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I really focused on 5 small meals per day.  I stopped drinking beer, and drank a glass (or 3) of red wine before dinner many nights to help curb my appetite.  During the day I tried to eat low fat, low cal fruit & veggie snacks that contained a lot of water (watermelon, pickles, yogurt) and high protein snacks (hummus, eggs).  Then I had a more substantial dinner (but not a big portion) so I didn’t end up waking up around 1am starving.  Also, hate to say it, but working out 30 mins 5 days truly helped keep my metabolism going strong. 

This was my diet the month after I got engaged (you know, super motivated/exciting time)…I probably lost around 10-12 lbs in 2 months so not a ton, but I’ve kept it off and that’s what did it. 

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Whenever I need to drop weight quick, I start fasting and working as as much as possible.

Sure, you’ll be starving, but it’s only a short period of time so it’s not too bad.

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exercise like crazy

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Running and eating as few refined carbs as possible. Also, some weight lifting will help because it will increase you metabolic rate.

Some quick and easy things: cut out all condiments: no ketchup, no mayo, no ranch, etc. Plain mustard is okay because the calorie content is too low to count. Cut out all fried foods. Cut out all drinks with calories and drink only water, unsweat tea, and black coffee.

Focus on lean meat protein or non-meat protein, whole grains when you do eat carbs, and vegetables. Limit fruit. Don’t eat processed food.

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I have canned all carbs (no fruit, milk, bread, sweets alcohol) and have started working out 7 days a week.  I also religiously count calories – I try to stay at 1200. 

For workouts I do cross fit 3 times a week, I train with a trainer once a week, and on the other 3 I do cardio.  I also walk for at least an hour a day – every single day. 

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Drink tons of water and diet soda throughtout the day to keep you full, and eat as close to a raw vegan diet as possible. Exercise as often as you can.

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Oxyelite Pro is amazing!! It can be found at GNC stores.I was on it for 3 months last winter to get my body ready for a cruise. It’s an excellent appetite suppressant & energy booster. Plus, it’s a thermogenic fat burner so you burn more calories at the gym – and afterwards. I was working night shift at the time so I was extremely used to excessive amounts of caffeine. If you are caffeine sensitive, start out with the smaller dose (it’s on the bottle or you can ask the people who work at GNC).

I’m 5’4″ and I dropped from 128 to 115 from Nov 1st until mid-Jan. I was spinning 5 days per week and drinking approximately 2L of water per day. Also, I kept my calorie count to around 1,000 per day. My Fitness Pal is an excellent iPhone app (also available online & on andriod phones) to keep track of your calories. 

I plan on starting back on it soon as I hurt my knee in the spring time & stopped working out. I’m okay to go back to the gym now, thanks to physical therapy but I’ve gained weight (back to 125lbs). I started watching my calories today on My Fitness Pal, although not as closely (consuming around 1200-1500 per day) since I don’t have anything in the near future to be smaller for. 

Good Luck!

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@BuzzingBee34:  Do NOT drink diet soda to curb hunger – you can drink water, herbal teas and coffee (w/ skim or no milk), but diet sodas often cause you to feel hungrier: (http://www.livestrong.com/article/377500-do-diet-sodas-make-you-hungry/)

I just posted that I dropped 10 lbs after working out for 6 weeks.  My tips are:

1) track everything you eat, so you can actually see how many calories are in your food – stay under 1200 a day. 

2) High Intensity Interval Training is your best friend – I do interval running.  There’s an app called iSmoothRun which allows you to set your runs in intervals, making it SUPER easy (i.e. I do 20 seconds of running as fast as I can, and then 1 min 15 secs of walking, and I do this 10 times – the app tells me when to run and when to walk, and plays my playlist too!).  It is the best ‘all round’ workout you can do, and it only takes about 25 mins a day.  I do it for 25 mins every other day and I burn 270 calories each time.  And then it continues to burn more calories throughout the day than regular cardio exercises.  Seriously – you need to do HIIT because it’ll be the fastest way to lose weight via exercise.  To quote Jillian Michaels – “As much as I hate it, I run every [workout], like three miles. It makes you skinny, that’s why. It works.”

3) On the days I don’t do Interval training, I do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which also only takes me about 25-30 mins a day, and consists of strength training, ab workouts and cardio.  She kicks my ass but is the best home video DVD I’ve tried.

4) Lots of water!

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Two words for you: no carbs. Easy! sure it’s hard to sustain but it really works! Cut out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. And sugar of course in all it’s forms! Eat lots and lots of veggies and lean protein. Have healthy fats like fish and nuts. And use fruit as your treat – whole fruit only, not juice!

