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Sugar bee
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Ok here’s when I realized that he really liked me.

It was freshman year in college, and he walked me to my dorm room one night and awkwardly stood in the doorway, and I was like…. “Umm… want an m-azing?” (anyone remember that candy?) because I had some on my desk. And he said “How about a kiss?” And I was really confused and awkward, but then he kissed me and told me how much he liked me!

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Helper bee
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I met my Fiance in college, we were in the same class, but at that time I was dating someone else (who also was in the same class).  That boyfriend and I split up but decided to go to this end of the year party that the professor was holding.  My Fiance happened to be at our table.  The table chatted the whole night and we all had a good time, my Fiance walked up to me and said that he had such fun with us that we should get together again and he gave me his number and told me to call him.  To make a long story short, I called him at the start of the following semester, we went on two dates, but that’s all that happened. I ended up moving back home and that seemed like the end.  Four years later I get an email from him wondering how I was doing. We exchanged emails for a while, 7 months later I went to visit him and we’ve been together ever since. Getting married on the 3rd anniversary of our reunion πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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One of my newer friends (at the time) called me over a good five years ago for a dinner party at her house. When I walked in, there was my now boyfriend sitting at the counter chatting with her. We, including some others, eventually formed an awesome tight knit group and over the next few years I became closer and closer friends with him and the hostess. It wasn’t until almost 3 years ago though that he and I decided we would be best dating one another after a night of drinking and him telling me “We need to date. Because we’re pretty much out every night together anyway. So just date me.”

Suuuper romantic. πŸ˜€

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Helper bee
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Derek and I met through mutual friends during a week at the beach in June 2009. We hit it off quickly, and everyone knew we had something. He got my number from our mutual friend and texted me a few days after our trip pretending he didn’t know who it was. We dated for a little while. Then there were some misunderstandings and some lost contact, but we finally got back together in December 2009. We are still writing our “love story” as we find our love growing and changing as we grow and learn. Especially since we’re doing the LDR thing while he’s away in training for the Army. 

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Busy bee
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I meet Fiance  (Lets call him J) through friends when we were 15 (we went to different HS’s). He was kinda dorky (LOL) and I was kinda popular/jock but I did have a crush on him. I dated a friend of his for a few months. J was a great friend to me and we would hang out all the time. My best friend at the time was dating his best friend. J and I dated very briefly, but I was focusing on getting my scholarship and being scouted so I broke up with him. And yes, I did break his heart. But he was insistant he was going to marry me. I kinda laughed it off but he swore. J joined the Marines and we still kept in touch. I got married, moved and quickly divorced. J and I were still in contact, and we were kinda talking in a more than friends context until he broke my heart (J says he got even LOL). And we stopped talking for a couple of years. J contacted me 2 winters ago and we rekindled our friendship. He eventually asked to take me out to dinner and I said sure… Holy Sparks! Its amazing what some maturity does to people (He and I). It’s a happily ever after story ever since. But I must add, when he proposed, he reminded me he told me he was going to marry me (11 years ago) and he meant it! :0)

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My best friend and I have been friends for 19 years, we went to kindergarten together, we went to primary school together. She went to the high school of the primary school we went to, i went to an all girls private school a few suburbs away. She was friends with my Fiance in high school, and about a month or two after we all finished high school he added me on MSN. We chatted there for a while, then one day after he finished TAFE, we met in person, outside a lolly shop! We are both quite shy, so we didn’t talk all that much that day or when we met up over the next few months. i met my second Boyfriend or Best Friend at my FI’s 18th birthday party, he and I went out for a couple of months (our first ‘date’ my Fiance was with us, cos i couldn’t really remember him from the party, and wanted to meet him again with someone else there). then he and I broke up, but he still invited me to his 18th birthday party (18 is the drinking age here in Australia, so very big 18th parties). My Fiance and I got drunk, and we both are more outgoing when we are drunk, so talked a lot more then, but he knocked my drink out of my hand accidentally, and stepped on a packet of Tim Tams (NOT empty, and I still tease him about it nearly 4 years later), so i chased him around the yard lol. we talked a lot more after that party and became best friends.

then he suggested we become friends with benefits (everything but sex) and i agreed, although i was scared cos i had never done anything to a guy before, besides making out, although i had been on the receiving end of fingers and oral sex. but we did that, then a couple of months later he and a few other friends were coming to visit me down the coast (i stay with my family at the Gold Coast for 2-3 weeks every summer), and we were all sleeping in the lounge area. I was on a couch, my Fiance was sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to the couch. I looked down at him, and just knew i felt something much stronger than friendship for him, that was the moment i knew i loved him (even though we weren’t a couple yet), so shortly after i got back from my holiday, I asked him out, he agreed and we became a couple, and have been together for nearly 3 years and 2 months, and have been engaged nearly two months – got engaged on our three year anniversary while we were on holiday πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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OK, but it’s LONG…I met Danny at work almost 5 years ago, now. I was working at the mall (Hot Topic, haha) when my manager introduced me to him. He was a sweet southern boy, new to the area. Tall, very lean, I’d go so far as to call him skinny, had long black hair, glasses, and pretty blue eyes. I was to train him that night. At the time I was dating someone, and for some reason I just didn’t seem to notice just how good looking Danny really was. Perhaps because he was so painfully shy, eyes downcast, extremely soft spoken. As the night went on I ended up having him constantly laughing. We were talking about a tv show and he got so bold as to ask me to come over and watch it with him sometime, then immediately got embarrassed, turned red, and said “or you don’t have to. You know. It’s cool.” it was then that I decided he was a pretty interesting kid. He made me laugh, made me smile. Something I hadn’t done in a long time. 

