calorie defict, and I’ve lost the 10lbs I put back on plus another 20lbs, so a total of 70lbs. I am not exterme about it but it has been a helpful tool in my weight loss journey. 

I hope you can find something that works and if it’s not food/calorie related, a full physical is probably the best place to starts. Best of luck bee! 

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