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My fiance and I have both lost a fairly significant amount of weight lately and one thing that really helps me to stay motivated is to find an object of roughly similar weight to what I have lost, and to my overall goal loss, and walk around with it for a minute. When I lost the first 22lb I carried a big bag of dog food up the stairs to the bedroom then back down, and reminded myself that my consistent efforts meant I was no longer dragging that sack of kibble with me everywhere. Being able to visualize how much the extra weight drags me down has made it a lot easier to stay motivated.   The first time it really hits home is when you walk around the house with a 5lb bag of sugar for a few minutes. Even 5lb becomes really heavy, really quickly so it makes you a lot more aware of even the small accomplishments, which in turn makes you a lot more likely to stick with it and add a second bag of sugar to the Lost pile!

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Honestly it sounds like you’re trying to change too much too soon. Small steps are easier to maintain. Good job on quitting smoking! I would just try smaller amounts of exercise 3 times a week, then increase as you get used to it an make sure you change it up, doing the same workout everyday for 3 months will get you little to no results, change what type of cardio and switch the weights, one day focus on arms, the next time focus on legs. And try to maintain portion control, most people eat well above what a portion should be of anything and everything. If your plate looks like something coming from a restaurant then you’re eating too much.

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@misskittykakes:  You look great and absolutely gorgeous in your gown!! Congrats!

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@KendraLeigh:  Please don’t feel discouraged, you’ve already made HUGE positive changes for your health!

I work unusual, unpredictable hours too.  What generally works for me is to make exercise a priority, which means scheduling it into my day, and with an unpredictable schedule (never knowing when I might have to jet to work on very little notice) that usually means doing it in the morning, which I don’t like but works.  I also carry protein bars with me so that in the middle of the night I’m not tempted to hit up the candy machine when my body thinks it should eat because it’s not asleep like normal people!

I also agree with PPs that for long term success/integration of new habits, it may be better to introduce new activites or behaviours slowly, rather than balls-to-the-wall all at once.  That does work for some people some of the time, but usually isn’t sustainable.  Couch to 5K is a great program already mentioned, also cardio and basic strength training programs that you can find in abundance all over the internet.

As for Insanity….well.  It is a very tough program.  I’ve recently “started” it, and by “started” I mean I’ve gotten through the first 2 days….twice (yes, I keep falling off the wagon). BUT:  it is a workable program for all fitness levels if you modify it and actaually listen to the advice to take it at your comfort level, etc.  As Shaun T says, the only number is 100….percent.  For example, instead of power squats (jump squats) I just do regular squats.  Everything they do can be scaled down, but watch your knees (minimize impact until your muscles get stronger) and make sure to stretch well.

Keep at it, we’re all in this together!


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Hey girl!!

You can do this!

Once upon a time… I weighed 236 pounds and was so unhappy.  I started off sloooowly.  Watching what I ate and walking 20-30 minutes a day.  I was already a pretty muscular person, but cardio KILLED me.  I started incorporating different videos like Walk Away the Pounds and Pilates.  Again, very slowly.  The weight started melting off! I was able to walk longer and faster, and I slowly transitioned into the Couch to 5k program.  Later on I started doing ChaLean Extreme (which I love), and even tried P90x, but it wasn’t for me.

You have gotten some great advice from the others, but here are some things that always helped me:

  • Set some short and long term goals, and have rewards set so that you always have something to look forward to.  Honestly, eating right and exercising isn’t always fun and knowing that not eating that brownie is going to get you closer to getting a massage or a new outfit is definitely a great motivation.
  • Make sure you always have healthy stuff on hand to eat.  Snacks too.  I have a weird schedule like you (1-8), but a 1 hour commute and not many breaks during my shift. I make sure to bring protein bars, bananas, and yogurt… things I can eat quickly, but will have some staying power.
  • I agree with the gal above that said to make sure you get protein.  It helps me keep up my energy and helps you to build muscle if you do any weight training.  Also make sure you are getting about 25 grams of fiber or more a day. It will help you feel full.
  • It is true that losing weight is 10% exercise and 90% nutrition.  It is vital to eat well, because even if you have a week where you don’t get to exercise as much, make sure your nutrition is spot on and you will still lose weight.
  • I have used Sparkpeople and Lose It! and like both of their apps for your phone also.

It really is about changing your lifestyle.  I lost alot of weight, but gained about 20 lbs back due to a medication, and am having to work hard to MAINTAIN, let alone lose.  It isn’t easy, but the payoff to your hard work is definitely worth it, and you will be SO happy you started and kept with it. And do it now, while you are young! I will tell you that losing weight at 30 years old is much harder!

Sorry that I wrote a novel… But feel free to message me if you have any questions or need support!


Me before, not even my highest weight because I hated having my picture taken, probably about 220 lbs here (I am 5’8″). Size 16-18.


And at my sister’s wedding in November at my lowest weight, 150. Size 6.

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