The boy I was dating at the time was a verbally (sometimes physically) abusive pathological liar. I found out later that he should have been taking antipsychotics and that he was actually on social security for it, but he never told me (I found out from his family.) I was miserable, drinking, popping pills constantly. I didn’t laugh or smile often. I worked 2 jobs just to avoid going home. I was afraid to leave him, though…I knew he was dangerous.

Time wore on, and Danny and I became close friends. He would come hang out with me quite a bit. We’d go bowling, drinking (he was 19 but we lived right next to Canada), go for food, go to karaoke, etc. we had fast become best friends…then he missed my birthday party. It was my 21st. I was so angry with him that I didn’t talk to him for a month. In work he would try to talk to me and I would shun him. He would do all of my work for me and I wouldn’t even say thank you. I was just…very mad. I felt betrayed in a way. This went on for a month until one day I saw him sitting outside of our work looking very depressed. All of my anger that I’d held onto for so long seemed to melt away and I touched him on the shoulder. I asked if he wanted to go out to eat with me. He obliged. At the dumpy little diner across the street from the mall he was strangely silent. I thought he was just upset about my being angry with him. I tried to cheer him up a few times, and he’d smile and laugh, but I knew he was still upset. He turned to me, “it was selfish of me to miss your party” he said. “It just hurts to see you sometimes. I was selfish. I’m sorry.” I was confused, but accepted the apology. After that I said goodbye and we parted ways. 

A week later he called me and let me know he was moving back to Virginia. That’s why he was so upset. My heart fell into my stomach. He said he wanted to see me, though. He had to tell me something. I agreed to meet with him that night. The whole day I was bothered by it. More than someone should be about someone else who is just their friend. That night I found myself dressing up nicely. I didn’t know why, exactly, who was I impressing? I drove over to his apartment shaking. When I got there he ran out to the car, got in, and smiled at me. He looked nervous. “I have something to tell you…I just…I wanted to tell you.” he said. “ok…” my heart was pounding…”ok, so, here goes. So…I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you since the first time we met. I know you don’t love me back and that you’re with Anton, but I felt like I had to tell you before I left.” he looked away from me. It was at that second that I had my epiphany. I felt the same way. I’d always felt the same way, why was I so stupid I’d never realized it. I took his hand in mine and really looked into his eyes for the first time. “It’s ok…” I told him, and hugged him tightly. 

The rest is history. After Danny and I talked some more I went home and told Anton I couldn’t do it anymore. I was done taking his abuse. I gave him a month to collect his things and leave. He had a temper tantrum, called me every name in the book, hit me in the side of the head and pushed me down the stairs before running out of my house like a maniac. 

Danny went back to Virginia for a month to get some things in order and then came back up to live with me. That was 4 years ago. We are now married, living BACK in Virginia (RVA) have 2 dogs, a cat, a fish, and are the happiest couple I know. ^_^ 

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Busy bee
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Love reading all these romance stories! *Swoon*

My fiance and I “met” online back in June 2009. We were both blogging about running and training for the Chicago Marathon that year. (He from Michigan, me from Florida.) He left a comment on my blog and then we started following each other. Comments on blog posts turned in to emails that turned in to texts which turned in to a phone call a few days before the marathon when he answered “Hello Beautiful.” At that point I had never even seen a picture of him but we just got along so well! We chatted for a few and made arrangements to meet up at the race expo that weekend. He did send a pic via email that week and I was like, “crap, he’s cute!” I def didn’t want to strike up any kind of long distance romance, especially with someone from Michigan! (I kinda hate Michigan. I grew up there and moved away the minute I could!) 

