(Closed) Losing weight at a slow rate.

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You should look into the Paleo diet and maybe check out Paleomg.com

I had sucess witht this kind of lifestyle and you do not starve on this diet.

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NO or at least low carbs and low-fat, smaller portions

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I’ve lost 15kg (~33pounds) in the last 3 years – so it was at a slow rate. I worked out a lot and I changed my diet:

I eat three times a day (to avoid many blood sugar spikes) and in the evening I avoid carbs altogether. I get my usual chocolate as dessert at lunch and only rarely drink alcohol (but I enjoy my Cosmopolitans once in a while). It’s as easy as that – not always and exclusively healthy food, but reasonable dieting and eating enough. 

If you eat too little, you won’t have enough energy to exercise 😉

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I started Weight Watchers Online on March 8th.  As of this morning, I have dropped 26 lbs, and I did it in a HEALTHY way too!

My goal is about 50 lbs, so I am 1/2 way there!!

It has been an easy program to follow, and an easy way to keep myself accountable.  With that, I also started running outdoors again.  That started in April.  While the diet has been a HUGE factor in my weight loss, the running has toned my body all over, and I feel stronger.

Once the cold weather rears its head, I am going to join boot camp/kick boxing classes, so that my body does not get complacent on the running, and so that I do not get bored.  Running outside, though, has been an easy, excuse-free way to get moving.  I wake up at 5am, and am out the door by 530am to run my 3-4 miles every day, etc.  No driving anywhere, no lines for machines, etc.  If I skip my morning workout, I force myself to go right after work, etc.

Please keep in mind, weight loss should be gradual.  It takes time, and thus patience to continue on any program, even on those weeks you may have gained a pound, instead of losing a pound!  Good luck!

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Totally understand the frustration of slow weight loss – it’s taken me a whole freakin year to lose 20 pounds!  The biggest thing for weight loss is diet, but working out is an important component of achieving overall health and boosting metabolism.


Here’s what helped me:


1) Changing my relationship with food

     This is the biggest challenge.  I tend to find a lot of comfort in food, and I LOOOOVE food.  I learned to change my mindset towards food.  I still love food, but I place less importance on it now – it used to be my go-to comfort.  Finding comfort and fulfillment in other areas of my life helped me change this mindset.


2) Cutting down processed foods

     I slowly started eating healthier.  I didn’t cut unhealthy food out completely, and I still indulge in moderation, but I slowly started making healthier substitutions for things.  Started cooking more and cutting down on unhealthy stuff.  Processed foods are really bad because they tend to be low in nutrition and still high in carbs.  Unprocessed foods are more filling and will make you feel better because of the higher nutritional value.


3) Finding foods that cut certain cravings

     Protein and fiber help cut down cravings for crappy food.  I found having a substantial breakfast of whole grain toast, kefir, and cucumber help prevent my craving other foods throughout the day.  In the afternoons I usually do a smoothie of mango, baby kale, spinach, and banana most days, and I find the smoothie cuts most of my sugar cravings, plus it’s an easy way to get more veggies in my diet


4) Finding exercise you enjoy

    Doing certain workouts just because they’re trendy might not be sustainable.  If you find forms of exercise you enjoy, working out doesn’t feel like such a chore.  I enjoy dancing and yoga, so many of my workouts are centered around those.  I use many fitness dvds, including some that have 15 minute workout options, so at least I get SOME physical activity in.


5) Focus on results instead of poundage

   I found looking at the scale frustrating for many months because I’d barely lost any weight even though I was eating better and in the best shape of my life.  Even though I hadn’t lost much weight, though, I’d lost inches everywhere.  Eventually the pounds started coming off, but it took a really long time.  It can get frustrating and one can get impatient, but if you feel better, are healthier, and look better, that’s worth a lot more than a dip in the scale.


Sorry for the long post, but I hope these things help!

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I am in the carbs are good camp. People treat it like it is the spawn of Satan…I’ve lost 60 lbs twice with a carb-included diet. I did run a lot, so I had to get my calories back somehow. 

Eat everything in moderation. Buy a food scale…its shocking how much one

Serving of meat is!

Eat less, move more, eat more often. Dont do 1200 calories a day…thats too low.

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I lose weight slowly too.  It took me about a year to lose about 15 lbs and I worked my butt off!!  I’m 4’11” though so I guess 15 is fairly significant at my height.  But I hear you saying getting to the gym is a drag.  It really can be sometimes, even for someone like me who loves working out! So one thing I do is give my self a pretty easy goal to match. I will just set a goal to work out for 20 minutes.  It doesn’t have to be a grand 2 hour work out every time I go.  But the thing is, I never stay for just 20 minutes.  It’s just a much easier thing to wrap my brain around and to motivate myself to go. Then, if I only do 30 or 40 minutes because I’m exhausted, I can still feel good about myself and not beat myself up for not doing enough. As hard as it is to get ourselves there, have you ever left saying “I wish I didn’t work out today”?  It’s usually more like “I’m so glad I did that”.  I hope that helps at least a little!!

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@Amayansong:  Also, workout does not mean going to the gym, necessarily. I also play volleyball, go to the subway by bike instead of taking the bus, take the stairs to my office instead of the elevator, go hiking with friends, swimming in a lake, or whatever comes to mind. Every minute you spend moving instead of doing whatever is a minute more than nothing.

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