(Closed) Lower Paying Job for More Time At Home?

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Honey Beekeeper
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OMG I keep trying to comment and my computer keeps deleting it!

That’s so tough.  I think that you should take the other offer.  If you don’t take it now, nothing is to say that it will still be around later when you are truly sick of your current job.

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Blushing bee
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I have not been in this situation, but here are my (humble) opinions:

1)  Do you have children?  I know that if I had children, I would probably choose the pay cut in order to spend more time with them.  You did not mention that you have children, so I am assuming you dont??

2)  How long will the opportunity be available at this other company?  If this were a one time only chance to be guaranteed a job with this particular company, in your field, with these set hours, then I might consider it.  If you have the chance to wait it out for a while and then take the position, then I might hold off…

3)  Is your emotional or physical health suffering with the amount of travel and hours you work?  What about your relationship with your FI?  Does your current job affect it at all?

Honestly, a 35% paycut in this economy is huge!  On the other hand, your happiness and well-being should be paramount.  Good luck and best wishes in whatever decision you make!!

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Blushing bee
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I was in this situation a while back…. I was working full time when my fi and I had the talk about cutting my hours to help him out more with his business (Wasnt getting paid to do it but was more than happy to do it becasue I know eventually it will be our lives)… The pay cut was kinda bothering me in the back of my mind, but when I finally did it I couldnt have been happier!! I found I wasnt as angry and as stressed as I usually was and the pay cut didn’t really bother me once it happend… I just felt like my life had finally found balance.

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Honey bee
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Eh… what’s the point of having money if you can’t enjoy it?

If it were the difference between having savings at all or living month to month, obviously that wouldn’t be worth the pay cut, but it sounds like you’d be going from a cushy middle class job to a slightly less cushy but still completely middle class job. Doesn’t sound so bad if it means actually getting to do things that will make you feel fulfilled. I won’t call myself a Marxist, but I think his work on alienation is very good. You might give it a look.

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Bumble bee
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While I’m in a different field, my schedule sounds a lot like yours.  Today I am the guest of the day at the Holiday Inn but I would much rather be home with my husband!  If I could hack a pay cut financially, I would do it, especially if the new company offers the same opportunity for advancement.  Unless you truly enjoy your current job, the money is never going to make you happy.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m a lawyer. I work about 40 hrs/week, work mostly from home, and have crazy flexibility. I also make approximately 1/3 of what my best friend makes at a BigLaw firm (we graduated the same year, same approx grades, journal, etc). She works 70+ hrs/week.. is forced to check her blackberry every 20 minutes nights and weekends included. She has had to cancel vacations, cancel appointments, cancel plans. 

I honestly would not trade places with her… despite the money. And she often says how much she wishes she could trade the money for my flexibility. 

IMO work is what you do to finance your LIFE. If you can afford to take a job that will let you live more of your life, jump on it. 

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Bee Keeper
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I would be torn. I am all about the work/life balance and I would generally say to jump at that opportunity right away. However, it sounds like the spot will be available for a while, and that you’d be losing about 35% if you switch over.

I’d talk it over with your fiance, maybe it’d be worth keeping this job for now, saving up that overhead, and then taking off additional time once you have a child. Since you’d mentioned maybe trying in the next year or two, it may be worth comparing your stress/income now to the savings and time off you could take with your child (if that’s what you desire). If taking extra time off to stay home isn’t a big issue, then I’d take the new job ASAP and enjoy the new free time 🙂

ETA: CorgiTales- I’m in law school and that is my philosophy on life as well. Sometimes people look at me like I’m crazy for not wanting to ‘fulfill my potential,’ but I’m so glad to see attorneys who have set other priorities than just getting in the hours and making money. 

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I am in the EXACT SITUATION, Light!  I just got offered a job that’s less stress, but with pay cut.  I’m also torn between: “Why are you throwing your high paying job away?” and “What kind of lifestyle are you giving yourself with more money but more stress?”

I’m about to get married and thinking of wanting to spend more time with my future husband.  However, I also think: Why waste your potential?  You DID go to school to get this career.

It’s a mild dilemma.  I’ll “piggy back” on your post and see what advice you get.  Thank you for posting the topic.

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Buzzing bee
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My thoughts (plain and simple). If you can comfortably afford the pay cut, then take the new job. Who needs more stress?

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Sugar bee
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I make little money and I work all the time and am very unhappy.  Honestly, if I could work less and be happier but make even less money (but still survive) I’d probably take it.  

It depends how much 35% is though.  Like if you make 20K and you are getting a 35% pay cut then that’s a pretty big pay cut.  But if you make 90K and are getting a 35% pay cut then I would think you could probably still survive.  

I’ve come to learn that happiness and health are worth more than any pay check.  And if your current job is just going to cause you to get more stressed out, tired, and unhappy then it’s not really worth that extra 35% that you are getting paid.

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Helper bee
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I am also in the process of going through this situation! I decided last week to quit my stressful, great salary, sales position to do a total 180 and work for my uncle’s oil/gas leasing company. It’s scary because I am doing well financially and will be taking a decent paycut at least for the short term. I have potential to make great money in the future though. But, the new job pays NO benefits so i’ll hop onto DH’s which is new to me too! The good thing about the new job is that it won’t be stressful and there is the potential to work from home and better hours. I’m looking forward to this change but I’m nervous at the same time.

I say if you can afford it, go for it! My Darling Husband and I discussed this in great length and figured out that we could make it work. I wasn’t happy in my current job and that was making me miserable! No paycheck is worth that.

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