Good luck!

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so i bought a dress 6mths out from my wedding that was supposed to be one size smaller than me, but alas, the dress size was not a true street size and it was 4 sizes smaller than i was, i bought it overseas and it would be too exy to send back and i would still have to find another dress.. YAY just what i needed. i literally couldnt get my ass into it. SO diet and exercise had to change. i went at it hard. I did Jillian Michaels workout dvd 5 days a week (monday – fri) which is honestly the hardest thing ever!!, i also ran, did both interval and long distance, i did this 4 days a week. I also stuck to a 1200 calorie diet that really sucked. I did it through a eal company that reps all your meal s for you and is really not too bad but i did have mega cravings. 

I lost a tonne of FAT! I wanted to get down to a certain weight, but i didnt get there, as i was building muscle and it weighs more than fat, which is what you want as muscle burns fat constantly. I didnt get huge muscles, but i was tonned.. 

You can do it but you will need to be strict, heaps of ppl said i would never do it.. HEAPS! even my sister! but i thought EFF all of you!! i can do it and i did and i rocked that dress. im so sick of ppl telling me what i can and cant do, set a plan, never wake up wiithout knowing what your going to eat the next day. HAVE A PLAN!!!!

** ETA also i didnt start this untill 3 months out from my wedding cause i always thought id have time.. alll i can say is the earlier you start the more weight youll loose!!! AND take body measurements and/or photos cause you wont get great results from the scales, they are not your friend. and also you wont see too many results untill about week 8!!! it takes that long for others to notice so dont give up!!!


Edited again~~~ MsGolightly you and i sound like we did the same thing!! it does work!! you’ve just got to keep at it!! youll be amazing!!

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Well, unless you want to gain back the weight as quickly as you lose it, then you really should be doing the “slow and steady wins the race” route. However, since you don’t want that advice Laughing, cut excess carbs (not all carbs, they are needed) like processed white anything and watch your sugars, hover around a 1200+ calorie day (going below puts your body into starvation mode and is counterproductive), and workout (you can afford to eat more when you do!), workout, workout! I have been dropping roughly one pound a week since January and I haven’t gained an ounce back. You can safely lose 1-2 pounds a week and have a better chance of it staying off.

If you want to reshape your body, definitely try pilates. I got lazy over the summer haven’t been sticking with my pilates workout, but it seriously is amazing what that can do for your body!

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1) Drink water religiously. I keep 24-packs stacked in my kitchen! lol 

2) Go jogging/running. Go at a slow, steady pace that you are comfortable with.

3) “Ab Ripper X” – it is part of the Exercise program “P90X” (In-home abdominal exercise workout. Simply Google “ab ripper x, you will see two video links “ab ripper x part 1” and “ab ripper x part 2.” Watch, get hooked, and get ready to see a smaller waist!!!) 

I’ve been doing Ab Ripper X for 3 months straight now. I’ve done it though for the past year, but wasn’t very consistent with it, up until the last 3 months. It works instantly, you will no doubt see results instantly. It is the best and it’s my secret that I share with all my girlfriends. SO got me into it.

3) Eat CLEAN.

A typical day for me- 

Morning, Pre-workout/run: plain oatmeal, with frozen blueberries and sliced banana

Post-workout/run: brown rice, steamed broccoli, lean chicken breast, hard boiled egg

Snacks throughout the day for example would include: sliced apple with almond butter, celery sticks, carrot sticks

*Be careful not to overdo it with fruits. Yes, they are healthy to eat, but fruits contain a lot of natural sugar: fructose. But then again, it’s better to eat fruits than that pack of Oreos staring you down.

Dinner: mixed greens salad, any protein (chicken, beef, broiled tilapia)

*No white carbs, no processed junk, no soda, no juice.

This is what I’ve been working with for a while now. Eat clean, train dirty!

I hope you find this helpful! Good luck! If you are interested in the Ab Ripper X and can’t find the links online, let me know! through PM!! I’ll send the links to you.


ETA: I used to calorie count, making sure I always ate below 1400 calories etc etc. but that has gone out the window. Calorie counting will make you go crazy, in my personal opinion. Just as long as you are eating CLEAN, you will shed. “100 calorie packs” of anything are the devil!!! But of course, to each their own.  

Totally forgot lol – I lift weights. Bicep curls, tricep curls, deltoid and shoulder presses. If you are interested in lifting, go with a weight that is comfortable to you. If you feel a burn, then that is the correct weight to use. Not too much of a burn, but just enough.

Sh*t sorry for this long post! :/

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