(Closed) Low Grade Dysplasia – Anyone dealt with this before?

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Did your doctor give you any follow-up? Since she’s seen your results and she is your doctor, she is going to know what’s necessary to do. I haven’t experienced this myself, but don’t let the internet scare you. If anything the most dangerous thing is reading online medical websites and working yourself into a tizzy!

This article is interesting: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/cyberchondria-the-perils-of-internet-selfdiagnosis-1623649.html

Although I’m sure you’re not a “cyberchondriac” (funny term!) it discusses the base-rate neglect: meaning that you think something is more likely to happen because you see certain words mentioned together over and over again, even when the true incidence is really small. Which is to say, just because something is all over the internet doesn’t mean it’s likely to happen to you.

I would try to talk to you doctor some more about your fears. Even if this turns into a worse case scenario, it sounds like you have caught something at the earliest possible stage. You are doing all the right steps. Good luck!

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Yup!  I’ve had it.  I had two surgeries.  PM me if you want!

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I was told a few years ago that I had HPV but the biopsy and tests came back normal… and after about a year my PAPS started coming back normal again (which is what they hope for).  About 4 months ago I went into the doc and complained of having pelvic pain.  After much complaining she finally decided to set up a test to see what it might be (2 MONTHS LATER!)  The test came back and showed I had a cyst in my right ovary (no one called to tell me the results, I only received them bc I called).  Her solution, we’ll do another test in 6 weeks (1 week prior to my wedding).  I went in for the test and called for the results 2 days later.  Good news:  The original cyst was gone, Bad news:  there was another one.  Her solution?  Another test in 6 weeks.  I feel your pain, trust me.  Doctors can be very frustrating.  The only thing that’s kept me positive is my new husband and my faith.  I hope everything turns out for you.  PM me if u’d like to talk…

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I went into panic mode the first time my pap was irregular. I had the same issue, but I called and spoke to my doctor and his assistant, and they calmed my nerves. I had low grade dysplasia as well, and although the thought of HPV or any other infection is scary, most infections are temporary.

My doctor performed two colposcopies. It sounds scarier than it really is, but it allows for biopsies of the irregular tissue.

You can PM me as well if you want. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year now.



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I’ve had it. My sis had it and my best friend had it, its fairly common. They went in and basically removed the “pre-cancerous” areas. It was surgery, but I went home later that day. It isn’t too bad really, more annoying than anything. Had 3 annual paps since, all good. 

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Yep-I’ve had it. Since college! All thru college! You name the procedure and I’ve probably had it done-LEEP, cone biopsy, colposcopy, uterine hysteroscopy, cervical vaporization. There really isn’t much they (or you…so try to think ++++!) can do once they determine that it isn’t caused by an infection such as BV (bacterial vaginosis/vaginitis-sp?), chronic yeast, etc. HPV is very contagious and the #1 cause of cervical cancer in women. However, while it is good to be informed and be in charge of your health-close the books, stop reading articles on the internet. Cervical cancer is extremely slow growing, which is why the constant retesting. If (by the distant and far chance) that they do find malignant cells, it is caught VERY early and the prognosis is very good. Lasers are incredible things and the cervical vaporization will “burn” the diseased tissue right off and you will heal in no time!

I have had a pap every 3 months for a LONG time, once two in a row come back normal (which they do and will), then they moved it back to every 6 months. I have been off and on with this since college.

Cysts-have had those too and right now, have one on each ovary. These did get to be bothersome, and quite a long time ago-I had such pelvic pain (I think I was 19 or 20, maybe 21…I’m 38 now) that they did the vaginal ultrasound (a peculiar experience if you’ve never had one), found a cyst on each ovary, and ordered surgery. Abdominal laparoscopy is minimally invasive-had a surprise inside though-in addition to a cyst the size of a grapefruit on one ovary and a smaller one on the other one-I also had copious amounts of endometriosis. They tend to treat this very aggressively bc it causes scar tissue-they don’t really know how, but for some reason, uterine tissue grows outside of your uterus-usually throughout your abdomen, but can sometimes get up into your thoracic (sp?) cavity. When you have your monthly period, that tissue bleeds just like your interuterine tissue does-only then you have a period. Outside of the uterus, that blood has no where to go, so it causes scar tissue. This can cause infertility-so, like I said, they tend to treat it aggressively. You can’t see endometriosis on an ultrasound and there is no test for it. I was on several cycles of Lupron Depot that puts you in a synthetic state of menopause to help minimize the bleeding in your body. My cyclic pain ranged from mild to almost crippling-putting me in bed with meds and a heating pad. Surgery did help that, the Lupron did help that, getting rid of the cysts that they removed during surgery helped that…but….let me also tell you that a vast majority of cysts go away on their own. Motrin will help, or maybe your GYN can prescribe something to help more.

