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My Fiance always says it was love at first sight… for him though, not for me! 

The second his eyes fell on me, he said he knew I was the one.  And that is exactly how he acted the first night we met.<br />I took a little longer to come to the game, probably about 2 months after we started dating.

We waited 3 years before getting engaged however, because we were happy with dating and courting, and what’s the rush?  If we truly believe we are meant to be, then we can take all the time in the world.  I know love and blah blah blah but it takes time to get to truly know someone.

You are my age, and I could never imagine agreeing to marry someone within such a short time frame.  There is heaps of time to play with.  I don’t understand it, but I truly hope it works out for you.

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Like the previous poster, it was love at first sight for him. And not because I didnt like him but because I was at the time already in a long term relationship. He apparently told his coworkers when he first saw me that he was going to marry me one day 🙂

When we did get together 2 years after we had first met things went fast. We were talking about marriage within the first month of being together. In less than 6 months we got engaged and moved out together.

When you know, you know 🙂 No point in wasting time! 

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Pretty much the same with me…Darling Husband and I were talking about buying a house together 2 months in.  We just KNEW, and being “older” we just wanted to get our lives started together! We opted not to live with each other ahead of time due to religion/kids, and it made all the difference, for the positive. 

Sometimes you just KNOW.

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I’m definitely not in the same boat as you. I’ve been with my SO for 6 years and we will be getting married next year. However, my SO’s sister just got engaged after dating her fiance for 3 months. They were definitely on the fast track. While I am happy for them, I just don’t get it. I agree that some people are meant to be, but I don’t see the rush. But, to each his own, and I wish you happiness! 

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citysparkle:  Right there with you on not really understanding the need to rush. I see risk in rushing, but if it’s meant to be…what’s the harm in waiting a little while? 

We dated for 10 years before getting married (we started dating young) and we have no regrets about it. I don’t think couples need to wait that long, but I personally would not marry someone until after the two year dating mark. I would like to know them, especially outside of the “honeymoon” phase. 

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H and I felt an instant connection and we knew pretty quickly that we were in it for the long haul. We started talking seriously about our future within a couple of months, but we were really young when we met so we took our time to make sure everything was right before we got married.

My brother got engaged after a month and married after less than a year, but he is now divorced. Nearly all of the people I know who have gotten married within a year of meeting are now divorced. I’m sure that I’ll get some negative feedback for bringing that up instead of being totally supportive but while I don’t think that every fast moving relationship is doomed to fail, getting married that quickly (especially with how young you are, according to your profile) is definitely a risk. 

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It was love at first sight…for him! We met 8 years ago and he said to me that he knew I was the one the first time he saw me. We were then 19 and I was in a relationship. We became best friends, he had a girlfriend and I then ad another boyfriend for several years before being both single in the same time 3 years ago. We got closer, talked everyday and eventually began dating a year ago.

Since then things evolved pretty quickly since we know each other so well. We started to talk about marriage a month into dating and move in together at the 5 months mark. We now share expenses and are about to buy a house.

We are pretty much engaged now, planning for a May 2015 wedding. That would make 2 years of dating prior to the wedding.

I don’t think we are rushing anything, we’ve been in each other’s life and family for 8 years now and we are 27. We know what we want in life, have both an established career and are more than ready to enter the next phase of our life.

I think it is very hard to judge a relationship out of context and I feel that early engagements are not well perceived here. I understand where it comes from: nobody wants someone to rush into something and be deceived but, as far I as am concerned, I think it is very hard to have a clear idea of someone else’s relationship on my side of the screen. 

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bmo88:  I completely agree- 2 years at least. I love my SO and I’ve loved him for a long time, but thinking back now, I barely knew him after even a year! I think that you can love someone very soon into a relationship, but it seems rather naive to get married so soon. The fact is, building relationships and getting to know someone takes time and jumping into a marriage so quickly is a huge risk that I wouldn’t be willing to take.

