(Closed) Lowes vs. All American Muslim

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    It’s ridiculous, but sadly quite typical. We seem more than happy to live in a culture of hate and fear, no one seems to want to do anything about it. I say, hit Lowes and Home Depot where it hurts, vote with your wallet, don’t shop there!


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    Aww that sucks. I really like that show! I think that is the whole point- to show that most American Muslims ARE just like everyone else. It sucks what they have to go through when it comes to discrimination. I love opportunities to learn more about people different than me!

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    Wow this is the first time hearing about this. I don’t watch the show because I don’t really watch tv but I agree that they should be ashamed for pulling the advertising. 


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    Ugh, that whole thing disgusts me. Conservative Christians are doing more to damage this country than muslims are. Apparently they have forgotten that Jesus was about peace and love, not hate. John Cusak said it best… 

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    If anyone on here actually thinks Lowes was right to pull the advertising I’m appalled – I’ve already had to deal with my FIL’s racist attitude over this. I grew up very close to Dearborn and used to work there, I used to know one of the girls on the show, actually. As well as a ton of other Muslims who, shocker, are normal and nice people. Of course, I’ve also come across some Muslims who aren’t nice people – but hello, I could say the same thing about pretty much any race, color, or religion out there!

    It aggravates me way more than I can explain that people are actually ignorant enough to think this way. I had to block my Father-In-Law on facebook because he is constantly posting racist crap, and the one time I tried to nicely disagree he said that anyone who doesn’t angree with him is lying to themself. OMG can’t stand it!!!! Darling Husband is always like, “Well, he has always been in little farm towns where everyone thinks that way, and he has had some bad experiences with *insert race/religion/whatever here* so he’s just like that.” Um, excuse me, living in a racist town is not an excuse for perpetuating it, and I’m pretty sure he’s had plenty of bad experiences with people who are the same race and relgiion as him.

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    I don’t really know much about this situation, besides what was said on this thread. But if that was the sole reason for pulling advertising (and not just a media spin), that IS BS. Why does Lowes care so much to listen to the religious groups anyway..? 

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    While I think Lowe’s has every right to advertise where they want, I think that this whole thing is disgusting. I’m really sad to see Lowe’s persuaded by one moronic hate group. 

    And why am I not surprised it’s a Florida based group that is responsible for this? Man, I love this state. 


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    I heard something about this on NPR yesterday, they mentioned that Lowe’s pulled their advertising from the show because it portrayed American Muslims as “too moderate.” I think if it was any other subgroup of society, there would be a lot more outcry over this type of xenophopia and discrimination, but it seems that Muslim Americans have become an allegedly justifiable target (like with the “controversy” over building a mosque near Ground Zero).

    It makes me sad because like @KatyElle said, it’s just born of fear and hate and this type of behavior perpetuates and validates these discriminatory attitudes. Most people of any background are indeed “moderate”–a very small proportion of any population are extremists, but those are the people who get all of the press and drive the fear that leads to this kind of attitude.

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    It was a very poor decision on their part. Unfortunately this group was loud enough to be heard. Hopefully the rest of us will pull together to be 100x louder.

    Squeeky wheel always gets the grease, unfortunately it was the wheel to a unicycle at the circus.

    They alienated a HUGE customer base and now they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

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    I think it’s perfectly fine to pull advertising for any political reason whatsoever. If they have reason to think this will be a potentially volatile topic for a TV show, then it was smart of them to pull advertising. And if their customers are made up of mostly conservative christians (which is very possible considering the population stats in America) then it was a smart business decision to pull out. It’s not like they’re speaking out against muslims, they are just making a choice not to be associated with a show. Coca Cola does the same thing with the evening news.

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    @pinky44: While I think Lowe’s has every right to advertise where they want – AGREED, I think that choosing where and when to advertise is part of what makes a capitalist society.

    Anyway, whether or not Lowes was right or wrong for the way the handle this is another question.

    What is important and what I think the bottom line is, hate breeds hate! We accuse one group of hatred (weather it’s the “Christians” accusing Muslims or society accusing Christians) and in turn hate on them, call them names and live in the same behavior we are accusing them of.  Where is the balance and where does it end?

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    I think the point of the show is to show that American Muslims are like everyone else and it’s time to stop this stigma against them. However, I’m not surprised that ultra conservative groups are asking businesses to pull advertising during the show.

    Wonder how long it will take for companies to refuse to advertise during any show that shows a lifestyle other than the “typical American” one.

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