(Closed) Losing Weight in the First Trimester (Inadvertently)

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Busy bee
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I lost 10 lbs my first trimester before I got over enough of my morning sickness to stabilize and start gaining.  My OB was never concerned and my maternal fetal specialist wasn’t concerned as long as I was still getting in some form of protein and not just taking in carbs and sugar.  She suggested making a trailmix of sorts so nuts and teddy grahams and dried fruit if it will stay down was suggested as well as deviled eggs or scrambled eggs/omelets so it wasn’t meat – which was a total turn off to me and has stayed that way throughout my pregnancy.  As long as your baby is growing and your body isn’t feasting on your muscle (can be determined through some of your urine samples) you’ll start gaining eventually.

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Blushing bee
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I am down 10 lbs too! I definitely have had a loss of appetite these last 12 weeks, Morning (olthough more like Evening) Sickness hasn’t helped either. I got to the MD on Friday so hopefully she’ll be OK with the weight loss. 

Like PP said, as long as the baby is growing it shouldn’t be a problem, I read some moms to be lose up to 20.

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I lost a total of 15 pounds over pregnancy, and had a perfectly healthy baby in the end!  Try your best to eat what you can, when you can and don’t worry about the rest.  🙂  As long as you are eating and taking your daily vitamins, your body will gain the weight it needs. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I lost about 10 lbs in the first trimester.  I did eventually catch up in the latter part of the second and third trimesters.  We had a healthy 6 lb baby.  If I can give you one piece of advice, it is don’t stress about the weight loss like I did!  Nature did what it needed to do.

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Buzzing bee

I lost ~10 lbs in the first tri, but overall I gained 37 from my pre-pregancy weight.  (I was only 5 days early.)  Most people “catch up”.  😉  Baby was 8.5 lbs and perfectly healthy.  I think every body is different, as long as you eat as well as you can and exercise, don’t worry!

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Honey bee
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I lost a few pounds between weeks 5-7.  The nausea was (and still is) really bad.  But my doctor and a few other awesome bees told me to eat something every couple of hours.  Unfortunately and fortunately it helped with the nausea… and increasing my waist size.  I was directed to eat a complex carb and protein every 2 hours so naturally I gained the weight back.  Losing weight in the beginning is totally normal.  You’ll gain some soon!

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Busy bee
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I’m just over 26 wks right now and I’m down 23lbs from my first Dr’s appointment. I was overweight to begin with and had severe morning (all day) sickness. Dr isn’t concerned so neither am I.

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Busy bee
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I haven’t lost, but it seems like whenever i gain a pound or two, it quickly goes away. I can’t seem to eat much, the nausea really kills my appetite. My dr hasn’t said anything about it yet, so I’m not terribly concerned. I’m just ready to get out of this first trimester and start feeling better!

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Blushing bee

I lost weight initially, started gaining around week 16 (maybe a little earlier), and got back to my start weight around week 24.  Unless you were underweight to begin with, I don’t think it’s something to be concerned about…your doctor will let you know if it is.  I’d mention it at your next appointment just so you’ll have piece of mind.  My doctor explained my loss as a combo of decrease in appetite, change in diet (got really strict about what I ate when found out pregnant), and little one calling dibs on the calories he needed.

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Blushing bee
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I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester (was normal BMI). After my morning sickness subsided I was able to gain weight.  I’m in my 22nd week and from my initial weight, I’m only up 10 pounds from where I started. Baby is fine, I’m doing fine too.

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Sugar bee
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I lost between 5 and 10lbs in my first trimester due to morning sickness. by my second trimester I had gained what I had lost. my OB was never overly concerned.

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@farmgirl2106: I lost 10kgs according to google that’s 22 pounds in my first trimester due to change in diet and morning sickness. I gained it back and now have a healthy 2 week old baby and I was back to my pre pregnancy weight by the time she was 5 days old (that’s the first time I had an opportunity to check my weight)

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Blushing bee
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i lost 20 pounds right off the bat with my oldest. gained back my 20, put on 6  on top of that (she was 5lb 14oz at 37 weeks).  i tried and tried to gain weight with her but i was so sick for my entire pregnancy, i was lucky to eat and keep it down for more than 2 seconds. after i delievered, i was 15 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. i only gained 15 pounds when i was pregnant with my youngest (she was 8lb 1oz at 39 weeks….little chunk!) and when i left the hospital, i had dropped 30 pounds. i wasn’t near as sick with her as i was with our oldest and it made quite a difference on how much i was able to gain. apparently, it made quite a difference in how much they gained while in utero as well   🙂

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