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Darling Husband and I were engaged after 6 months, married 10 months after meeting, and had our baby before our first wedding anniversary (honeymoon baby). We were definitely on the fast track! We just knew it was right.

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Me and my boyfriend met online actually. I got into Jung and MBTI andf was invited by a friend to a conference call on skype, it was exciting because there were people from US, Germany, Sweden and the UK so I had a good time discussing philosophy and psychology for a while. And then.. this guy spoke: I felt like I was hit by lightning (sorry for the cliché, but that’s the truth). I fell for this arrogant english guy who was playing tough, he made my heart melt just from speaking, his voice was so soft like honey, but he was still trying to come off as cool and all that. xD I told him off for being condecending at the same time my heart felt like it was about to explode. He told me afterwards he loved me for standing up to him, he had felt the same way. <br /><br />Well, I couldn’t expect anything, he was in England and I was in Sweden. But I just couldn’t stop thinking of him. We started talking every day on skype, finding every excuse to go on webcam, he would actually serenade me on his guitar. <3 I had never experienced anything like it, I was hurting and aching and thinking of this man constantly. Until that evening when he sent me something over the chat, he had painted me a portrait of me and confessed he had feelings for me. <br /><br />We waited 3 months before he could come to me and we lived together for almost three weeks. It was magic. I then came to him for 2 weeks 2 months later (it was excrutiating to wait). He then told me, “I’m moving to Sweden”. He came to me in September and then we decided to move back to England in January. We have been together for about 2 years now and we will soon be offically engaged. <3 I love him more than anything, he is my soulmate, my best friend and the lover of my life. xD

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FutureMrsGeek:  I knew my husband for many years before the first date but I think it was love about 5 minutes into the first date. We were engaged after 8 months but had pretty much accpted we were staying together after the first date

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FutureMrsGeek:  Aw, that’s so romantic! I love the idea of just knowing right away. Especially if your family and friends are on board! 

My Fiance and I met originally 2 years ago. I went on holiday to Ireland and he was my tour guide. I tried to flirt with him but he was totally oblivious. Fast forward to last year, I came back to Ireland with a couple of friends and ended up on his tour again (by accident, I swear!) He remembered having me on his tour and asked me out for a drink. We kept in touch over Facebook and then I came back to Ireland AGAIN the next month with my parents for vacation. We went on three dates that week and I knew then I would marry him. I went back to the states for 3 weeks and we talked every day. And I bought a ticket back. Stayed two weeks, and we decided we would get married. I moved in with him this past August and we’re getting married in July. 

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DBF and I likely brought up marrying each other before we became an official couple. We know where our relationship is headed. But at the same time, when we started dating, he was 16 and I was 17. At the end of the month, we will have been dating for two years, so even though we’ve been together for a while, we’re still very young. Most likely, we will be getting engaged in another two or three years, so about four or five years total.<br /><br />Honestly, I see both sides of this debate. While I definitely advocate waiting until the honeymoon period ends to make any decisons about engagement or marriage, I don’t automatically label people who get engaged near the one year mark to be “rushing”, either. Every relationship is at least as unique as the people involved in it.<br /><br />

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Ah, love at first sight. Been there, done that – thankfully I didn’t marry that guy!

My Darling Husband and I weren’t love at first sight – he was a lot more interested in me than I was in him, but we developed a friendship and it grew into something amazing.  That rapid, crazy “love” (well, lust really) feels pretty darn incredible, but it doesn’t always mellow into a loving relationship based on friendship (which is really what you want at the end of the day).

I am really happy I had that love at first sight feeling though (because it was seriously like in the movies – our eyes met across the room and we came together in a crowd and introduced ourselves and were inseperable (for awhile) – even strangers commented on our amazing chemistry, it was so weird and intense). I am so much happier that I’ve had the married-to-my-best-friend feeling though. Hopefully you guys give your relationship enough time to develop into that. It’s pretty wonderful.

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