Fast forward to the race expo, he calls me to say he’s there, I tell him where I’m at, and then I spot him a little ways away… He puts down his drink and runs at me full throttle, scoops me up in his arms, and twirls me around with the biggest smile on his face ever. I now say he both literally and figuratively swept me off my feet that day. We met up again after the marathon to celebrate our finishes and then had our first date at Shedd Aquarium a few days later. We went on to do the whole LDR thing for about 8 months before I happily moved to Michigan to be with him. Two years later he schemed up an amazing proposal that brought me back to Chicago and Shedd’s to propose! *le sigh*

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I’ll play! Mr. B and I were introduced through a mutual friend in February 2006… on the way to meet Mr. B, our friend told me that he knew I was going to think Mr. B was cute and he was a firefighter. We had immediate chemistry, and yes, I did think he was hott stuff! BUT! I had just started dating someone at the time. πŸ™

Fast forward two years—> Mr. B and I had become really good friends (with obvious sexual tension lol) and I got dumped by the guy I had been dating for two years! Guess who was there to comfort me? The hott fireman <3 I picked him up one night after he had been drinking (I often used the excuse of DD’ing for him and our friend, to get a chance to see him). That night we finally released some of our sexual tension! It was just “friends with benefits” at first, but after a few months, he told me he really cared about me and always had and that he wanted more. I was reluctant to get into another relationship after my 2 year relationship, but it only took a few weeks of him not speaking to me to make me realize what I could be letting go. And here we are together almost 4 years later! 

One of my favorite memories was the first time he told me he loved me. It was only a few months after we made it official, and we were laying in bed. I had my head on his chest and I was running my nails along his chest lightly (he loves that to this day) He was so relaxed and happy in that moment that he (accidentally) just softly said “I love you.” I grinned from ear to ear and heard his heart rate skyrocket! He tried to backtrack, but it didn’t work. He still tells me to this day that he loved me since the first day we met and that he was always praying for the phone call that my ex and I had broken up so he could have his chance. 

P.S. The friend that introduced us is still one of our best friends, and is a Groomsmen in the wedding πŸ™‚

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Mine isn’t that great but it really was fate!


I too met my guy online. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all but was just bored one night. I was a nursing student at the time so I was extremely busy…didn’t get out much, spent a lot of time on the computer “trying to study on facebook.”

I got sooo many responses to my ad I didn’t even read them all. I did read his though. His response literally listed ALL of the qualities I have ever wanted in a man (and years later I can happily say he didn’t lie about any of them – he really is everything he said he was.) He didn’t send a picture  but I didn’t even care or notice.. I think at this point I just wanted to be his friend because he had lived in HAWAII! I myself am from Hawaii and had not met anyone in this city from Hawaii.  We sent some emails back and forth and everything he said I just loved…..he was so funny and charming! Like me, he loved variety in food, was athletic, in the medical field, and very ambitious. The first time we talked on the phone, I thought to myself…this is it. He is it for me. Before him I was a bit of a “player”.. aka I dated soo many men and although I didn’t sleep around  (gross), I ALWAYS kept my options open and had never been “emotionally faithful” to anyone…ever. πŸ™ Sad but true.

Anyway, I met him in person a few days later and I was so nervous. He was even better in person and so handsome…Looking back we know realize I had never seen a picture of him before we met (so random, can’t believe I didn’t ask for one!) I still remember how it felt to sit there with him. A few days later we had our first kiss and a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend. He is the first and only person I thought “I cannot do it anymore, if I’m up to my old silly tricks I will lose this man.” So, I changed for him..even before he knew me and knew how I had been. He is the only person I have ever been with that I feel so lucky to have and feel like HE is out of MY league. I love it! (Don’t tell him that though..!) 

Later in our relationship (a few weeks), we found out that not only did he go to the same university as me in Hawaii, he lived less than 5 minutes from me, frequently shopped where I worked FT, knew my brother in law, and frequented the same places I did for the 5 years he lived in Hawaii. I still can’t believe that I met the man of my dreams over 6000 miles away when I could’ve met him 5 years earlier so many times. We both are happy we met here and not Hawaii because neither of us at that point in our life was ready for the serious relationship we have now.

Even more ironic is that I literally moved to this city for no reason at all other than nursing school. It was the only nursing school I applied to and I just kind of liked the idea of going somewhere new to reinvent myself. I didn’t know anyone here. It’s like I knew I’d meet him πŸ™‚


I actually have never told anyone the whole story… I don’t have any friends that meet guys online, neither did any of his friends so it wasn’t really accepted. And my family is very conservative. We were definitely honest with people saying we met online but didn’t go into details. I think people probably assume it was through friends on facebook or something.

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I met my fiance online in June 2007. We chatted two weeks and after that we decided to meet on a village fair in my hometown. Well, I thought I have nothing to loose and we really had good conversations. We met (with a bunch of some very good friends of mine in tow;-) that evening. I saw him, he saw me, we grinned, said hello to each other and 1 hour later we were kissing in a crowd of people dancing;-) Well, I would say love at first sight;-) Since I experienced a really bad episode with a guy before (I was in love with him head over heals, slept with him and the night after that he told me that he is not willing for a new relationship yet) I was a bit cautious. But the man I just met and I spent the night (without sleeping with each other) and it felt right! The day after we met he changed his status in “taken” at a German equivalent to facebook. That was a great feeling! What should I say: We celebrate our 5th anniversary on 8th of June, life together since 4 1/2 years and are getting married in July:-) He is the best thing that could ever happen to me!

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