(Closed) Losing weight without counting calories… possible??

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Can you add in exercise?  I would say lifting weights will help rev up your metabolism & help you get a lean, toned look (regardless of the number on the scale)

I think it’s very wise of you to work within the range of what’s possible/healthy for you.  You are aware that you have a tendency to go overboard, so kudos to you for keeping that in mind 🙂

Oh, drink tons of water, no sugary beverages, and make sure you get some sort of protein with every meal and every snack.

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My friends and I have had tons of luck with Paleo eating… if you google it & read up about it you’ll see it’s basically clean eating. We did the Whole 30 & I lost 17 pounds in a month, my best friend lost 20. I’m taking a week off for our high school reunion, but I’m going to do a second round of the Whole 30 next week to try to continue the success. No calorie counting and I was never hungry. By the second week it felt like a habit & I was hardly thinking of food at all. It’s the best “diet” (I say that because it’s supposed to be a lifestyle change, not a diet) I’ve ever been on!

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Have you looked into what an actual portion of the foods you’re eating should be? For example last night we had quinoa with dinner and a “portion” was only 1/4 cup…..if I hadn’t read that I’d have easily eaten two portions.

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I did South Beach and went from 145 to 135 in about a week and a half, without driving myself crazy with calorie counting, and eating things that I really enjoyed. Essentially the first two weeks is cutting out all sugars. It sounds a lot harder than it is, plus after 2 wees I didn’t crave sugar nearly as much as before. Then after 2 weeks you add back healthy sugars like fruits and all that. I usually detest these kinds of diets (like Atkins), but this one really did work for me and didn’t make me absolutely miserable.

Good luck!

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I would say instead of measuring kind of figure out a reasonable portion and then use a plate that only allows you to eat the right amount. 

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@lucygirl1:  I know I can’t.  I feel like I’m eating healthy and hardly eating anything and I still gain weight. 

The only way I lose weight without counting calories is adding a lot of activity (my job is really sedentary) or totally changing my diet.  I know carbs make me fat but I love them.  So when I really cut down yeasty breads, etc, I lose weight fast.  I fucking miss pizza though! 

Portion control is really important, too.  You can look at how big a serving is and how many calories are in one serving and decide if you really want a second without counting your whole days’ worth of calories.  I eat two cups of fruit, and two chicken sausage links, but just one piece of bread. 

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@lucygirl1:  Yes, absolutely. When I lost 140 pounds I did not count a single calorie. Instead I read every single ingredient of the food I was eating. Cut out the junk and carbs with fillers and opt for fresh, natural items and whole wheat carbs (in moderation). You will be surprised how the weight drops off. Also, if you eat clean rather than lots of fat/junk you can eat a ton of food and the calories will add up to very little. It is beyond amazing.

I have been on a clean eating challege with my crossfit trainer (Paleo with exceptions) and I have lost 6 pounds since starting two weeks ago. Not just pounds though my stomach is waaaay flatter.

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It’s about eating the right types of food (moderate to high protein, no sugar, low carbs, lots of greens) in small amounts throughout the day and working out.  That will boost your metabolism and keep you burning more calories while you’re not working out (like just sitting at work).

If you know you eat or drink something a lot that is high in calories (like candy or soda or something), then you could cut that out of your diet completely and know you’re cutting calories without counting them.  I really think strength training is your friend though.

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I lost about 30lbs before I started counting, but I had a LOT to loose at the time. I basically just watched my portions and went to the gym. Once I got closer to my goal weight I had to count every last calorie.


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@Bostongrl25:  +1 This! The less you have to lose, the harder it is to lose it. I am counting every last calorie, but I didn’t always have to do so to lose weight.


My advice is to be careful of “trap foods” as I call them. Things that are surprisingly high in calories for their serving size. Beef, any kind of sausage, nuts and nut butter (1/4 cup of mixed nuts is over 200 calories – YIKES!), dried fruits, cereals or crackers, sweetened yogurts, prepared soups, avocados, smoothies, mayo, potatoes, and more. And many of those are not bad or even good for you, but it’s soooo easy to just eat them mindlessly and then because it either didn’t take long or wasn’t filling, you forget how calorically dense they are. At first I didn’t lose a lot of weight because I thought I was eating “healthy” (and I was!) but I wasn’t giving my body a calorie restriction. So I’d eat those things only in very, very small doses.


And yes, do work out! Even if it’s just for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.

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Oh, and learn what a serving is for everything! Meat = a deck of cards. Cheese = 4 die (dice) cubes. When you cook things that require measuring, try to remember what a Tablespoon or a quarter cup *feels* like being poured. It goes a long way in controlling your portion!

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@lucygirl1:  I don’t count calories or ever weigh myself (I dont like assigning numbers to a lot of things.) I do follow common sense, listen to my body, and eat what I should, not what I shouldn’t. It takes quite a bit if discipline, but it works for me. 

I also work out 6 days a week for at least 60 minutes, so my calorie needs are different than someone who isn’t as active. 

I would suggest adding a workout routine to your day, at a minimum 30 minutes. Sweat, and get a little tired. Given your history of eating disorders, listen to your body, and eat when you are hungry – but be sensible. Become friends with veggies, hummus, fruit, almonds, greek yogurt, and other good-for-you snacks. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups unless you have an allergy/real sensitivity to them, mostly because I don’t believe it’s sustainable, but some people have had success with certain diets. 

Find some good blogs for workouts and meal/snack ideas. I love FitSugar, which is a good combo of the two. 

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I second @Amandaleaou – the Paleo seems to work for a lot of people – probably because its just such a darn healthy way of eating and living (plus it really restricts you from eating out, so there’s that…).  I’ve also had friends who lost weight just by limiting themselves to not ever eating after 8pm or by cutting dessert down to 1x per week.  I personally, have never been able to lose weight without keeping super strict track of my calories though, so it could be that that is what you have to do.  I try to focus on it being more like a budget though – sometimes you have extra calories and can splurge and sometimes you just have to be good.

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I don’t count calories at all.. I just eat clean (no processed foods, and I cook everything myself so I can make sure it’s all healthy). I drink lots of water and avoid sugars.

After that – patience. 🙂

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