Loosing weight before TTC

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Drink lots of water, cut out pop/soda and juice, and alcohol.  We also never eat out (occasional sushi) and have salad every day with supper. I would not recommend drastic changes, its more of a lifestyle change in order to be successful. 

Exercise is also important, but if you can’t fit the gym into your routine start going for nightly walks after supper will help with digestion and often curb desire for desserts too.

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I think the thing that helps most people is counting calories, start quite accurately but then you can get a bit looser with tracking as you learn what your portions size is and how much is in the things you eat frequently.  Use myfitness pal, it’s a great way to jump start the process for you and teaches you what is in your food. 

Focus on mostly healthy foods, but indulge in what means the most to you – once a week, twice a week or every night for dessert.  Obviously the key thing with this is it teaches compromise, some brought cake into work for a birthday and you want a piece? That’s totally fine but it’s not cake on top of your normal day, you have to substitute with a lighter lunch, or dinner. 

Rules like ‘never eat X’ ‘cut out Y’ just don’t work for most people. 

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1. Drink water throughout the day including with lunch/dinner.

2. Have a set amount of healthy foods you bring to work each day (for me it’s a greek yogurt, two fruits) and grab one each time you’re hungry. Only after all of them are gone, then I eat whatever I brought for lunch but I find myself filled up enough that I eat a much smaller serving.

3. I don’t exercise much but I walk a decent amount(tracked by fitbit). I walk my dog before and after work. I also walk during my lunch break unless it’s raining.

4. Also, limit eating out. I definitely end up indluging in my favorite foods and eating a larger portion. I eat out twice a week (Fri/Sat nights) and home cook during the week and bring food from home for lunch.


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I love Weight Watchers because you can still have treats and “bad” food, you just learn to balance it out. 


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Use one of those online calculators to calculate a daily calorie goal for a moderate weight loss (e.g. 1 pound a week), and track your calorie consumption WITHOUT CHEATING for at least couple weeks.  You’ll quickly figure out what’s sabotaging your diet, whether it’s a certain type of food, or weekend indulgences, or just too much food in general, or whatever.

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hunting_bride :  I’ve been making major lifestyle changes to get healthier. Two of my doctors and a nutritionist recommended the Ketogenic diet/lifestyle for me. I’ve successfully gone down to

I have my 3 month check up this afternoon to go over my bloodwork. I’ll come back and post an update if my levels have improved (or not, hopefully they have though). 

It’s a ridiculously tough diet and you need to be serious as heck about it. But if you can commit to it, after the first month it gets really easy and the weight just keeps coming off. I’m starting to add weight training and feel so much better

ETA: I have read that this diet increases your fertility because when your body switches over to burning ketones instead of glucose, your fat cells release stored estrogen making women super fertile. Since I’ve been keto, I’ve lost track of the number of women I’ve seen get pregnant with twins! I guess the extra estrogen can cause an LH surge that causes both ovaries to release eggs, giving women an increased chance for fraternal twins or “oopsies” when not actively TTC.

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hunting_bride :  Well wanting it and having a reason to push for it is a great place to start! 

As for tips I can only share what’s worked for me, but a lot of that is pretty conventional wisdom: cut out empty calories from junk food, sugary drinks, etc. Make sure to drink a gallon of water per day (water tracking apps are a HUGE help here). I also make sure to religiously log everything I eat in https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ to make sure I’m not exceeding my daily calorie limit.

For exercise, I split my time between the gym 2-3 tmes a week and Beachbody workouts at home. They actually offer free trials for most of their more popular programs if you want to check it out for yourself: https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/online-workouts-videos.do 

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hunting_bride :  I have to agree with 

MrsBuesleBee :  ! I’ve tried every diet and change in the books and weight watchers has definitely been the most realistic and easy to follow! I started mid-August and have lost about 10 pounds now. I still have treats just balance it out 

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MrsBuesleBee :  +1 

Seconding WW, it’s the only thing that worked for me, otherwise I’m a chronic yo-yo feast-or-famine dieter. WW keeps me at a healthy happy medium and is do-able long term, still allows for treats, meals out etc. 

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I have never tried weight watchers but I have heard really good things about it.

I’ve been working towards losing weight and in the last couple months i’ve lost about 10 pounds. What has worked for me is:

– Tracking food and calories on myfitnesspal

– Trying to eat out less

– Going on lunch walks at work (Usually I can get in 2-3 miles!)

– Trying to be more active in small ways, taking the stairs, parking my car far away when I get to work

Honestly those things have helped immensely. Really the key is a calorie deficit. Make sure you’re burning more than you’re consuming. 

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as someone who has lost a significant amount of weight (80); the key to my losses and maintenance both, is being mindful and aware of what i am eating. i do this by using myfitnesspal.

when i don’t track, i do a whole head in the sand behaviour where i just eat whatever, and the weight inevitably comes back on.

whatever food lifestyle or diet you choose, monitoring it and staying on track will keep you accountable. just don’t quit.

it might take some trial and error to find what makes your body feel best and work at its most efficient.

for me, i aim to keep my carbs under 50 grams a day, and try to get my protein to 100grams a day, and at least 25 grams of fiber. i don’t really count calories.

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I’m currently trying to lose weight for when we TTC next year. I’ve lost 25 lbs so far and want to lose 75 total (50 more to go!) That was with just counting calories (I use MyFitnessPal), eating out less and cooking at home more, and adding in exercise. I use Daily Burn (it’s a subscription service for workouts) because I hate the gym and am much more comfotable and likely to work out at home. It also costs less than a gym membership and has new videos daily as well as many different programs at various fitness levels you can try out.

I also post about my weightloss journey on Instagram. It helps keep me accountable and also I’ve gotten nothing but positivity and support (my Instagram has no privacy settings so I frequently get comments from people I don’t know). Using social media as a part of my weightloss plan is one of the newer things I did that actually seems to have kept me motivated this time around.

I also set rewards for smaller miletones (every 10 lbs). They are never food related but give me something to celebrate along the way. When you have a large weightloss goal it’s important to celebrate the smaller successes on the way there otherwise it feels impossible to ever reach.

And of course, having my husband be my support is amazing too. He will always kindly remind me to think about my diet and he’s incredibly encouraging on my bad days.

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