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FutureMrsB123: my parents raised 6 with a Stay-At-Home Mom and my dad made less than 6 figures. Here’s how they did it:

1. Moved to a place with a low cost of living. It meant Texas. We hated Texas but it was cheaper than California. 

2. Dealt with mediocre public schools. It meant more home schooling to supplement school. 

3. Lots of trips to Goodwill, hand me downs, etc. It meant we had to be ok w/ not getting the latest. Mom also only bought quality, and when things were on super duper sale. I still have stuff that fits from high school, 15 years later. 

4. Minimal extracurriculars. Mom had to research low cost or free community programs. I didn’t grow up playing soccer on a team, but I did grow up playing soccer with my siblings. 

5. Eating right. Mom focused on nutrition and preventative care. Cheaper than dealing with health issues in the long run. Mom also bought food right before it expired, couponed like crazy (but only stuff we’d eat or need, she wasn’t a stockpilier) and emphasized taking only what you need. No waste. We only got to go out for special occasions, like birthdays and even then it was the BOGO bucket of fried chicken or the $0.99 whopper from BK. 

6. Pushing us to excel in school. All 6 of us have college degrees from top schools, the kind you have to score in the top 1-10% of standardized tests, your class, etc. to get into. 2 of us have master’s degrees. This was all paid for by the generous endowments of our colleges. We looked at going to state college for a second. It was way too expensive. We had options because we did well in school. 

7. Mom focused on quality time and activities that nurtured us as people. We read a lot of books and wrote even more books for each other. We used both sides of the paper. 

Not sure how helpful that was, but maybe you can use some of my mom’s experiences. 

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I wouldn’t want to struggle with a baby on a $30k household income. I have friends who make twice that who are barely getting by- life happens and you never know when the baby will get sick, the car will break down, or the furnace will die suddenly. Do you have savings for these type of emergencies? Do you rent or have a mortgage?

My best advice to you is to work up until the birth and save as much money as you can. Breastfeeding will also save some money.

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I imagine you could live somewhere super cheap like a rural area downsouth and be a SAH on 30k. I was raised by a single mother on 30k in NJ and it was a struggle. Granted she is bad at impulse buying and such but when we needed major home or car repairs she had to ask family for help.  I would look into a part time at home job. Maybe become a virtual assistant or social media manager, the pay won’t be great but it’ll be something extra. Maybe an extra $10K. $30k in a 3-person household just seems really really tight.

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Just keep in mind that delivery can be expensive. Mine cost about $4400 after insurance!

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That’s why I bought a house too — the mortgage payment was cheaper than my rent. I didn’t factor in property tax, homeowners insurance, repairs that were covered by landlords, etc, etc, etc. Make sure you factor all of that in.

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FutureMrsB123:  I would really really really think hard about what it means to raise a family on 30K. How many children do you intend on having? Maybe until you are ready to actually have a baby, live soley off his salary. That will give you a *slight*  idea of what you are in for ( minus baby expenses) Are you planning on ever going back to work? or just staying home when the kids are young?


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uncltredpearl:  Fiance and I make right around 100k between us in a low cost of living city and honestly we could not afford a child right now if we wanted one and if we did have one there’s no way that we could live on just one income. If I were you I would go back to school if possible for a good paying stable career with a flexible schedule (I’m a nurse it only took 2 years to get my degree) then focus on children. 

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I know you said you will cloth diaper and breast feed… What if you can’t breast feeD? Like AT ALL?  Meaning you just don’t produce any milk? Yes cloth diapering overall sounds cheaper…. But you now have to consider all the soap you will be using and water consumption bc you will need to wash them a ton! 

also, you should really sit down and see what you will owe after insurance for labor and all the visits. If you two are JUST getting by on that income now…. Your def gonna struggle with the baby… Not trying to be a Debbie downer, but trying to be realistic.

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