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The biggest advice I have is to make small, consistent changes in your lifestyle. It’s all about adapting a lifestyle that is going to help you not only lose the weight but keep it off.

Find exercises that you enjoy – try to get in 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week and do strength training 2-3 times a week. I break my strength training up into body areas (so upper body, lower body and abs/core on different days) so I can get my whole body worked throughout the week without overdoing it. If running or using machines isn’t your thing, join a zumba dance class or go on walks through your neighborhood or a local park. If you go into it enjoying yourself, you’re gonna be more likely to stick with it!

So far as diet goes, focus on eating whole, healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains – and cut out prepackaged and sugar. Watch how much you intake on liquid calories – I found that by cutting my daily latte and switching to plain black coffee with a splash of almond milk, I was removing 300 calories from my daily intake.

If you have a “bad” day, don’t stress. They happen. Life happens. Just get back on the horse and keep going (:

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@Kafrine: Sign up for Calorie Count and start to track you food. It can be a bit of a chock to see how much calories you actually consume during one day – but it’s worth it! Eating healthy is a key component when it comes to weight loss. Can you give us any idea of what you eat now, so that we can recommend things you can cut from your diet?


Just checked the temperature in Chicago, and in case you think that’s too cold for taking walks – spend the next month or two swimming, it’s really a great way to get exercise. Also, if you don’t have time to go to the gym on a frequent basis – get a work out video or two and commit to it.

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@Kafrine:  I used Sparkpeople for a while to get motivational support and articles. It was great and I managed to lose 20 lbs by eating right, tracking calories, and exercising 3-5 days a week.

I am not an expert or a professional but these are just some things that helped me. My fitness pal tells you to eat X calories and if you exercise, you get to eat X more calories. Let’s say the amount of calories it told me to go under was 1400. I stuck to that number whether I worked out or not. Just because I got on the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes did not mean that I treated myself to the regular 1400 calories AND a slice of cake.

I also drank a LOT of water and ate a ton of fruits and veggies. I cooked a lot too and tried to stay away from take out. I also have not had fast food in forever. Also, it will be a good idea to add weight training to your work outs as well.

Remember that this is a slow process! Do not expect to lose 10 pounds in one week. It took me a while to lose 10 pounds and then another 3 months of calorie tracking, eating right, and consistent work outs to lose another 10 pounds. I would love to lose another 10 pounds but have been so busy with this wedding, moving, and getting a new job. I’m getting back into it though.

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When I first started losing weight, I tackled my diet. I started with Weight Watchers, so MFP is s certainly not dissimilar. I’d try to start by reducing your consumption of refined carbs. So, rather than cereal or toast for breakfast, I scramble eggs in the microwave. It doesn’t take any longer and the protein fills me up. I then have a nice salad for lunch with spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, etc, as well as tuna or chicken and some feta. Feta is like the little treat that makes the salad exciting for me. I’m properly sad!

For dinner I tend to stick with chicken or salmon or some other meat and veg. I’ve obviously been quite low carb, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, you might add a small amount of rice or couscous with roast veg. 

When I’m dieting intensely, I keep my food dull. My fiancé is away Monday to Friday, so I prefer to have quite boring, simple food in the house, which helps me to avoid temptation. 

it wasn’t until I lost about 30lbs that I really started thinking about exercise. I did the C25K, but quit once I reached my goal because I don’t really like running! I joined an inexpensive gym back in September, and now I go about five times per week. I exclusively do classes. I like the motivation of the group environment, and having someone spur me on when I’d be likely to get lazy if I went on my own. 

So, the abridged version is that you will likely really struggle if you try to change everything at once. Take it slowly. Start with your diet because probably 90% of your success will be down to what you eat. Then, add in some exercise, but be careful not to assume you can eat loads more. And when you’re really lacking in motivation, just remind yourself that it will end! When I can’t be bothered to go to the gym, I just remember that it’ll only be 45 minutes and I can feel virtuous for the rest of the night. Good luck! 

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@MRSsrm85:  Good advice, however I will add that it is VERY important to each back some of your exercise calories if you’re working out heavily. If you’re only burning 200-400 calories, sure, don’t eat those back but I know when I do a Zumba class I can burn upwards of 800 calories in one session – to not eat some of that back would be majorly depriving my body of nutrients.

So just use your own discretion. If you’re hungry, then eat. The worst thing you can do is screw up your metabolism by not eating enough (:

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@Kafrine:  Have you heard of the Belly Fat Cure (it’s a diet/meal planning book) it seriously changed my outlook on how I eat.

