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SHDealer, on my sewing forum we have a fitness thread (one new thread per month) so people can pop in and share what they did that day either with food, exercise or weighins…. its a nice way to touch base and support each other


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Ok girls, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring.  I have 30 – 40 pounds to lose and have gained about 15 in the last six months (really not paying attention to life).  I’m so embarrassed of ‘letting myself go’ and getting to this point, I’m having a problem with motivation.  I know I eat out of stress, boredom, and procrastination; so graduate school is definitely NOT helping!  So, I bought Shred about two weeks ago and have done it maybe four times! Cry So I decided to tell you all this in hopes of creating some sort of accountability.  I did it today and am trying to create a ‘fresh start’ but still have all of the old cravings.  Any suggestions?  Advice?  Support?  Thanks ladies!

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My advice would be to just not beat yourself up about it. Everybody falls off the wagon at some point.:)

You could start up a reward program for yourself. Like, for every x times you go to the gym, you get a certain “prize.” Like, manicure, dvd, book, etc. Non-food related goals. That’s a fun way to go about it.

Also planning what you’re going to eat for the week (or day if you don’t have the time) will help. You eat more regularly, and graze less because you know what your next meal is and when it is.


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I’m with you on the fifty pounds!

I did Weight Watchers a few times, and both times were really great for me.  In all honesty though, I never went to meetings, so I basically was paying money to get weighed.  For me, it was worth it though.  It held me accountable.  If I still followed the plan at home, I know I would just weigh myself early and cheat wayyy too much, because who’s reading my progress but me?

The best advice I can give might be some that people might not agree with.  Both times I did Weight Watchers, I took one day completely off, right after I weighed in.  I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t keep track at all.  I know that’s not exactly healthy, but I ended up losing a lot of weight and I never felt deprived, because I had my one day to look forward to where I could eat whatever.

I agree that the best way to watch what you eat is to literally do that–keep track of everything, and control your portions.  It makes an ENORMOUS difference!

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Good job, girl. Keep it up!

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I would seriously suggest a heart rate monitor with calorie burn counter.  I lost about 60 pounds 10 years ago and managed to keep it off with no problems until I met my darling FH.  Then about 12 pounds managed to creep on slowly, even though my diet was still mostly good–I just found myself “cheating” frequently and I was eating more meals because of him!!  The last two years were extremely depressing because I was working out 3-4 times a week and I could not lose anything (because my body was already used to my eating habits) and I could not figure it out…even had my thyroid tested!  So then I got a Polar Heart Rate monitor this past Christmas and between March and now I finally lost the 12 pounds that I could not lose before!! It’s like having my own personal trainer!! Unfortunately, gym equipment lies to you about how many calories you’ve burned so I think people have an inaccurate idea of how hard they are working!! For example, according to an eliptical that I use most days, in a 60 minute HIGH INTENSITY workout, the machine says I burned more than 800 calories!!! Reality–I really only burned just over 400!!  It puts things in perspective and makes you realize how hard you really have to work to burn off all those things that you just can’t not eat!!  Also, one of the things that helped me 10 years ago was that I tried to think of my obesity as a health issue similar to heart disease or diabetes.  A person with those conditions can’t just say that they can’t be strict about cutting back certain foods or they’ll die…Thinking of it from a similar perspective definitely helped me with any “willpower” issues I might have had!!


Good Luck!

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I lost 80 lbs working out at Curves and following their diet program…  It took me about a year to lose the weight and 3 years later, I need to get back at it.  I quit caring for a while and that was bad news.  So I’m headed back to Curves and back on the plan.  eloping had great advice in her 1st post…  You can do it girl.  And I’ll be doing it too!!!

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I have 15 lbs to lose , but one problem i think about excersize and get sooooooooooo lazy and i will find other stuff to do just to avoid it.But i do walk a lot daily , we walk to do groceries , live near the lake so walk there a lot , but doesnt seem to be doing anything except keep my legs toned, my major problem is my stomach area , ughhh ive had 2 ppl ask me if i was pregnant cuz the rest of my body is toned but my stomach just sticks out . maybe situps ?Undecided

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I’ve lost 30lbs in the past year (with many, many off the wagon periods). I used WW at first to really teach myself what was proper portion control and I also upped my work out regimen. The biggest tip I can give you is to hold yourself accountable.

It’s bad to deprive yourself of what you want — because, if you’re like me, then you’ll go out and eat WAY too much of it. However, you have to remind yourself of what you’re working for. My biggest downfall was eating out. I let it feel like a “treat” every time and ordered whatever I wanted. After a while I wasn’t losing weight anymore. Eating out happens and shouldn’t always be treated as a splurge! As soon as I learned to pick better choices at restaurants, I started making serious headway again.

Good luck in your goals! The bees will always be here to support you along the way!

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Good luck!  I’ve lost 40 pounds, but I want to lose at least another 40 more.  I’m down to a size 14/16/18 (depending on the pants – mostly 16W now in pants) from a size 22.

My wedding in November has been a huge motivator.  Between the two of us as a couple, we have lost over 100 pounds.  We’ve lost a person! 

The keys are exercise, portion control and limiting “bad” carbs and packaged foods (at least that’s what worked so far for me).

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Okay so I’m not right there with you… but that is only because about a year and a half ago, I started watching what I ate and working out and I lost 43 pounds. I just wanted to comment on your post to encourage you to make a plan and stick with it. You can do it if you set your mind to it! 🙂

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can i join too even though i’m not engaged? i really want to look good for christmas pictures though….

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