I know you are scared and I didn’t mean to scare you more-but as someone who has been there-repeatedly-I can tell you not to worry (I know it’s hard), do what your doctor says and get the repeat paps (every 3 months if necessary), if they prescribe meds-such as metrogel or some other topical treatments-use the entire course for as long as they tell you. You have a very long way to go from dysplasia to cancer, so while it is worrysome, try not to!

I have had repeated visits to the GYN as I’ve gotten older-and the latest vaginal ultrasound I had done showed not only a cyst on each ovary, but also interuterine fibroids. Lovely! Open communication with your GYN is essential. I have only had “pressure” feeling in my abdomen this time around-but it’s not normal for me, but is normal for how I’ve felt when I’ve had cysts before. No pain or discomfort during sex, no abnormally heavy periods-just the pressure. Being on the correct birth control pill will also help considerably, so be sure to monitor this with your GYN-if you’ve taken the pill before, don’t just keep taking the same one because “thats what you’ve always taken”-as you get older, your body will change-hormones shift, etc. I’ve had twins since then (they will be six in October) and all is well. Remember that you are in good hands! 🙂

Hope this helps!

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I’ve been dealing with it since I was 22 (I’m 30).  I’ve had 2 colposcopies done and thankfully both came back with results that only needed me to keep an eye on them.  I had to go 4 times a year to the doctor instead of annually.

Good luck!  And we’re all here for you 🙂

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How did it go?

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I dealt with this off and on for years – the most important thing to know is that this happens to SO MANY women and you are not alone, nor should you feel ashamed or embarrassed.  Statistics show that over 85% or sexually active people are exposed to HPV (which comes in many strains, 4 of which are the ones that typically cause dysplasia and lead to cervical cancer – but it’s important to know that low-grade dysplasia does NOT mean you have cervical cancer…think of it kinda like a suspicious mole you doctor wants to watch). 

When my doctor recommended surgery (laser ablation) to remove the questionable cells, my boyfriend (whom I was madly in love with) broke up with me because of it.  (Ironically, I met my Fiance 2 days before I actually had the surgery!)  I’ve done the colposcopy more times than I care to think about, but am now back to yearly paps that come back normal!

I hope today went well – feel free to PM me with any questions – I actually work on this very issue professionally from a public health standpoint and would be happy to point you in the right direction for some good information, or answer any questions you might have from a personal perspective.

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Ive had it also, but it cleared up within about a year and a half…so 3 normal paps. I stopped having sex though which I think had a lot of reason to do with why it cleared up. I had a biopsy done though which was miserable 🙁 but i am glad its over. It normally does go away on its own but you need to take good care of yourself.

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When I was 21 years old I was diagnosed with a low grade squamous cell epithelial lesion.  My physician recommended a colposcopy and biopsy which came back with the same diagnosis.  Being so young, I had two cryotherapy treatments to my cervix.  The second one was done b/c I still had low grade cells on my followup pap smear.  Over the next five years, I had several ASCUS (atypical cells of undetermined significance), inflammation, “irregular” cells, etc.  I had several HPV tests and DNA probes all negative.  My physicians are not sure what or why I had these irregular pap smears, but that I caught it and took appropriate action.  I am just glad that they did not have to do a LEEP which can cause cervical stenosis and lead to an increase in miscarriage.  I am faithful about getting my yearly exam though it is not the most enjoyable item on the menu.

It was scary and even now at 31 years old, I can’t help but wonder what could have happened if I didn’t go to the doctor regularly.  I also am diligient in making sure my medical records follow me from physician to physician. 

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@alishadhs4 – Just wanted to let you know that the majority of HPV infections clear on their own, regardless of whether you are having sex.  If you are having sex with new partners, you can have another infection if that person is a carrier.

Also, HPV shows no symptoms in men – so these are not guys who knowingly have an STD and are being irresponsible – they just don’t know they are a carrier.

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