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I have always had low iron. Not low enough to be anemic but on every now and then my doctor would say I can take iron pills but always said it with a wave of the hand. It’s always been my understanding that ladies typically have low iron because we have that time of the month. As far as ttc, I’m excited to say I’m 16 weeks pregnant! It did take us a while but I think it was more of not really knowing when I was ovulating. Once I got an OPK I was pregnant within two months.

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skkd1:  I recently found out I’m 13 weeks pregnant, we weren’t TTC it just sort of happened. When I got my prenatal bloodwork done they found I had very low blood iron and told me to start on an additional supplement besides my prenatal vitamin (which does contain iron but I guess not enough). Other than feeling more tired that I think I otherwise would being iron deficient hasn’t had any adverse affect on me or the baby, I didn’t even know it was an issue until the bloodwork came back. And it had no impact on my ability to concieve. Of course that’s just my experience not a medical opinion at all but I hope it helps! Good luck whatever you decide to do! 

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skkd1:  I am anemic and have been for a long time –  I try to eat food that’s high in iron as often as possible and on days I don’t I take an iron supplement. We got a BFP pretty much right after I went of BCP and before we started TTC, my OB did say that I didn’t need bloodwork, but I should be on prenatals that have iron.

I got my RBC counts when I had my glucose test at 25 weeks and they’re a tiny bit lower than the normal range, but this doesn’t worry her and I haven’t had any red flags or issues with this pregnancy (this is our first) and all the ultrasounds are showing that our little girl is right on schedule and has no markers. I haven’t had any issues so far. The only thing I can say is that if you have MS once you do get pregnant, taking the prenatal with iron is tough on the stomach so you might want to take it at night or get a non-iron prenatal and eat/drink high-iron and high vitamin-c foods (for iron absoption) that you are able to stomach.

 Good luck!

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Just thought I would throw out that if you can find Blackstrap molasses (not regular molasses, has to be blackstrap) it is EXTREMELY high in iron. A couple spoonfulls a day, or every other day will help keep your numbers up if you aren’t great with taking the supplements!

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skkd1:  I’m 27 weeks pregnant.  My ferritin is at 10 (hemoglobin is still at 124). Again. I spent a year getting my levels to ‘normal’ but I’m back here.  I’ve dealt with this all my life.  The one thing we do know is that the pill form doesn’t increase my levels much.  I take liquid iron and have much better results.  It’s also easier on my stomach.  Ask if it’s an option for you.  

And I got pregnant when we were trying to avoid with borderline numbers.  

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Bumble bee

This is purely a guess, but I can’t imagine you being told not to TTC whilst you get your iron levels up. unless they are drastically low but from what you said they are in the low range but still in the range. And please don’t go back on BCP if you are planning in starting to try as it may take a whole to regulate your body.

Not iron, so may be completely different but when I got my antenatal bloods done I came back with low vitamin D and low sodium and that didn’t affect us ttc. Hoping for you that iron is the same ๐Ÿ™‚ best wishes! 

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skkd1:  Google gets me every time! with my previous pregnancies, I was anemic both times and it didn’t hurt he babies at all. I am no doctor, but I’d recommend that you continue your plan of TTC, stay away from Google and WebMD, and trust that *If* there is a reason to change your course, your doctor will let you know. Otherwise, looking forward to your August POAS results. 

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I’m similar to you in that I’ve frequently had results of low iron and the doctor always told me to take supplements when it happened. I’d take them, iron would go up and then I’d stop at some point and it would go back down. 

I had no trouble getting pregnant, and you’re right that I was really careful to make sure I took my suplements – prenatal and iron as told by my doctor – right before and all during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but I will say that my son (11 months) did test for low iron as well – I’m not sure if it’s hereditary. And I do think it affects babies and young ones more than it does us, so I’m very religious about giving him his supplements. 

Good luck!

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My level is also low (19) and have been on iron supplements for 3 months now. Just did a blood test today to see if it’s rising with the tablets. We got pregnant 3 times with low iron so I doubt it affects fertility. We are also at a fertility clinic now and my specialist knows my iron levels and hasn’t said it’s a barrier to being able to ttc. I imagine they will just want you to stick with the supplements and keep being tested during pregnancy. Good luck.

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My iron has always been low, and when I was TTC my doctor just recommended that I take a supplement, it’s really not that big of a deal. 

I ended up having fertility issues, but they were entirely unrelated (cysts in ovaries, nothing to do with iron) but no one ever mentioned to me that my iron levels could have been part of my infertility. 

If the supplements bring you to a normal level, then just start taking them, it’s really not a big deal and shouldn’t prevent you from your plans. 

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