(Closed) Low-Carb, processed foods diet, whos with me?

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I’ve been doing South Beach.  It’s not really classified as a low carb diet.  You don’t eat any carbs (incl fruits) for the first 2 weeks, but then you slowly start adding back the “right carbs.”  I really think it’s one of the best diets out there that really teaches you how to eat healthy and won’t make you crazy.  There’s nothing I “can’t” have, technically.

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I sort of do that…..I like high protein high good fats….limit bad carbs but lots of fruit and veggies……

I lost a tonne of weight in june doing it for 2 weeks…then stopped and gained it right back…:(

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My fiance and I are starting the Dukan Diet again this week. I did it from April until June 30 and lost around 23lbs and really felt great.

So back to the high protein, veggies and lots of water!!


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Oh god, I tried the Dukan diet and gained weight…and felt sick the whole time.  I think the low carb thing only works for some people.  I lost 12 lbs for my wedding just eating 1200 calories a day of a balanced diet.  THe problem with the really low carb stuff is that it can really make you binge and gain everything back…at least it did for me.

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I did a no carb diet for month a few months ago… lost 10 pounds (that I gained over christmas), which is all I really needed to lose before my wedding. I have kept that 10 pounds off so far 🙂

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I’ve been doing low carb (under 20g/day) for the last three weeks or so and lost 13 lbs. I’m currently doing that, along with counting calories to lose the remaining weight and transition into a more calorie-based weight management program. Low carb for some reason is working extremely well for me. I tried weight watchers + a vegan/vegetarian plan and didn’t have as much success.

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i am by no means a liscensed dietian or anything, however, processed foods are a giant no no. 

you should be eating whole foods, and you’re foods should be perishable..think shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. 

lots of lean meats, VEGGIES, some fruits…limit your fruit intake because they still do have lots of sugars (probably 2/3 servings a day)

i would look into doing a strict paleo for a couple weeks (no grains, no dairy, no legumes, NOTHING processed, no sugars) 

you can also “shred” for a couple weeks too..that will definitely help those last few lbs. use your last meal of the day and supplement a muscle milk or protein shake…this will lean you out a lot! 

as long as you’re eating the right foods, you really shouldn’t have to count calories.

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@karenlinebarger:  A lot of time, overweight people DO have to count calories.  It isn’t as easy as just “shredding”.  When you’ve got over 50 pounds to lose, its as much mental as it is dietary/physical… and if eating processed but low-carb foods works to drop that first 15 pounds, and put the dieter in the right mental state… then so be it!  🙂  

I’ve had really good success with Atkins.  I need to get back on it though. 

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My aunt who was really overweight has lost a total of 250 pounds on the medi-fast diet. She’s kept it off now for 3, almost 4 years. My mom did it too and she’s lost close to 60. It’s mostly all prepacked foods. It 100% works but its sticking with the lifestyle that will make it work for the long term.

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I went Paleo a month ago and have lost almost 15 lbs.


Paleo is a diet that consists mainly of lean meats, veggies, fruit and nuts.  We don’t eat processed food including grains and dairy.  (Although we do eat eggs)  For optimal weight loss, stick to fruits with a lower sugar content like berries, cut out high starchy veggies like potatoes and take it easy on the nuts.  

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I’m sorry, but “low carb processed foods” is just wrong. Flat out wrong. It migh be a “quick fix” but holy cow – that is ALL going to come back, and you’ve just further trained your body to retain fat and use muscle for energy. Your body actually needs a decent amount of carbs to generate energy (I suggest anyone looking to diet/work out takes a look at a book that explains how your body uses macro/micronutrients) and without that, you’ll be losing muscle, as your body will go to that for energy.

So, you’re going to be shoveling your body full of unhealthy foods, and then losing muscle mass. This will make for an untoned, and probably unhappy bride. Even if it’s for a jump start, I really do suggest not beginning this way.

Make a lifestyle committment, not a temporary “fix.” Pick whole, fresh foods that make you feel good and fuel your body properly. And get on a workout plan, if you aren’t already.

Ok – rant over. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

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@Mrs. Eagle i wasn’t saying shredding as the only option, but sort of “in addition to” it helps with those pesky extra lbs at the end..as far as the processed thing, additives & hormones…food that has been altered from its natural state is not food for you. trans fat(hydrogenated oils), high fructose corn syrup…etc those are all bad things for your body. we were not made to process those things in our system. you said atkins works for you..which is a lot of lean meat & veggies…neither of those things are processed. getting back to the basics is really the best way to go about losing weight in a “healthy” way. im all for doing what works for you, but not when it involves doing more harm than good. however, that being said we can agree to disagree too 🙂

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