(Closed) losing weight with hypothyroidism-any tips?

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I’m curious about this too.

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nutmeg5512:  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (no underlying cause) about three years ago and I’ve managed to lose some weight, but never to keep it off. For me, the only way to lose weight is to completely commit to it–work out at least five days a week with a combination of cardio and heavy weight lifting, while strictly counting calories.

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I have Hashimotos too but I ‘ve never had any symptoms. If you do, your endocrinologist will probably prescribe you medicine or change your prescription if you are already on something and everything will get back to normal. Mid november is not that far. I’d suggest to wait and ask your doctor about the weight loss too and not push yourself too hard.

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I knew a girl who developed hypothyroidism. I don’t know anything about it, but she gained 200 lbs and lost all her hair at 19 years of age. She took on a low-impact cardio regimen with weight training and did the fat, sick, and nearly dead diet. She would go vegan and have 1 cheat day a week. She had her doctors monitor her vitals every two weeks. She eliminated all cleaning chemicals from her house and basically relies on baking soda and vinegar to clean her house. 

Last I checked she was 23 with a full head of hair, taken off her meds, and mostly vegan. She wouldn’t eat anything that was considered heavily processed.

I was her client and was so moved by her story I picked her over a cheaper competitor. I don’t know what she is up to now though. 

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I have this problem, it sucks cuz i lost alot of hair [ my own fault, i was platinum blonde, and also both my eyebrows fell off lollll] usually a sign of a developing hypo thyroid issue is either eyebrow falls off.

I put this upon myself as ive always been a bit thicker 5’4 135lbs, but as soon as my n my x broke up and he told me he could find someone so much hotter [ i thought he meant skinnier] i was working out every single day no breaks, eating a peanut butter sandwich n two protein shakes a day n drinking a stupid amount on the wknds.

My iron was at 3 [ sposed to be between 150-300] i was hypoglycemic, borderline anemic and a whole mess of other problems. [ i ended at 115 lbs. ] I looked AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started eating again, stopped working out so much, left canada lived in australia for two years n came back at 165lbs lol. turns out my dosage 0.05 was too low and my metabolismwas slowing down heaps. started working out alot, NO GREASY food, no delicious ANYTHING i even stopped drinking beer. [ i love beer]

then more problems came in, my body was pissed for not gettin something good every once in awhile…almost turned diabetic, my glucose was at 2.9 or something rediculous.

apparently we should limit ourselves to broccoli kale and other greens like that, some is ok but too much is bad for us, from what my doctor said.

I have a good recipe if u want to pm me!

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I was just recently diagnosed with hypo too in July but the I’m having an issue with the medicine so I’m seeing an endo in 2 weeks…. Would anyone care to share what meds they are on for it and whether it’s working or not?



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i am on eltroxin 0.1mg

one in the morning everyday. On the pill btl it says dont take antacids, calcium or iron within 4 hours of taking the med, and pop the pill rite in the morning when u get up with lots of water or juice then eat an hour later so the meds absorbed.

this pill lowers cholesterol and may reverse any weight gain. but this one u have to get bloodwork done every cpl months because more than likely the dosage will need to be changed or higher mg.

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Half of my thyroid got removed thanks to a possibly cancerous tumor, so my hormone levels plummeted. I gained 10-15 lbs, and had ZERO energy for the 3 months after surgery. I felt like a total slug. My doctor put me on synthroid, which helped alot. The weight though did not just fall off–I had to work out a bunch (riding my bike everyday to work, etc), and eat healthy. I never did drop all the weight, but I got back to a healthy weight.


One thing to keep in mind–when you are ready to have kids you need to be SUPER careful. My doctor told me the SECOND I had a positive pregnancy test I needed to call the office so he could increase my synthroid dose, and I had to be closely monitored. Low thyroid hormones can lead to problems when you’re TTC, so make sure you’re always up to date on testing. My hormones have now been stable for ~4 years, so my doc told me whenever I’m ready to start TTC, to go for it. 

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I dont have the same medical issue but I do have a differant hypo thyroid issue and changing my meds really helped and I dropped weight. I also added B-12 and Biotin to my diet and it gave me energy and helped with my hair and nails.

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Hey ladies!! I’ve had Hashimoto’s since I was 12 & I’ve been on synthroid since then as well. I also have PCOS so I’m definitely no stranger to weight struggles. I had my second child in April 2014 & I swore I was going to get into the best shape of my life by the time she was 1. 21 day fix has been a game changer for me. My body never responded to running oe tons of cardio but it responds REALLY well to clean eating & the 30 minutes of exercise. The combo of cardio, weights & stretching has changed my life 🙂 

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I’m hypothyroid. It suckssss. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized my body wants to be a certain size and weight, and doesnt want to budge. You would never know by looking at me that I eat conservatively and run 3xs a week. 

I have been taking levothyroxine and selenium supplements for almost two years now. It helps with mood swings, fatigue, and pms symptoms. But it does nil for my weight and in the first few months lost a lot of hair. (Which is devastating for someone with already thin hair FROM my hypothyroidism!)

I gained a lot of weight after my Mom passed in my early 20’s. I successfully lost about half of it by counting calories and working out 4-5 times a week for at least an hour. It was less what I was eating, I feel intense cardio workouts were what gave me the best results. It took me 9 months to lose 30 pounds though. An average person probably could have lost over 50 in the same time period. 

I’ve since gained the weight back but strangely I am a size smaller and have a lower body fat percentage than I did at the same weight a few years ago. I don’t have nearly as much free time to get to the gym so I’ve been focusing on keeping my diet 80% clean and raw foods. I do feel better and less bloated, but the almighty scale will not budge 🙁 

Good luck to you! It may take a decent amount of time to find what works best for you. The key is to not get discouraged by your body’s lack of cooperation. 

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