It’s a low sugar diet, that teaches you how to replace high sugar food options with ones that have none to 1 gram per serving. It is amazing how much I learned from it and the food that I found had sugar hiding in them.

Biggest plus, following his diet kick start, I lost the most inches in my stomach than I ever had before with simple diet and exercise.

Look into the book and diet plan, it was one of the best purchases I ever made!

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OP, I’m in a similar boat. I’m currently at my heaviest weight, and it is seriously depressing. I’m trying to get motivated – carefully, as a medical condition keeps me from exercising too too rigorously.

I’m learning to eat better (breakfast smoothies, nuts as snacks, saying NO to junk food) and drinking more water. I have always loved fruit and veg, so no issues there… I just happen to also love chocolate and other garbage too!

Feel free to pm any time! I’d love to chat 🙂

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I’ve been trying to loose weight too! and I’ve actually have. I haven’t done anything like going to the gym or being on a diet. I’ve just changed my eating habits like eating more vegetables and fruits also not skipping meals because I tend to gain weight like that. I haven’t hit the gym because I work and go to school i rather sleep or do HW than go to the gym, but all that walking on campus I think has helped. I baught my dress a size 16 and last week i went with my mom and tried on the dress and they had to pin it! I was sooo Happy!

You will be able to loose weight there’s still plenty of time. I just picture myself the day of and that gets me motivited :p

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I’ve lost about 50lbs in the last couple years! I used a calorie counter for almost all of it. I hate the gym, so I never went, but I DO work in childcare, so I get plenty of physical excersize!

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Only eat when you are hungry and stop when you start to feel full. Do not keep eating because you feel bad about waste. Stay away from fastfood as much as possible and if you are going to eat (lets say) cookies… grab 2 cookies and put the rest away. If you take the bag with you, you will continue to eat. Also, keep food out of sight and out of mind to avoid eating while bored. Soda is evil….empty calories and full of sugar.

This helped me a lot while pregnant because everyone was telling me to eat an extra 200-300 calories to support the baby. I was told by a friend to trust my body to tell me when it needs the energy and do not calorie count. Best advice ever!

Get a good nights sleep and drink lots of water (it gives you the illusion of being full and its great for you).

For exercise, find something that you enjoy and stick with it. Right now for me, it is walking and jogging with my baby in her stroller. I do this everyday up the hill and down. Each day I go up a bit further. Almost 7 weeks after the delivery and I am near my pre-pregnancy weight, almost there! I still make sure to eat when hungry to support my milk supply but I do not go overboard.

As far as an actual diet plan, I have heared good things about going Primal. Google it or message Abbyful. She is an expert on that.

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@MRSsrm85:  I’m sorry but sticking under your recommended target calories while exercising is dangerous and not to be recommended!! Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function and depriving your heart, brain etc of nutrients they need in order to work properly is NOT a good idea!  

@Kafrine:  I have lost 50 pounds myself and kept it off for a number of years now. I am really into my exercise and nutrition ( working on getting qualified in both areas) so if you want to PM me I would be happy to send you an exercise programme my trainer developed for me when i first started out and also some tips on nutrition. 

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@MrsGo:  All I am saying is not to go insane just because you worked out. You will never lose weight if you think working out for 15 minutes justifies the extra three slices of cake. One slice here and there is fine.

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@Kafrine: Based on what you posted, you can achieve great results just from a diet change! 

First, change the things that are just associated with you – like the breakfast. Skip the bagel and look for healthier alternatives. Could you have yoghurt and berries for breakfast, together with a slice of whole wheat bread with ham and tomato slices? Or perhaps porridge with berries and low-fat milk? Eggs are always a great way to start the day, you can get egg whites from the store and make an omelette that you have with some veggies and ham.

For lunch and dinner, you have to break lose and start to cook your own food. A diet based on take out, chicken nuggets and grilled cheese means that the pounds will just continue to accumulate! Not to mention that you’re on a fast track to all kinds of weight related problems such as diabetes and heart disease. I don’t say this to be mean, but I saw my dad eating himself to type 2 diabetes – so stop it while you can!

Next time you go to the grocery store, try to pick produce that you actually have to cook. Lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruit, i.e. nothing that comes in a box and requires a microwave oven! In case you need recipe inspirations, search online or pick up a food magazine in the store (clean eating/diabetes preventive food).

I’ve lost 70 lbs myself, and maintained that for 10 years, so just send me a PM in case you have any questions.


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