(Closed) Losing weight post-partum is HARD

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Sugar bee
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I can’t offer any advice because I’m 31 weeks in my first pregnancy. I’ve been concerned about losing the weight after baby.  All the women in my family have never lost the baby weight and then with the second one gained the same amount of weight and never lost that weight.  So they are quite large.  I don’t want to be that way.

I’m curious what kind of response you get.  Hang in there!

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Bee Keeper
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First, you need to be sure you’re eating enough calories!! You should actually be adding calories TO your pregnancy diet b/c if you don’t your body will likely go into starvation mode and hold onto everything so it can produce milk.

I gained like you and started seeing the best weightloss after 3 months (now 5 mths pp). I’m still about 1 1/2 sizes up from my prepreg pants but I don’t exercise at all (I’ve VERY protective of my supply). I’m averaging 1-1/2 lbs a week right now and I’m eating all. the. time.

Don’t get down on yourself, it’ll come off. =)

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Blushing bee
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i can most def relate!! so many people said “ooooh if you breastfeed you will burn 500 calories/day” blah blah blah… so after i had the baby i continued eating as i had done while i was pregnant… during my pregnancy i did a combo of turbo kick, cycling and zumba at LEAST 3x/week up until 5days before baby zoe was born… fast forward to 6 weeks pp and i still have tons of weight to lose and to make matters worse i am deathly afraid to step foot in the gym! a few nights ago i attempted just dance 3 on the wii and man oh man! i literally had to press “pause” and sit down during my routine πŸ™ 

hopefully it gets better for all of us! ::crossing fingers::

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Busy bee

Losing weight post-partum is HARD. It’s been 12 years for me.


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Busy bee
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I am pregnant and have been worried about this.the women in my family are a healthy body weight before pregnancy and then during smash it on and never get rid of it. I am trying really hard not to put it on during this pregnancy. I too am finding it hard to find the motivation. However i did find this blog that is a huge motivator. http://www.mamalaughlin.com/ 

i know i have to get back into my original exercise regime, and i really have to start watching what ive been eating. Im going to weigh myself tomorrow.  Hopefully its nothing to cry over πŸ™

im not looking forward to it…

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Bumble bee
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Sharing my experience: i was 27 when i got pregnant with my first child, 12 years ago and my weight was 53 kg. I put waaaaaaaaay more weight than believed possible and ended up 72Kg by the end of pregnancy – not nice at all!!!! I did not lose a big amount of weight right after delivery..in fact, it took me 2 years to lose ALL the extra-fat. Sure, with no exercise and no special diet..I got smart on the second pregancy, 7 years later. I was 35 and did NOT want to feel like a whale..i was more careful this time and by the end of pg, i was 67kg (was 54 before pg, so 1 more kg since 27 years old, not bad!). Six months after the baby was born i returned to the gym and i think that made ALL the difference! I lost ALL the fat very, very quickly :).

My advise?? Keep working out and eating well!!!!You can do this!

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Bumble bee
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Eeek! I am worried about this πŸ™ Currently preggers and putting some weight on. Have been telling myself I can lose it afterwards but I must admit I’m scared! Good luck girlies.

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Busy bee
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I feel the same way! I gained 60lbs during pregnancy and Dirty Delete is 2 months old now and I have 35lbs left to lose πŸ™ It’s freaking depressing and I’m having a hard time dieting and maintaining milk supply too. To make it even better, a Facebook friend posted a status yesterday of her 2 weeks after having her baby in her pre-pregnancy jeans. Grrr!!

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Helper bee
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Don’t be so hard on yourself! It will all be okay πŸ™‚ Some women barely gain any weight while pregnant, so when they give birth… ugh doesnt even look like they were pregnant!

I have been lucky though. I gained about 50 lbs with all three kids (a little less with the last one) and lost the weight pretty quickly with the first two. I worked out a lot, mostly workout videos at home. My youngest is almost 11 months (still breast feeding) and I’m about 10lbs over my pre baby weight. I feel like I look good so I’m not rushing to lose any more weight. I also gave up meat for about a month and that aided in losing some weight.

If your baby is only three months, girl I wouldn’t worry too much about it πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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RampagingZeebs yeah i finally got on them scales and surprisingly i have lost .8lbs. WTH?? everything is getting tighter. so im just going to go with it and try and eat better and work out.. Its going to be hard not to be lazy, but i have to do it for me..

i lost nearly 60+ lbs last yr, so i do know how hard it is to loose weight, however i havent had a child, so i cant comment on how much harder it gets. but honestly it took me a long time to start noticing anythign. All i can say is stick with it. It takes at the very LEAST 4 weeks for you to notice any little results, 8 wks for your family and friends and 12 weeks for anyone else to notice. 

The hardest part is getting out and doing it. 

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Busy bee
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I am 10 weeks post partum and 7 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight and currently in my materntiy jeggings.   I was really strict on myself during the pregnancy since I didnt like the weight I was to begin with.  I am hoping to finally lose the weight I never liked to begin with. 

So far I have found going to the gym to be very difficult being a stay at home mom and breastfeeding.  I don’t like the child care at the gym and after my husband gets home the baby cluster feeds before bed.  Not really the best time for me to be leaving him.  Here is what is working so far:

– renting workout dvd’s from the library.  I can switch it up when I am bored and it is free.  I am currently doing “Ballet Conditioning” (love) and “Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga”.  I like that they are quiet but still a tough workout.  I can do them in the living room with the baby napping in the swing.  Plus I am not quite ready for a hard-core workout.  Feeling very weak post baby. 

– long walks with the baby in the stroller and dog.  This has gotten much better now that it is getting more pleasant outside.  It was just hot before and didn’t work for the baby.

Once the baby and I are a little stronger and naps are more predictible I would like to transition to running on the treadmill in our basement or running with the Bob stroller.  I would also like to get more difficult workout DVD’s. 

In regards to diet this is probobly the hardest part for me.  I am ravenous while breastfeeding.  I have found eating smaller meals at (6am, 9am, 12, 3, 6) keeps me from going crazy and binge eating with my meals.  I swear I am hungrier now than when I was pregnant.  We have also found making a bigger healthy meal on Sunday can last us until Wednesday.  And then doing the same on Wednesday means only really having to cook a meal 3 times a week.  Saves us from just ordering a pizza or making something quick and unhealthy.


I would love to hear from others their struggles and what works.  Great post.  It is so much harder than some people think.



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Busy bee
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Walking, walking and more walking!  Put the baby in the stroller, or even better, a baby carrier and go for a nice long walk every single day!  It is what helped me get the 60lbs off with our first and second kids!

Making healthy food choices, drinking mostly water and staying away from the drive thru should help melt those pounds off fast.  You can do it!

P.S.:  I never felt like I had my body back until I literally had my body back – because I had stopped breastfeeding!  Only then did I feel like I had enough control over things to get back on track.  I stopped BF’ing both kids around the 6 month mark.

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